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Harold & Lena Priday

Missionary Information

Name: Harold Priday
Age: 76

Spouse: Lena Priday
Age: 76

Mission Field: Honduras

Home Church:

Missions Agency:

Our Missionary for 23 years


Missionary Update 09/14/2018


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Missionary Update 08/31/2018

Greetings from Honduras,

We enjoyed an extra nice service this evening.  Nelson, our leading man and Sunday school teacher preached a good message and we had a good attendance. 

We thank each of you for your prayers.  We had a good trip and Lena's fingers healed very nicely.

We do have a couple of very important prayer requests:

Please pray for Lena's brother, Leroy, who has cancer and is not doing well.  We also appreciate prayer for my mother, Doris.  She will be 96 in October and is living alone, this is a concern.

We are excited that two of the new converts were in church and we hope to have a baptism service soon.  We do not have our own place to baptize so it is somewhat complicated.

We were able to help get a lap top for the deaf ministry, help the youth camp building that belongs to another ministry and are hoping to visit another part of Honduras and pass out tracts.

Thank you for your part in making this outreach possible.

Yours in Christ,

Harold and Lena Priday


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Missionary Update 07/27/2018


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Missionary Update 05/25/2018


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Missionary Update 04/16/2018


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Missionary Update 03/23/2018

Dear Friends, 

We are very grateful for your prayers.  God is good.

We have a good group going to youth camp and we are grateful for those who sent an offering, everyone out of our mission work is paid.   I will be teaching for an hour each day from Tuesday through Saturday next week at camp. 

Anahy has gone to camp twice before and since being saved has become a leader in witnessing and in helping with the youth group.  She has been chosen to be a leader at camp helping with the activities, that is quite an honor and testimony.  All this is a direct answer to your prayers.

We are praying for Olta, a middle age lady who is an alcaholic and recently recieved Christ as her savior.  We will be visiting her in her home tomorrow, please pray about that visit.  We will also visit Mr. Christi who has recently become a Christian and has some health problems that we will be praying with him about tomorrow.

We appreciate your prayers for Nathan, our youngest son.  He is doing well in college and has a good job that he likes.  That is another answer to your prayers as well as ours.  It was a joy to get to have a nice visit with him on the telephone.

When our oldest son went to Seminary we only had a ham radio and sometimes we could talk and many times we couldn't get through.  Many time we would lose the signal in the middle of our conversations.  When my grandmother passed away we were sent a telegram to tell us, the telegram took three weeks to get to us.  One time in an emergency situation when I was in another country and Lena in Honduras I sent an emergency telegram to tell her I was ok and on my way home, (five days late and Lena had been told by the US that I had been captured by the Sanadistas), she got the telegram six weeks later.  We really appreciate good telephone service.  

We are forever grateful for your prayers and help.

Thank you,

Harold and Lena Priday


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Missionary Update 03/05/2018

These are exciting times.  Thanks to your prayers political upheaval has calmed down. We were not hurt in any of it.  The horrible killings and crime continue in our town for which we cherish your continued prayers.

            We are getting ready for youth camp.  Thank the Lord for those who sent offerings to make youth camp possible.  We have leaders and teens very excited.  Saturday we had an all day leadership training time in preparation.

            Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet a blind, elderly lady and invite her to church.  She came Sunday night and is interested in making the mission her church home.  She has no family and is cared for by a young lady who also came to the service and is interested.

            David has recently been coming regularly and getting more involved.  He has started volunteering to clean the church on Saturday afternoons.  This is a great blessing to see evolve.  His interest in the Bible has also grown and he has joined our group of "Read through the Bible in one year."

            Last Sunday we had Jacobo Nazar from La Esperanza, Intibucá came to preach for the mission.  Jacobo was a child when we first started working in Intibucá and his mother's house was where we had one of our first services.  Forty years later he is a pastor and is reaching seven villages with the Gospel and training workers.  Our mission, Iglesia Bautista Gracia, has taken him on as our missionary. This is a very exciting step forward for our mission.

