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Clint & Rhonda Rardin

Missionary Information

Name: Clint Rardin
Age: 51

Spouse: Rhonda Rardin
Age: 53

Mission Field: Mexico

Years of Service: 24

Home Church: Fairhaven Baptist Church
Chersterton, Indiana

Missions Agency:

Our Missionary for 24 years


Dear Praying Friends,

We still are having record attendances with 260 this Sunday (187 adults and 73 children).  We have been averaging around 250 since the end of the summer, about 50 more than we did at the beginning of the year.  Joseph's van route had nineteen.  Six kids unexpectedly got on at the first stop.  I baptized this Sunday a couple that were saved off that route this August in our absence.  Franco, a civil engineer, and Guadalupe, a nurse, started coming in their car; and now still come in the car, but the wife rides back in the van so that their two young kids can participate in the program.  We are contemplating changing the van route into a bus route.  


Another engineer saved lately is Eleno.  A retired military engineer, he was invited by a couple of retired military nurses in our church and was saved my last Sunday before we took our trip to the States.  We has later baptized in our absence.  I got to meet and talk to him last Sunday night at our celebration after Oscar's ordination service.  


Oscar is now on staff and will be taking charge of the teen group; eventually the RU program after he is trained for it (he is coming as a student now to experience the program); and will be preaching at the mission that we plan to start services in on October 9th.  He also takes care of maintenance of the facilities and runs any errands that I need done.


We at first were going to rent a place for the mission on his route, but I decided it would be better to have it a more central location where most of the families from the three routes in Naucalpan can attend for midweek services.  We found a much larger social hall for only 80 dollars a month more and that can hold 200, plus a class for children, and also has a kitchen and bathrooms.


We started our Bible Institute with 14 students, the largest group since 2007.  We have seven guys and seven women.  One of the men is from a church in another state of Hidalgo from which he is traveling back and forth.  We are offering five courses, plus one of Schreiber's courses online.  I only have to teach four courses for eight hours, one of which I share with the kids of jr. high and high school for their Bible class.


Besides that and preach in chapel once a month (we have four preachers now),

I am basically hands-off from the school.  I sometimes do opening exercises and take care of whatever discipline problems the last fifteen minutes of school, do some administration, and am right now in charge of training for the cross country race at the end of September.  After that, PE will be split between the teachers.


Please pray as we gear up to take another group of 40 prisoners on Saturdays for the addictions program in the prison.  We will need more men to go with us.

That will make over a 100 prisoners we will be working with.


Please also pray as we begin this coming week to put 3,000 New Testaments into homes every week.  (We have already put 500 NT's into homes during our Saturday morning soul winning.) I will take a lot of coordination and a lot of people.  We have about 50 people involved.  Pray that God uses the sowing of the Word to reap souls in the future.


Thank you for your prayers,

Clint Rardin



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