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Ben & Andrea Hamilton

Missionary Information

Name: Ben Hamilton

Spouse: Andrea Hamilton

Child: Elaine Hamilton
Age: 8

Child: Nolan Hamilton
Age: 6

Child: Liberty Hamilton
Age: 4

Child: Nehemiah Hamilton
Age: 4

Child: Henry Hamilton
Age: 2

Mission Field: United States of America

Years of Service: 2

Home Church: Bethel Baptist Fellowship
Brooklyn, New York

Missions Agency: Baptist World Mission
Decatur, Alabama

Our Missionary for 2 years


Missionary Update 01/05/2018


Missionary Photos

Missionary Update 12/22/2017

From our family to each of you,

We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!  We are excited to be celebrating our first Christmas in the Bronx. We are so thankful for your faithful giving and prayers which have enabled us to be here in “da Bronx” planting Emmaus Road Baptist Church.

In Christ,

The Hamilton Family

Ben, Andrea, Elaine, Nolan, Liberty, Nehemiah, and Henry


Missionary Photos

Missionary Update 08/21/2017

Dear Faith Baptist Church,

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and financial support on behalf of our family.  We are excited to finally write to you from our mission field!  We were able to purchase a house in the Bronx on June 12th, and after about a month of necessary renovations, we moved in on July 15th!  We have been busy unpacking and settling in, as well as completing some of the renovations.  


The house which God blessed us with is in an ideal location for reaching our target neighborhood of Kingsbridge in the Bronx.  We have a large living room where we have started holding Saturday night Bible studies at 7 p.m.  Please pray for increased attendance and for people to be saved.  We are studied the book of John.  The house is two doors away from a public elementary school, and we look forward to holding a Bible Club for the children on our patio when school resumes this fall.


The Lord has allowed us to meet many of our neighbors and other people in our neighborhood.  We are building relationships with them and many have been invited to our Bible study.  We are continuing discipleship classes with the gentleman who was saved this past spring.  Pray for his family to follow him in salvation, and for his continued growth.


We are also pursuing several leads for possible meeting places for Sunday services.  Please pray that God will lead us to the right facility and for the price to be affordable!


In Christ,

Ben & Andrea Hamilton

Missionary Church-Planters to the Bronx, NYC


Missionary Update 06/16/2017


Missionary Update 01/24/2017


Missionary Update 01/24/2017

Dear Faith Baptist Church,
We want to thank you for your continued financial support and prayers for our family. We are on the doorstep of beginning the church plant in the Bronx! The Lord graciously allowed Ben to be ordained in December. Since that time we have been busy building a church website, ordering tracts, designing and printing invitations, and preparing for individual Bible Studies.

We plan to begin a group Bible Study as soon as the Lord opens the door for our family to relocate to the Bronx. We have signed a contract on a "fixer upper" house on the edge of our target neighborhood. It is a short sale, so we are learning a lot about waiting on the Lord's timing! Please continue to pray for a smooth purchase process if this house is indeed God's Will for our family.

We are attaching an example of one of our invitation cards. Also, we emailed a copy of a new family picture in November. We noticed on your website that the last prayer letter you have posted is from May 2016. We want to verify that you have been receiving our prayer letters and communication. (Last prayer letter was sent in December 2016, along with a Christmas card).

Please let us know if you have received these items. Thank you for your prayers!

In Christ,
Ben & Andrea Hamilton
Missionary Church-Planters to the Bronx, NYC

Missionary Update 07/25/2016


Missionary Update 05/27/2016

Dear Praying Friends,

May 24, 2016

We just wanted to send out a quick update to let you know where we are in our home search. Last Friday, we viewed a house which we think will be perfect for our family and ministry in the Bronx. We made an offer, and it has been accepted. We believe this home is the Lord’s will for us, and we can already see answered prayer.

Please continue to pray for God’s clear guidance and working as we enter the contract stage of buying this home. If it is not God’s will, we want Him to close the door firmly. We are overwhelmed at the process, but we are learning a lot and trusting the Lord to complete the process in His timing.

We are scheduled to depart for the west coast on June 20th, and there is much to be done before we leave! Please pray for wisdom and God’s speed.

A picture of the house is below (it is the house on the far right, semi-attached). This home has three bedrooms upstairs with generous closets (to Andrea’s delight). There is space in the master bedroom for Ben to have a small study. The main floor has a half-bath, and a living room, kitchen, and dining room (from front of house to back of house). There is a small backyard which our kids believe comes with a puppy! The basement offers another bathroom and a room which we may use as a guest room or storage room. There is also a laundry “closet” in answer to our prayers for a washer/dryer hookup! There is plenty of room for beginning with a Bible study in our home until we can rent a commercial. This home is very close to the center of our target area, and we were able to get a good price. If you have any other questions, we would love to answer them!

In Christ,
Ben & Andrea Hamilton

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Missionary Update 05/23/2016


Missionary Update 05/23/2016

Ben & Andrea Hamilton

1204 Avenue U #1092

Brooklyn, NY 11229

Dear Praying Friends, May 2016
Things are beginning to get very exciting for us! Over the past month
and a half, four additional churches have pledged to support our ministry.
We are now at nearly 82% of our support! Though we must still raise
18%, we have begun to shift our attention away from deputation to the
nitty-gritty of starting a church. We have been given funds to
purchase hymnals, we are collecting discipleship materials, we are in
process of developing logos and letterheads, and we are close to
revealing the name of the new church plant The most exciting thing
that we are doing now is searching for a house in the Bronx. One of the great
challenges to starting a church in New York City is the extremely high cost of
real estate. In order to avoid having to pay two rents, we have come to the
conclusion that we will have to start by holding services in our home.
However, there are not very many places in the Bronx that
can accommodate our plans. We have been looking for a place that has
first - floor access with at least one room in which we can set up chairs
for preaching and Bible studies. So far, we have not found any such places
that we can afford.Though until recently we had not
seriously considered it, we have begun to search for a property to
purchase.We have found that the rent that we would pay for a
thousand square feet in a high rise is comparable to the
amount we would pay in mortgage, taxes and insurance
for a much larger detached home. The houses that we are looking at are
not in mint condition, but I believe that the Lord, through my time as a
licensed home improvement contractor, has given me the ability to
repair a foreclosure at a fairly low expense. Purchasing a home would
also be a better investment for our family since we plan
to stay in one spot for a very long time. During the past two years of
deputation, we have stressed the importance of your
prayers in the matter of housing and a place for the
church to meet. Please redouble your praying in this
matter as the time draws very nigh to then we must make a
decision on a property. Pray that the Lord’s leading would be
unquestionably clear and that He would be glorified through providing
just the right place.
Taking Christ to “da Bronx,”
Ben, Andrea, Elaine, Nolan,
Liberty, Nehemiah, and Henry

Provision of and clear direction to the right house in the Bronx

Completion of our home school for this year before the next trip

Housing for our family during summer travels on the West Coast

100 % as soon as possible!

Ben’s ordination

Liberty & Nehemiah turned 3!

Gift of a bike rack for deputation
this summer

Provision of hymnals and home
school curriculum.

82% support!

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