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Alan & Becky Jackson

Missionary Information

Name: Alan Jackson
Age: 51

Spouse: Becky Jackson
Age: 51

Child: Joshua Jackson
Age: 29

Child: Jacob Jackson
Age: 28

Child: Jennifer Jackson
Age: 26

Mission Field: Honduras

Home Church: Mill Road Baptist Church
Evansville, Indiana

Missions Agency: BIMI
Harrison, Tennesse

Our Missionary for 2 years


Missionary Update 03/02/2018


Missionary Photos

Missionary Update 01/26/2018


Missionary Photos

Missionary Update 01/02/2018

Hello Praying Partners and Co-laborers in the Ministry,

As I write this final letter of 2017, I am reminded of how fast time passes.  So many blessings have made 2017 a year to remember.  Yet, we as Paul, do not want to focus on the past, but rather, “reach forth unto those things which are before”, (Phl.3:13).  However, we would be remiss if we did not “Return to thine own house, and shew how great things God hath done unto thee…” (Luke 8:39).

We are so grateful to the Lord for His presence and guidance in our lives and ministry here in Honduras.  Early in November we had a baptismal service which always encourages the church to continue witnessing for the Lord.  Pictured is Pastor Josue baptizing one of the young men who accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.  This year God added to the church in an amazing way; 56 people joined the church.

In addition to adding new members to the church, God allowed us to participate in the training of a new pastor.  Pastor Pedro Avila was ordained into the ministry on November 19, 2017.  He and his family are serving the Lord in the church plant located in Los Robles.

The week after Pedro’s ordination, Honduras had a national election which became very violent.  The people rejected the findings of the “Election Committee” and took to the streets to show their frustration.  Unfortunately, many buisnesses were destroyed and several lives snuffed out by the lawlessness that ensued.  During this time, the national police decided to use this event to their advantage and went on strike to get the bonuses and payments they were promised.  Danli, where we live, thankfully avoided many of these horrific acts, yet, we were not totally spared as seen in picture on the right.

In the midst of this turmoil curfews were enacted, threats were made and much damage accumulated.  Yet, through these difficult periods of time there were blessings as well.  We were able to “Go Live” using Facebook to record our Sunday evening service.  More than 1500 people saw the post and many comments were left as an encouragement.  That service opened a door that we had not anticipated.  As a result, during 2018 we will try and develop this new ministry to be used more frequently to reach those that are not within our reach.

As I mentioned in a previous prayer letter, we started building the youth camp/Bible Institute facility.  The first phase is a dorm room building that will house 96 campers.  If you would like to help with funding, the bunkbeds needed are going to cost about 200.00 dollars each, and in total there will be 48 beds.  The second phase is another dorm room of equal size on the other side of the property.

Thank you so much for your prayers and friendship.  We truly appreciate every note, card and email that we receive.  You continue to encourage us to focus on what is important—Christ!  Merry Christmas from our hearts to yours.  We pray that 2018 will be a blessed year for each of you.


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Missionary Update 11/28/2017


Missionary Photos

Missionary Update 11/13/2017


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Missionary Update 09/18/2017


Missionary Update 09/01/2017


Missionary Update 07/14/2017


Missionary Update 05/12/2017


Missionary Update 04/21/2017

April 2017
Hello, Praying Partners and Co-laborers in the Ministry,

When Paul was writing to the Philippian church, he penned a great statement, “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,” Php. 1:3. I too, think of you all often in my prayers. We are thankful to our Lord for your faithfulness. We know that you are praying for our family and ministry here in Honduras.

I mentioned in our last letter about the water well that was dug at the camp site by a ministry that wants people to have clean water. Well, a group came back and wanted to distribute a water filtering system in an area where there is no clean water. We were able to supply 38 families with clean water filtering systems. To watch them drink the water and see how it works was amazing. During this trip, there were several people who made decisions for Christ. One family was in church the following Sunday.

Here in Honduras Father’s Day is celebrated in March. So, we had the opportunity show the fathers that came how much they are loved and appreciated. Each year we have an elimination “game time” to see who is the Father of the year. A special time with fathers and their children. This year there were over 30 fathers present. The top three received a hammer, a tape measure and screw driver. Each tool represented a fathers role in the family. Then, they received a new Thompson Chain Bible, the most important tool a father can have.

Earlier this month, Bethelem Baptist Church, here in Danli, celebrated their fifth anniversary. It is amazing how time is passing! We were praying as a church that God would move in a great way and He did. Around 385 people came to the service and several decisions were made for the Lord. Several of the visitors that I had a chance to talk with enjoyed the service and are planning on returning.

This week is Holy Week here in Honduras, so, next week will be a week of many visits. Please pray with us for these visits to be life-changing for those whom we are able to share the Gospel.

Lastly, we still have a need! I shared in February of a need that we have for a bus. Several people have responded and have given towards the purchase. However, if you have a bus that you would like to donate to the ministry here in Honduras, we have a church member that is in the States and can get us the bus. If, however, you would like to contribute to the purchase of a bus, please contact me at the information listed below.

Thank you for praying for the marriage classes. We have around 35 to 40 couples that come each Sunday morning to participate in the class. However, I think that some of them come for the donuts☺, for privacy purposes no names will be mentioned😉. God is teaching us so much through His Word! Thank you LORD!

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