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David & Teresa Azzarello

Missionary Information

Name: David Azzarello
Age: 62

Spouse: Teresa Azzarello
Age: 61

Mission Field: United States of America

Home Church: Lancaster Baptist Church
Lancaster, California

Missions Agency: BIMI
Harrison, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 3 years


Missionary Update 11/02/2018


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Missionary Update 08/13/2018


Missionary Photos

Missionary Update 07/13/2018


Missionary Photos

Missionary Update 03/09/2018

Hi Pastor Smith,

I trust you’re having a great New Year as we head into this Spring season!

We are excited about what God is doing here in SoCal as we prepare for the Grand Opening of the next church plant, South Port Baptist Church, on May 20!

When we were there for the Preacher’s Delight you mentioned that we should let you know when we would be ready for New Testaments.  Well, the time is here – would it be possible to have 250 copies for the new church plant?  We are thinking a patriotic theme for the cover since the day before the Grand Opening we will hold a God and country rally.  There are also 2 military bases in Port Hueneme (where the church will be planted) – so we’re praying the patriotic theme will resonate with the community.  We would give out the New Testaments at both the God and Country Rally and the Grand Opening service.

Would it also be possible to update our ministry booklet for EverycityUSA as we continue to seek to gain support from churches as we present our ministry at conferences.

Please let us know if this is a project that would work in your timeline.

We appreciate your dedication for distribution of the Word of God and assistance for church planting!

God Bless!

Bro. David Azzarello


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Missionary Update 03/02/2018


Missionary Photos

Missionary Update 01/08/2018


Missionary Photos

Missionary Update 09/08/2017


Missionary Update 08/21/2017

Dear Pastor and Church Family,

We hope you are doing well and that the Lord is blessing your ministry as you seek to reach folks for Christ!  We are sending this letter asking for your prayer support as we begin the ground work for our next church plant in Oxnard, CA.

We have begun soul winning and have been able to see some folks saved, and tonight we begin a 5-week Bible Study over the Book of Philippians.  Lord willing, we plan to have the Grand Opening for River Ridge Baptist Church on September 24, 2017!  The Lord has allowed us to find a great meeting place at an incredible price!

Please pray for the following needs:

  1. For folks to show up!
  2. Salvations
  3. for all the needs for the new church plant to be met


I am attaching a list of our needs so that you may pray with us


Thank you!

David and Terrie Azzarello


BIMI USA Church Planters


Missionary Update 05/05/2017


Missionary Update 03/13/2017


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