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Joel & Brooke Daku

Missionary Information

Name: Joel Daku
Age: 33

Spouse: Brooke Daku
Age: 32

Child: Daniel Daku
Age: 14

Child: Adelynn Daku
Age: 7

Child: Bennett Daku
Age: 4

Mission Field: Kiribati, South Pacific

Years of Service: 5

Home Church: Cummunity Baptist Church
Curwensville, Pennsylvania

Missions Agency: Baptist International Missions Inc.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 7 years


Missionary Update 09/01/2017

Dear Praying Friends,

We write this short update to ask for your prayers.  Five years ago we received our first work visa for Kiribati. Since that time, we have renewed our work permit yearly without any difficulties. This year we submitted our paper work expecting to receive our visas in the same manner we have for the past five years.


However, we were informed by the Office of Religious and Social Affairs  that immigration had called their office inquiring as to the registration of our church.  Under the current Kiribati Law a church must have more than 2% of the population (Approx. 2,400 adults) as members before qualifying to become a registered church.  A has sent a letter from the office of Religious Affairs stating that we are not registered but under consideration by the government and have submitted all our papers to prove we are a legitimate church ministry. We are confused for the reasoning behind this. For the past five years our church registration has never been called into question.


On August 28th our previous visa expired and our new visa has still not been approved. On Tuesday we received a vague email stating that our visa was still in process and we would be updated of its status. We do not know the future but we are thankful we serve a God who does. Please join us in praying that our visas would be approved in a timely manner without further complications. We have seen the power of prayer so many times at work in our lives. We are trusting God and know that He will receive all the glory through this situation.


On the Equator for Christ,

Joel, Brooke, Daniel, Adelynn, and Bennett Daku 

Missionary Update 08/25/2017


Missionary Update 04/17/2017

Tekaraoi te Itita! Happy Easter!

This has been an eventful week with many things to report. Last Saturday we had a group of eighteen adults and young people meet to pass out Gospel tracts. What a blessing to see our people give out the Gospel to their own people. Then on Sunday we had another great Lord’s Day with a full maneaba (meeting place) and three first time visitors. In the afternoon we had our monthly men’s meeting and a good group turned out. It was a great time for the men to sit around and fellowship.

One part of the meeting was a productive discussion concerning land for the future of our church. Pray with us as we seek the Lord’s guidance and provision. We have two options to choose from right now. The first option is a lot about 15 yards by 30 yards. They are asking $60,000 AUD ($48,000 USD). The second option is a lot that is slightly larger than the first. The only problem is that in the middle of the property is a big pit for growing vegetables. That pit would need to be filled in. The owner of that lot wants to lease the land for 90 years at $1,200 AUD ($950 USD a year). Both options have their ups and downs. Pray for our church as we discuss these options. We want the Lord to give us guidance. Pray that this will in no way bring disunity but rather bring us together as a church. Satan would love to divide the work of the Lord.

On the home front, we have had another week of medical trials. Adelynn has contracted trachoma (a severe eye infection). It is in one eye and we have been treating her with antibiotics and ointment. Because the antibiotic is so strong, she has had difficulty keeping it down. She has been quarantined to her room for the past several days, but today Bennett started showing signs of the infection too. We have started him on the treatment, but he also is having a hard time keeping the antibiotic down. We have consulted with several medical people both here and overseas. We should be able to keep this contained if we follow the treatment. Pray for both of them that they will have a quick recovery and that it will not spread to both eyes. Pray for the rest of us that we will not contract it. We are all in His loving hands!

We want to wish all of you a Happy Easter. Praise the
Lord the victory is His and ours through His Resurrection!
Thanks for your prayers and faithfulness to the Lord!

On the Equator for Christ,
Your Dakus

Missionary Update 03/13/2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Thank you for your faithful prayers for our family. We have seen God’s power in our lives many times as a result of your prayers. Over the past several years, we have asked to you to pray with us concerning our son, Daniel’s adop-tion, entry into America, and U.S. Citizenship. God has answered our prayers. On January 11, (the day before we were scheduled to leave America) we were granted an interview appointment concerning his citizenship. Praise the Lord, we left that meeting with Daniel’s citizenship certificate in hand. The process is now fully complete. God has been faithful throughout this process. We were told it would not be possible without hiring an immigration attorney, but God directed our path through each step of this journey to its completion. Thank you for standing with our family in prayer during each step of this process.
We arrived back in Kiribati on January 23, after a very eventful trip of sickness and flight delays. Two days prior to leaving, we found that both Ade-lynn and Bennett had strep throat. The next day both developed an allergic reaction to the medicine. Thankfully, this happened before we began our long journey. We left Pennsylvania on January 12. During our layover, we learned that our flight to LAX was delayed significantly. When we saw the new arrival time, we knew it would be humanly impossible to make it to the Fiji Airway counter in the international terminal before it closed. We prayed, contacted airlines, and prayed some more. We asked God to give us the faith to trust Him in this matter as our op-tions were limited. We serve the God of the impossible, and He showed Himself strong on our behalf once again. When we arrived at the domestic terminal, we rushed to baggage claim expecting to wait at least 30 minutes for our luggage. As the conveyor belt began to hum to life, we saw the first bag coming off – it was our bag! The six bags to follow were all ours. (Have all of your bags been the first to come of the baggage conveyor?) We got three carts and loaded them with our luggage. Then Daniel, Brooke, and I each pushed a cart, while Adelyn and Bennett road on top of the luggage. We ran all the way to the international terminal (approximately ½ mile), and arrived in time to make our flight. To God be the glory!
When we arrived in the Fiji Islands, we were greeted by my family. It was a blessing to be there during the graduation of their Bible Institute and to take part in the ceremony. Our children enjoyed spending precious time with their cousins—a blessing they don’t often get. Though we were scheduled to depart Fiji on Thursday morning, Brooke and I contracted a very severe stomach virus and we were unable to fly. We recovered in about 24 hours and were able to fly out on the Monday flight. That was the same day that the Smith’s (our fill-ins) were scheduled to fly out of Kiribati. We passed through immigration and quickly made our way outside to say good-bye to them before they boarded the same plane on which we had arrived. We praise God for their faithfulness as they served during our absence. God used them, and they are missed by the Tarawa Baptist Church family. Pray for them as they labor for the Lord in their next place of service.
Thank you for your prayers for our family. We know the prayers of God’s people are powerful, and we thank you for your faithfulness to labor with us through prayer. May God bless each of you and may we all serve the Lord until He comes.
On the Equator for Christ,

Joel, Brooke, Daniel, Adelynn, and Bennett

Missionary Update 12/27/2016


Missionary Update 09/16/2016


Missionary Update 07/05/2016


Missionary Update 04/15/2016


Missionary Update 02/12/2016


Missionary Update 01/29/2016


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