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Harold & Lena Priday

Missionary Information

Name: Harold Priday
Age: 76

Spouse: Lena Priday
Age: 76

Mission Field: Honduras

Home Church:

Missions Agency:

Our Missionary for 23 years


Missionary Update 12/02/2016

Greetings from Honduras,
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a very nice one with two of our grandchildren and Edgar's wife. It was cold enough to have a fire in the fireplace and we played games after the delicious, wonderful meal that Lena cooked.
The weekend before we were ask to do a family conference in La Esperanza, Intibucá, Honduras. The pastor was in our first home Bible studies when we moved to La Esperanza 36 years ago, he was a child then and now he pastors the church where we gave the conference. There were about 70 in each of the classes with good response.
We praise the Lord for the new family that visited in the mission work in San Francisco, Siguatepeque. The Lord continues to bless in many ways. We certainly enjoy the new auditorium as the attendance grows. We are praying for another Sunday school teacher to help out.
We are expecting to hear from our churches as we pray for the lot we need to have to build on. The owner has reduced the price as she would like it to be for a church. The owner of the house we are renting is trying to sell and we need to be prepared to move. We are praying for $20,000.00 to secure the lot and pay the legal work and taxes that would have to be taken care of. I know you are praying with us about this and I know you want to have a part in giving the new mission work a permanent place to meet with the Lord.
Thank you for caring,
Harold Priday
your missionary to Honduras

Missionary Update 11/18/2016

We are pleased to report that the work is going very well. We have two new families attending and one of them is cleaning the church today.
We thank the Lord for the souls saved and changed lives. because of maturing lives and growing Sunday School we have enlarged our Sunday School to another class and added a new teacher.
Today was an exciting day. I got up early to repair a water line that was leaking at the church and found out it had to be put off until later. I then was ask to take a load of leaders in training to the retreat sight in a remote area.
After that we were ready to go back to the church to repair the water line when a man walked up to see me. He was the son of a Honduran man who had worked with us for several years as a missionary in the remote area of Honduras 38 years ago. Eli is now also in the ministry helping reach out to out laying communities of La Esperanza. I had only seen him once since he was a very small child. I took him with me and we had a very nice visit as we worked.
Prayer request. Yesterday we were offered a lot at a reduced price to build the church on. Please pray with us that we might have a permanent place to build the church on. The big obstacle will be raising the $20,000.00 to purchase it.
Thank you for praying for our health, ministry and Honduras.
Harold L Priday

Missionary Update 10/18/2016


Missionary Update 10/11/2016

Prayer update from Honduras 10-5-16
Good morning to all our praying friends.
Tomorrow starts our national men's conference that I will be teaching. We appreciate your prayers for the tree day conference; for transportation safety for those driving from out of town, for the lessons and for the men who will be taking home a new vision.
we are living in the last times therefore there are more problems about us. We need to be prepared in how to help in times of Crisis. We are praying that we can help these leaders in their own life, the life of their families and the lives of their fellow Christians.
Lena had her first series of shots, one shot in each knee for five weeks, to help with the pain until she can have her knees replaced next spring. She has needed the operation for many years and next spring she will have a double knee replacement done at the same time. Thank you for praying with us through this.
We are keeping very busy with the mission work. The Lord has been good and the attendance is good. We are reinforcing the workers and training for the future. We have had some good visits this week and hope to make an important one today before church service.
We had a important time last night at the school with the night students. It was a special time of working with them in keeping themselves clean from sin and temptation. Some of these were recently saved and paid very close attention.
Thank you for your faithful prayers.
Harold and Lena Priday

Missionary Update 07/22/2016


Missionary Update 07/15/2016

Greetings from Honduras
We have had tremendous times here in Siguatepeque.
Thanks to Heritage Baptist Church, Haslet, Texas we have freshly painted buildings, a new auditorium to meet in at the mission work and a great outreach with tracts, books of John and Romans and special programs to schools and in football fields.
We have had five saved in the last two weeks and broke our attendance record twice with our people.
Nelson is really growing in the Lord. He has preached great messages several times and is starting a Wednesday morning visitation program. Nery has given a good report on his new class in his church and is excited about our Saturday study with him to help him teach and one day preach. He is from Leslie's work.
Thank you for your prayers that helped us get through the problems that we had. God is good and your prayers were answered. Thank you.
In the precious name of Jesus,
Harold and Lena Priday
your missionary in Honduras

