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An update from Pastor regarding the Coronavirus (03/17/20)

Dear Church Family & Guests,

As of Monday, March 16, 2020, Governor Inslee has issued a reduction of statewide limits on gatherings, reducing the size to 50 people or less. In order to comply with this new restriction, we are providing additional information for our families regarding our services and activities.

As previously stated, we have temporarily suspended our bus outreach and nursing home ministries through the end of March or until further notice. We have also canceled our Master Clubs program through the end of March, or until this mandate is lifted. While we understand that these individual classes may have smaller numbers of students, we are trying to limit any unnecessary interactions and close proximity for our children’s ministries.

In order to comply with the current restriction of 50 people or less, we are asking all families with infants and small children under 5, those 60 and older, or those with compromised immune systems, to please stay home and participate in our services online. If you feel ill or are experiencing any symptoms of sickness, or have been ill in the past 72 hours, we ask you to keep your entire family at home as well. It is very important for the safety and wellbeing of all our church family that we all follow these guidelines to avoid the spread of any additional sickness at this time. We encourage everyone to follow health officials’ recommendations to follow good hygiene rules, as well as staying indoors and avoiding all public gathering locations as much as possible.

We also wanted to let you know of ways you can continue to be involved from a distance, as we seek to navigate through all of these changes:

Watch Online - Our Audio/Video Team has been working to upgrade and enhance our livestream presentation and sound quality. For our Armourbearers and Family Foundations Sunday School classes, we will also be providing information to access prerecorded lessons each week so you can stay connected and follow along with your class.

Be Informed – We will be personally contacting each of you to confirm your preferred contact method for updates and alerts, but we also encourage you to access to keep up with updates and relevant class information, calendars, schedule changes, etc. This platform will be an important tool in keeping all of our church family connected together.

Stay Faithful in Giving – One of the greatest compliments of our church is how our families give so abundantly to the opportunities God provides to us. While we know physically giving in the offering plate may be hindered, we encourage you to utilize our Online Giving platform, located at the bottom of our webpage, to keep up with your weekly giving. We will also be providing a useful tutorial in the User Portal. We are excited to see how God uses these coming days to prove His faithfulness not only in our ministries here but across the globe as well.

Each family at Faith plays a vital role in the body of Christ, and we cannot function together without communicating with each other. We ask that you please keep Pastor Smith and our church office informed if you are dealing with any illness or if you have any needs or concerns. We also encourage you to use this time of quarantine for so many to be a blessing to others where ever you can - write cards or letters to loved ones and friends, call your neighbors and check in, find ways you can be a witness to others during this time of uncertainty for so many.

If you have any questions regarding our livestream services, online giving, or accessing your member account at, please contact our church office for assistance.

Lastly, we ask that you continue to pray for wisdom for all of our elected officials as they seek to find a solution to this virus, and that God will continue to keep His hand of protection on our church family and the ministries of Faith Baptist Church.

Sincerely Serving the Saviour,

Pastor Mark Smith

A note about the Coronavirus (03/12/20)

Dear Church Family,

Please allow us a moment to address the rising concerns regarding the Coronavirus, referred to as COVID-19, and how our church is responding.

On March 11, 2020, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee initiated a ban of social gatherings for groups of 250 or more people. We have made the necessary adjustments to our services to ensure we comply and at this time we will continue to have services as scheduled. To limit the potential spreading between our most vulnerable, we have temporarily suspended our bus outreach and nursing home ministries at this time. We also encourage those 60 and older, or with compromised immune systems, to please follow health officials’ recommendations of staying indoors and avoiding public gatherings as much as possible.

In compliance with the CDC, we advise that each individual follow standard hygiene practices to stay healthy. These practices include washing hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, covering your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, and avoiding contact with sick individuals. These tips will also help protect you against the common cold and flu.

We are taking several actions to increase health and safety vigilance on our campus. We have hand sanitizer dispensers available in A building atrium and B building foyer, as well as hand sanitizer in each classroom and nursery. We will continue to sanitize every toy in each nursery before and after each service. Signs have been installed in both buildings encouraging everyone to wash their hands thoroughly. Our cleaning teams have increased cleaning measures in all public areas, entry ways, handles, etc. We will continue with these practices for as long as necessary.

Lastly and most important, if you are feeling ill or have had any symptoms within 72hrs, we encourage you to stay home and watch via livestream. You will be able to enjoy the worship services via this helpful technology, and you may also give tithes and offerings through the online giving portal.

Please join with us in praying for all those affected by COVID-19 and ask God for His continued protection for our church family.

Sincerely Serving the Saviour,

Pastor Mark Smith

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