            For two weeks we will be helping Rev. J.D. Young with his survey trip as he looks into coming to Honduras as a missionary.  Please be in prayer for J.D. as we take him around the country and into homes to get to know the people here.                      


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Missionary Update 02/12/2018

Prayer update

We continue to be very grateful for all your prayers.

The president of Honduras was installed without any problems.  The country has calmed downed politically.  The opposition made many threats including declaring they would destroy all who went to the inauguration but they did not do anything we believe that is a direct answer to prayer.


We do need prayer for continued safety.  The crime killing continues.  Last week about 15 blocks from our home two men on a motorcycle with a heavy-duty machine gun sprayed about 40 shots in a circle killing three persons.  Alba's (our daughter in law) sister has a photocopy business there and eight shots went into the business, one missing a person inside by eight inches.  They were after one of the people in a pickup that was shot up.


The mission is doing well.  Lena is teaching a new series on the book of Psalms and is spending a lot of time translating material for the class.  I had a chance to witness to two men who were once faithful in another church who live near our church.  They were both out of church, one has started coming regularly and Wednesday told me he wants to help with cleaning the church each week.  The other man will need the Lord's help as he is obligated in many things.  Their names are David and Walter.


Thank you for Praying

Harold L Priday,



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Missionary Update 01/26/2018

We pray you and your church will have a wonderful new year.  We count it a great blessing to have served the Lord last year in Honduras and are looking forward to an even better year.  In June we will complete 45 years as missionaries, we look forward to many more.

Last year the mission grew and the people matured.  We are excited about the three Sunday School teachers doing so well.  It was a great blessing that one of the men we trained was able to do a lot of preaching while we were away.  Greatest of all was the souls saved and serving the Lord.

The young people went from about four to fourteen.  It is marvelous to see Anai grow and mature.  She was saved in youth camp and has really dedicated herself to serving the Lord.  She is a faithful leader and encourager to the other young people.

Honduras has had very turbulent times.  Because of political differences there have been uprisings with marches and much destruction throughout the country; some have died.  Many of you have been praying for our security for which we are grateful.  In about two weeks each party is installing their candidate as president in different cities.  It is totally illegal and out and out destruction has been declared.  This affects our churches and mission works as well as us.

We had a wonderful Christmas program with good attendance.


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Missionary Update 12/04/2017

Dear Friends

Some have asked how we are doing under the great strife that is in Honduras at this time. 

Some may not know but Honduras is experiencing a small civil war.  There was an election for president and political positions and the vote was close.  Two parties raised up in arms and started great turmoil.

The marches turned into angry mobs who began blocking all the main roads and city streets.  Violence broke out throughout the whole country with burning cars, breaking store windows, burning stores and stealing on a very large scale causing millions of dollars of damage and stopping all transportation and commerce for several days.  Many people have lost their businesses and thousands of jobs are lost in an already hungry nation.

They burned the city hall in our town, stealing all the computers and burning records.  Lost are deeds to land, marriage records, tax records and much more important documents.  They looted the major stores as well.

Last night the national government ordered a curfew from 6 pm to 6 am for ten days.  The military and all police have been called out take charge.  This will eliminate our Wednesday night service and cause us to have an afternoon service on Sunday.

We have not suffered any damage and we do not know of any other missionaries who have had damage to property or person.  We do appreciate your prayers.

As a result one of our ladies from our mission work, head of the laboratory at the government clinic, (her name is Ana), was led by the Lord to lead the whole clinic, doctors and patients in one hour vigil of prayer.  Only two doctors refused to be a part of the prayer but the regional director responded by requiring everyone each day to start with prayer.  Not only that but she was able to give out a stack of tracts and a new Bible to a patient that promised to read it daily.

God is Good and we praise Him for the opportunity to serve Him.

Thank you again for your concern and prayers,

Harold and Lena Priday


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