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Garry & Nancy Matheny

Missionary Information

Name: Garry Matheny
Age: 70

Spouse: Nancy Matheny
Age: 65

Mission Field: Romania

Years of Service: 29

Home Church: Bible Baptist Church
Cathedral City, Washington

Missions Agency: Baptist Bible Fellowship International
Springfield, Missouri

Our Missionary for 19 years


Missionary Update 02/27/2017


Missionary Update 12/09/2016


Missionary Update 08/26/2016


Missionary Update 06/10/2016


Missionary Update 02/26/2016


Missionary Update 01/22/2016

Dear Pastor Mark Smith and Church.

Thank you for your prayers for our Ladies conference which had over 80 ladies attend and many decisions for God. The lady who spoke was from Germany, Mrs. Sandy Hastings and her husband Tom Hastings also held a Revival for us, they have been missionaries for over 30 years. This time of year has been busy, as it would be in the States, with Christmas programs in our Sunday school and a special watch night service which went very well!!!
This last Sunday something was very special for us as a man whose wife comes faithfully to our church got saved. He rarely came to our church and there was a need in his home for a dad who stayed home and was gone most of the time. I asked him Sunday if he would like to be saved and he said yes. I also talked to him about his marriage and said his wife was like a flower in a vase that had no water in it. I told him that love was the water for the flower and unless he appreciated his wife she would wilt as a flower with out water. When he prayed to receive Christ for the forgiveness of his sins he was crying. And after he prayed he came back for the next service and for the first time, that I have seen, he put his arm around his wife while they were singing a congregational song, she had a big smile on her face! Their names are Victor and Iuli, they have two boys and we asked our church and yours to keep them in prayer as there will be temptations.
Your missionary Garry Matheny

Missionary Update 12/21/2015


Missionary Update 09/08/2015


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