Missionary Update 07/01/2016

Dear Friends,
We have much to tell you, God has really been blessing.
I can only send a short note now but wanted you to know we have broken attendance record two Sunday's in a row with people from our area(35). Last Sunday we had the group from Haslet, Texas with us in the new auditorium and had sixty all together.
Heritage Baptist Church brought 25 with them. They built the new auditorium and painted it. Our church in Barrio San Francisco bought the lumber and treated it so it would be ready and one of our men built the two doors. The group went to work Tuesday with just a cement pad and Wednesday night service we met in the new building with lights and fans, PRAISE THE LORD. The group is painting the Bible institute today.
We had puppet shows, special singing and preaching on one soccer ball field, three times in a school, three church services in two different churches and had three saved. Sunday a middle aged man was saved and two children.
We thank the churches that gave extra offering to help us through the robbery. We also thank Heritage Baptist Church for very generous offerings to help with the building and for the new projector to replace the one that burned out and couldn't be repaired.
Thank you so much for your prayers. The Lord is doing wonderful things.
Harold Priday

Missionary Update 05/20/2016

Dear friends,
Thank you very much for your prayers.
We have had visitors every week. We pray that our counseling and witnessing will bring souls to the Lord.
We have not heard any further word on the robbery. Some say it is lost, we just don't know. It has been almost two months so we don't expect much. Your prayers have helped much. We are doing well, we have learned to make some adjustments.
The mission work is doing very well. We were honored to have a quest speaker Sunday who challenged everyone. Brother Daniel was the preacher, a dear brother in Christ that we have know for 38 years.
We had a death in the church family and it was good to see everyone pull together to help. There were friends from other churches helping with the services.
The classes in the grade school are going great and we have been seeing wonderful results. I am about to go now to teach the class for night students.
Leslie, our oldest son, is preaching for the international fellowship meeting (Independent Baptist Fellowship International) at Fort Worth, Texas tomorrow night. He is on furlough and will meet many new pastors.
Thank you for your prayers.
Harold L Priday

Missionary Update 04/11/2016


Missionary Update 03/11/2016

PRAYER UPDATE March 8, 2016
We praise the Lord for full benches Sunday. We had two new visitors, in a small work each visitor counts a lot. We are praying that the people will become faithful to all the services.
Our young People have had some great services. They are some of the most faithful of the church. A couple weeks ago we had a joint service with our young people from the church in Colonia Matta, Barrio Bajo y San Fransico. Leslie, our son led the service with our grandson Halbert. There was a full house and a great service.
Our study with Nelson is very exciting and the Lord is blessing. Wednesday I had to take Lena to the Capital to get her passport renewed and Nelson preached for me. Everyone was very excited about the good message. Thank you for your prayers for Nelson.
Getting ready for the youth camp coming up the 22 of March, yes Easter week we will be on a mountain top with the youth. I will be teaching and preaching to the youth. Our son, Leslie is in charge of the camp and grandson Halbert will be helping with the music and activities. Pray also for the funds to have camp, every year it goes up and is out of the reach of our teens. We need your help to pay for camp. We are grateful to the two who responded.
Please pray for youth group and leaders from Heritage Baptist church, Haslet, Texas as they work out the details for coming down the end of June to help with some building and evangelizing.
Please pray for our dear friend and helper, Doug Sims. We just received notice that he has a serious Cancer that can't be operated on. Doug takes care of many of our needs in the United States. His sacrifice and friendship is greatly appreciated.
We are grateful for your prayers for our protection, provision, and the mission work in Barrio San Francisco.
Yours in Christ,
Harold and Lena Priday
your missionaries in Honduras

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