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Lawrence & Catrina Morris

Missionary Information

Name: Lawrence Morris

Spouse: Catrina Morris

Mission Field: United States of America

Home Church: Lighthouse Baptist Church
Alexandria, Virginia

Our Missionary for 2 years


Missionary Update 02/20/2018

Dear Pastor and Supporting Church,

Hello from a rainy Seattle! I’d like to take some time and let you know about the church plant here in Renton, WA. As some of you may already know, we have been working with the city of Renton to facilitate the church moving into a new storefront location. This building is strategically located by all the major highways and our church sign will be visible to people passing on the highway. It is a 4600 sqft unit that used to be used as a gym. For about the last 9 months we have been going through a process which was to obtain a “Conditional Use Permit.” This permit has nothing to do with building, or electric, or plumbing. The permit’s sole purpose to alert the community that we are changing the current use of the building from retail to that of a religious gathering. Due to the regulations of the EPA and the size of the building we were obligated to pay an excess of $3,000 in fees in addition to the $3,500 permit cost. This permit took from beginning to end 9 months to acquire. Due to the excessive time table it was not probable that a landlord would take a property off of the market for this amount of time, and still give us the option to pull out of the contract should we not receive the permit. However, I do believe that God was working and that is exactly what happened! We received the permit and now have all the green lights to move into the building.

An unsuspecting roadblock has come up in this process now. Initially, when meeting with the city they told us that once we got to this point they would allow us to meet in the building while we were finishing the permit process as long as we meet all of the fire and safety standards. However, now that we are at this point the city has reneged on its promise and has given us an open-ended timeline with a minimum of 2 months should we finish the construction by then. Of course, this creates a problem as we are now moving out of our old building and with no permission from the city are looking to find a temporary home. The city did say if we will provide $15,000 that they would allow us to meet in the building and would refund the money when the permit process was over. We do not have this type of fluid funding and are praying that the city will make exception in our case. It is our belief that God is going to do something amazing! Would you please pray right now for this situation and ask God to intervene? I know you will and covet your prayers. Thank you for being my friend and for being invested in our work here!

Your servant,

Lawrence Morris 

Ps. 40:2-3