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Adam & Leanne Pearlstein

Missionary Information

Name: Adam Pearlstein
Age: 32

Spouse: Leanne Pearlstein
Age: 34

Child: Austin Pearlstein
Age: 5

Child: Aleia Pearlstein
Age: 4

Mission Field: USA

Years of Service: 3

Home Church: Victory Bible Baptist Church
Irmo, South Carolina

Missions Agency: Victory Bible Baptist Church
Irmo, South Carolina

Our Missionary for 3 years


Missionary Update 05/11/2023


Missionary Update 03/07/2023

 Dear Pastors and Friends,

This year has gotten off to a great start so far. On the first Sunday, we introduced our theme for 2023, “Show Forth His Praise” from 1 Peter 2:9, “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light.”

An exciting new development in our church was that a young man wanted to put together a Bible study with several of his friends and coworkers. My wife and I jumped on, and we all began hosting this on Thursday nights (since our midweek service is on Wednesday). Every week since this started, we have had about 15 young adults coming and simply studying through the Word of God together. It has been a phenomenal time to study Scripture and to make connections, and 4 of these individuals have started coming to our services as well. That has been a huge encouragement.

Every once in a while, we need a reminder of what truly matters. This past weekend, my son started coming down with a cold, ended up struggling to breathe, and we had to take him to the emergency room. They did a blood oxygen saturation test, which is supposed to be between 95-100, and his was measuring 85. They ended up admitting him to the hospital for the next two days until they could get this resolved. He ended up getting released Sunday afternoon. To be honest, I was not looking forward to church that Sunday! I hadn’t slept in a couple days; my son was still in the hospital; we were having a meal after the service to try to invite extra people out; and, to top it off, my pianist called and said that he was sick and wouldn’t be able to come. Which, if he is not there, means that I play while leading the singing, and then get up and preach! Not my ideal circumstance. As I said, most Sundays I go into church excitedly anticipating what God has in store, but this Sunday, I was really dreading it and thinking it was a disaster before it started. But despite my attitude, God really worked. Our small group Bible study was sweet. We had several visitors in the service. We got to worship God despite what was going on, and I was reminded of the purpose of it all. I had the privilege of preaching the Gospel. And all in all, it was a wonderful Sunday. Except that my son was released from the hospital as soon as the service was over, so I had to go and pick him and Leanne up and take them home, and made it back to the church too late to eat, but just in time to clean up!

We have had several different church recently reach out for an updated picture of our family. So I went ahead and took one to include in this letter. Thank you all for your continued prayer and support!

Laboring Together,

Adam Pearlstein

Missionary Update 01/09/2023


Missionary Update 11/07/2022


Missionary Update 09/06/2022

 Dear Pastors and Friends,

As summer is coming to a close, we look back rejoicing on what has been a busy and fulfilling past few months. The month of July was a lot of preparation work, specifically for our VBS. We had 5000 flyers to distribute, Facebook ads, decorations, preparation for the teachers and helpers, and much more. The first week of August, we had our VBS, and were able to reach out to and bring in several new children. We are especially thankful to one of our nearby supporting churches, East Hill Baptist Church, for allowing us to reuse their decorations after they completed their VBS.

One highlight of the week was a young man in the fourth grade who came (who was clearly incredibly well-educated and intelligent), who told his teacher before the very first class that he was an atheist, was coming for the fun and the snacks, but didn’t believe anything that she was going to teach him. She told me this after VBS concluded for the day, and we really started to pray especially for him. Of course, throughout the week, we continued to love him and share the Gospel with him. Wednesday night in our church’s prayer meeting, our whole church prayed for him as well. Thursday, he came up to me during the missionary story, clearly under conviction, and told me that he realized that his way of thinking was wrong, and told me that he knew that he needed to be saved. We stepped out into the lobby; I share the Gospel with him once again, and he trusted Christ as his Savior.

   One week after VBS, we had our revival services from Sunday through Wednesday with Taylor Gillaspie. This was an encouraging and refreshing time after a busy summer where God continued to work to encourage and strengthen our church.

I mentioned this in my last prayer letter, but we are now ready for this to be an official change. We are transitioning the way that we receive support now. We certainly still need the support, but due to tax and income verification issues (such as is necessary for housing), we are now asking that our supporting churches send the support funds to our church here. I have spoken about this and made this plan along with our sending church and pastor, and we both believe that this is the best option. From now on, if you could send support to:

Lighthouse Baptist Church (memo line Pearlstein’s Support)

PO Box 58367

Renton, WA 98058

Laboring Together,

Adam Pearlstein

Missionary Update 07/07/2022



Dear Pastors and Friends,

First of all, I wanted to let you know that we moved last month. We have gotten a few questions from people that have attempted to mail us cards and things like that, so here is our new address:

27514 132nd Ave. SE

Kent, WA 98042

We are right now in a busy month of preparation, getting ready for a busy month of August. Next week, we will begin passing out 5000 door-hanger invitations that we have ordered for our VBS this year, which is going to be from August 1-5. Then, we will have a one-week break, followed by a week of revival services with our evangelist, Taylor Gillaspie, who is coming up to preach following a week of him speaking at a youth camp. Of course, we also have 500 invitations for this service, which we will plan to get out the week or so between VBS and revival. Please be praying for much fruit from both of these events. I am thankful to see our church family engaged and involved in everything going on.

