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Jonathan & Ellen Sparks

Missionary Information

Name: Jonathan Sparks
Age: 61

Spouse: Ellen Sparks
Age: 66

Mission Field: Philippines

Years of Service: 18

Home Church: Fellowship Baptist Church
Arlington, Washington

Missions Agency: Baptist International Missions Inc.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 19 years


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Oct 28, 2016

Wow, what a month. September was busy but this month and November are jam packed with the Cagaut Baptist Church 15th Anniversary on Nov. 12th, our first Youth Rally on Oct. 24, more baptisms in Quinapondan, the new church plant in Tagbacan that kicked off on Oct. 9th and much more. God is blessing tremendously in so many areas.

We have seen 9 clear professions of Faith in Christ in Cagaut and Tagbacan.. Significantly for us is that Pastor Queruela led the Barangay Captain of Brgy. Carapdapan to the Lord just 3 weeks ago. This Brgy. is where we are facing fierce opposition from the local priest and the school teachers. That said about 3 months ago one of the school teachers got saved and has been attending services faithfully. God is working in this little Brgy. of about 500 people in a big way. We are praying about making this a permanent preaching point. Please pray for this Brgy. and for the new converts. They are getting hit hard by the priest and the school officials. Folks here pay a price for their faith. Praise the Lord they are being faithful and standing for the Lord.

Sunday Oct. 9th we held the first regular services for the newly established Tagbacan Baptist Church. Three souls were saved during the service and many neighbors came out to see what was going on. Please pray fervently for this new work. This is the third Baptist church in Salcedo and the priest is furious. No direct attacks in Tagbacan yet but they are coming. This new church is less than 50 meters from the new High School there and we are praying about using the church there as a Student Center during the week to reach more young people.

Cagaut Baptist Church is increasing in attendance, getting back up into the 70’s each Sunday and we are Praising the Lord for it. We had a drop in attendance for a month or two when the Catholics started their services, and feeding program at the same time Sunday morning. We just keep plugging along.

We held our first 1 day Youth Camp/Youth Rally on Oct. 24 and 25th. The Lord was with us in a big way. We planned for 60 to 70 young people and God gave us 104 total young people. The young people responded well to the preaching and teaching and were very enthusiastic. We had 9 young people get saved in personal encounters and had many more raised hands during the preaching. We held the closing service for the camp at the beach in Salcedo and 2 young people demanded to be baptized. They were from Quinapondan Baptist Church (now called Harvest B.C.) and Pastor Mendoza was more than happy to Baptize them. The whole event was successful in it’s goals to bring unsaved young people to the Lord, get them to commit to serving the Lord and we had the baptisms as a bonus. We are planning to do this again during the Christmas break late in December and we are discussing and praying about holding our own local Youth Camp during the summer break. God is so good to us.

On a wonderful note I am happy to let you all know that Matthew is entering Bible College in Guiuan this Nov. 2d. He won’t say so yet but I think God is calling him to serve Him in some capacity. Nearly everything he has been doing this last year has been directed towards serving the Lord. We are excited about this so please pray for him also.

Taking Ellen to Cebu next month to get her all checked out medically and I will see my Doctor there also. Please pray for her. She has been getting very tired, dizzy and nauseous for no apparent reasons the last few months. Thank you all for your prayers and faithful financial support.

Carl, Ellen and Matthew Sparks

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