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Harold & Lena Priday

Missionary Information

Name: Harold Priday
Age: 75

Spouse: Lena Priday
Age: 75

Mission Field: Honduras

Home Church:

Missions Agency:

Our Missionary for 23 years


Missionary Update 03/11/2016

PRAYER UPDATE March 8, 2016
We praise the Lord for full benches Sunday. We had two new visitors, in a small work each visitor counts a lot. We are praying that the people will become faithful to all the services.
Our young People have had some great services. They are some of the most faithful of the church. A couple weeks ago we had a joint service with our young people from the church in Colonia Matta, Barrio Bajo y San Fransico. Leslie, our son led the service with our grandson Halbert. There was a full house and a great service.
Our study with Nelson is very exciting and the Lord is blessing. Wednesday I had to take Lena to the Capital to get her passport renewed and Nelson preached for me. Everyone was very excited about the good message. Thank you for your prayers for Nelson.
Getting ready for the youth camp coming up the 22 of March, yes Easter week we will be on a mountain top with the youth. I will be teaching and preaching to the youth. Our son, Leslie is in charge of the camp and grandson Halbert will be helping with the music and activities. Pray also for the funds to have camp, every year it goes up and is out of the reach of our teens. We need your help to pay for camp. We are grateful to the two who responded.
Please pray for youth group and leaders from Heritage Baptist church, Haslet, Texas as they work out the details for coming down the end of June to help with some building and evangelizing.
Please pray for our dear friend and helper, Doug Sims. We just received notice that he has a serious Cancer that can't be operated on. Doug takes care of many of our needs in the United States. His sacrifice and friendship is greatly appreciated.
We are grateful for your prayers for our protection, provision, and the mission work in Barrio San Francisco.
Yours in Christ,
Harold and Lena Priday
your missionaries in Honduras

Missionary Update 02/16/2016


Missionary Update 12/07/2015


Missionary Update 11/30/2015

Great things are happening November 24, 2015
In Honduras it is hard to get men to come to services but God has been blessing. Wednesday we had almost all men in the mission service. One of the men who has been growing in the Lord is going with us on visitation Wednesday. Another man who has just started coming is already helping. We are also excited that Gisela, a faithful lady, is going to help teach the children.
We must build a bigger place to meet in so we are putting a temporary building in the driveway of the rented house. Yesterday we received the sand and gravel to start the work. We appreciate your prayers as we go forth by faith. Pray that the work continues to grow and pray that the Lord provide the funds to build. We still are praying that offerings will come in to purchase a lot for a permanent place to build. Maybe that could be a Christmas offering that you could pray about.
These are answers to your prayers. Thank you for praying.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are so grateful to the Lord for so many wonderful blessings. We are blessed with health, a good ministry and grateful for our family who the Lord has saved and are serving Him. We will have Thanksgiving at our oldest son's (Leslie) with three of our grandson's. We will miss our son and family in Texas, David, Litsa and little Asael. Nathan is with us and we hope to see Melissa Saturday with her girls.
God bless you richly,
Harold L Priday

Missionary Update 11/13/2015

A very good morning to you from Honduras.
It is a nice day here and I Hope you are having nice weather also. The rainy season is ending and we are seeing more sunshine, sure helps on visitation.
We have had two new visits to the mission as a result of our visitation and one converted life.
Our urgent prayer request is to be able to get a lot and build a church. We have outgrown the house and though we are building an addition it will not be long before we outgrow that.
Nathan is excited about his job teaching. He has a full load and like all teachers has to spend a lot of time at home getting ready. He is teaching in 2, 3, and 4th grades math, grammar, phonetics, science and physical education. You might ask; how can he do that with only a high school diploma? The administrator of the school was one of Nathan's teachers and also worked under Lena in another school therefore she knows Nathan's skills and that he is responsible, she also knows that Lena will give him the most professional training and help. This is Honduras and these kind of things can happen and God is great.
Many of you remember when Nathan was born. He was born out of a horrific tragedy and you prayed us through it. You have prayed for Nathan these 18 years and this is the fruit of your prayers. He is very active in the Youth group at the mission and is a wonderful witness for the Lord. He is also enrolled by internet in Liberty University and will be carrying a full load there. I knew you would be pleased to hear of the results of your prayers.
We learned in a meeting last night that the unemployment in Honduras is 70%. That is 70 out of 100 people do not have a job. As you know we have the highest murder rate in the world. The only answer to this problem is the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for helping us reach them.
Yours in Christ,
Harold L Priday
Serving with you in Honduras

Missionary Update 11/02/2015

Prayer update,
Please pray for us as we use our pickup as a ambulance this morning to take one of our people to the hospital an hour and a half away over not so good mountain roads to La Esperanza.
Manuel and Nathan were working with Red Cross when the TV news took their pictures Saturday. Manuel has been a member of Red Cross since he was very young, recently there was a picture of him driving the ambulance. Nathan is being trained as volunteer and they were helping with the flood refugees.
The president of Honduras has promised to build new houses for those who lost their homes in the flood. These will be built where our new mission work is, already one has been built (one day). 2000 people are being feed by the community.
Please continue to pray we can buy the lot we need and get the new church building built so we have a place for them to worship. We need $25,000.00 for the lot and a church has offered to help us build.
Tomorrow we will be traveling four hours to the airport to pick up our friend missionary to the deaf in Siguatepeque, Mike Rudd. Please pray for protection on this trip as well.
Please be in special prayer for our national men's conference that I will be teaching this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
I must go now and take Yamalet to the hospital.
Thank you for your prayers
Harold and Lena

Missionary Update 10/07/2015


Missionary Update 08/17/2015

Dear Praying friends,
It has been a stressful time for us and we are very grateful for your prayers.
We had a bad leak in our roof over our office and it took several tries before it was stopped. Thankfully it didn't ruin anything real valuable but some important papers did get wet and a few we had to throw away. We also are having some car problems and are waiting for parts so it can be repaired.
Our electricity went off, a wire at the meter burned and it took a couple days for it to be repaired. Our concern is the freezer is full of food ready for our soul winning campaign as well as to help us through some other very busy times when preparing meals would be harder to get ready.
A dear cousin passed away, Warren Priday. Warren and my dad were very close and we loved him dearly. He had a large cattle ranch beside my grandfather's and we hunted there many times.
My mother will soon be 93 and we are grateful to those who have prayed for her. She still lives alone and is doing very well.
The work is going well. We appreciate your prayers as we get ready for our soul winning campaign the first of October and the national Men's conference that I will be teaching. Thank you for your prayers as we look for future places for the two missions to meet as they outgrow the present locations. In September we will be doing some building to help with the space in the mission work in Barrio San Francisco. They will soon outgrow that as well. That is good and we thank the Lord for the growth.
We are grateful as you continue to pray for our youngest son, Nathan. Nathan turned 18 last month. He is working on getting enrolled in college, somewhat more complicated when educated out of the US. He was able to finally get his U.S. driver's license which was also very complicated and took two years of challenges to get.
Thank you for your prayers as we go forward.

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