One exciting update is that Leanne will be starting to teach at a nearby Christian school this fall. Our plan was originally to wait until Aleia was in school, but they really needed a teacher (really, several – so let me know if anyone is looking to teach here in the beautiful PNW!), so she is getting ready for that now – on top of helping to lead our VBS. So definitely be in prayer for her as she has a lot of preparation work going on, but she is very excited to get this started up.

An update that we have is that in the very near future, we are going to be transitioning where our supporting churches send their support. Due to complications with our support going to our home church in South Carolina (which presents difficulties when it comes to filing taxes as well as makes it almost impossible to qualify for a loan to purchase a home), we are getting set up to receive support at our church, and then be able to be paid on a W2 basis (rather than 1099 as we have been). All that to say, sometime between now and our next letter, my home pastor of my sending church will be sending out a letter, requesting that support be made out to Lighthouse Baptist Church, and be sent to our church here. We appreciate his heart to help in this way, and appreciate all of our supporting churches in doing this as well.


Laboring Together,

Adam Pearlstein

Missionary Update 05/05/2022


Missionary Update 03/14/2022

Dear Pastors and Friends,

In our last prayer letter, I mentioned that I had recently met a new couple who had started attending a church. The husband was saved and from a Christian background, but the wife was raised Catholic. I sent that letter on a Saturday, and the next day they were both back at church. During the invitation, the wife raised her hand that she knew that she wasn’t saved, but wanted to trust Christ as her Savior. After the service, I met with her and her husband, did my best to answer her questions from Scripture, and she trusted Christ as her Savior. Since that time, this young family has been coming to church consistently, and have become good friends of my wife and I. It is exciting to look back at prayer requests that I have mentioned, only to see God working and answering those requests.

Another tremendous blessing over the past couple of months is that we have had four additional people join our church membership. I have thoroughly enjoyed going through a new members class with them prior to joining, explaining the important doctrines that our church stands on and our church polity, and then seeing them agree to join with us as members. I am so thankful to be a part of God growing His church.

Over the next couple of months, the biggest event on our calendar that we are praying for and working toward is our Easter Sunday service. We are working to put together a musical presentation for this service, although our current “music department” consists of me, my wife, one other lady in our church, and our pianist. However, we have ordered a lot of door hangers and personal invitations, and are already encouraging our church family to invite people out to worship God, to remember his death and resurrection, and for those who are unsaved to hear the Gospel message and to trust Christ as their Savior. Please pray with us that we will be able to get the word out, complete the preparation work for this, and ultimately see God work in ways beyond our comprehension.

Also, we are in the process already of preparing for several events over the summer. Last summer, one of our supporting churches came up on a missions trip to help us with our VBS, and we enjoyed an awesome week and saw several young people trust Christ. This year, we are planning to do it ourselves, but are again praying that many young people come, and that we are able to reach several young families with the Gospel.

Laboring Together,

Adam Pearlstein


Missionary Update 01/13/2022


Missionary Update 09/02/2021


August 31, 2021

Dear Pastors and Friends,

This has been an exciting summer with our family and all that we have gotten to have a part of here at Lighthouse. In July, we got to hold our first Vacation Bible School. A missions team came up from my wife’s home church, Desert Gateway Baptist Church in Gilbert, AZ, to help us put this on. And we had an incredible week. We had 31 different children come (some were our kids and the kids who came on the trip, but 23 were from the community). We saw a couple of the children get saved, and saw doors opened for followup with their families. It was a huge encouragement for us to see the heart of DGBC for reaching children with the Gospel, and to be able to have a part in that.

Then, in August, we had the opportunity to take some of our teenagers to youth camp at Camp Northwest. Our teenagers were challenged by the messages, encouraged by the friendships, and had a great time with all of the incredibly activities. It was also encouraging to see our church family step in to help out with the families who weren’t able to afford to send their kids; and they were all encouraged to hear the testimonies when we returned of how God had worked in their lives throughout this week. It was also exciting–since we didn’t have any male teens that went–to help as a counselor for several different churches that didn’t have a male counselor. I got to see two of the teens in my cabin trust Christ by the end of the week!

Now, as we prepare for the fall season, it is a somewhat emotional time of transition for our family. Austin is starting K4 this year! Sometimes, I look at everything taking place around us, and wonder where all the time has gone. But it is such a reminder to “redeem the time,” as our family and our church continues to grow and to mature. Not only that, but Austin and I are starting school together! While he starts his K4 year, I also just recently started my masters degree in Pastoral Counseling. It has been heartbreaking to see all the hurt that we have seen in the past year and a half with struggling families, abused children, and other issues that have arisen. I have seen the need for further education and preparation in dealing with these, and trust that this degree program will help me be further able to help in these areas of need.

Laboring Together,

Adam Pearlstein

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