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Lawrence & Catrina Morris

Missionary Information

Name: Lawrence Morris

Spouse: Catrina Morris

Mission Field: United States of America

Home Church: Lighthouse Baptist Church
Alexandria, Virginia

Our Missionary for 1 years


Missionary Update 09/08/2017

Dear Pastor and Supporting Church,

            Greetings from a ashy and hazy Pacific Northwest. There is a lot of turmoil and moving in our country both politically and geographically with many natural diasters. Continue to pray for our state as there are many fires burning which are threatening many lives and towns as they continue to grow. Thank you for your steadfast prayer for us. More than ever we need increased prayer.

            This past summer was our second year to have children and teenagers go to camp. We were blessed to see 20 in attendance! 5 of the children who came accepted Christ as their savior while at camp. One of these is a young boy from Baghdad, Irag named Amen. After the evening fire walking back I asked how he was enjoying camp. He started speaking in Farsi to his brother and his brother emphatically hit him and told him to speak in English. Amen was so convicted about going to Hell that he didn’t even want to say the words in English. That evening he and his brother Majeed accepted Christ. They really need your prayers to help them become rooted and established in the Word. We as a church are thankful to Open Door Baptist Church in Kent, WA who hosts this camp.

            Finally, we have started the process of leasing a storefront in the Renton downtown area. For a business this would be a much easier task. Due to the size of the storefront and the change of use from that of retail, to religious assembly we have to go through a very arduous process. As we go step by step in this process , we really need prayer for favor with the city, and with the Lord.

            I want to thank everyone who is praying for us; before we went to camp we had a baptism service and were able to see 6 baptized. God is doing a great work!

Your servant,

 Lawrence Morris 

Ps. 40:2-3

August Numbers:                                                                   

Average attendance: 39

Doors knocked/canvassed: 100                                             

High day: 43

Visitors in the Church: 25                                                                  

Salvations: 5                                                                           

Church memberships:  - 6

Baptisms: 6

Missionary Update 04/24/2017

April 24,2017

Dear Pastor and Supporting Church,
“Praise God from whom all blessings flow…” That song seems to be imbedded in my mind as I type out this update. We have been very blessed of the Lord. His mercies are new every morning just as the scriptures say. Between traveling most of March and the challenges at home it has been a busy time. Here is a quick update of things around here in regard to the ministry and us personally.
As many of you know we had some flooding in our home at the beginning of this year. This caused damage throughout our kitchen and main bathroom. Since we use our home for discipleship and for church gatherings this became a very inconvenient problem. However, God worked out all the details! The insurance did not cover all of the damage, but did kick in about half of what was needed to pay for the remodel. This is due partly because of previous damage that was not addressed properly and because of some rot that was found under the floor. We praise the Lord for sending godly men to help advise in this situation and we were able to work through these details. In addition to this many churches graciously helped to get this project done timely. Kevin Rau, a member of Bethel Baptist Church came out and did the much-needed work. We thank the Lord for his willing spirit and giving heart to take off $6,000 off the cost of the project.
On the Church front we rejoice to tell you that many of our members have stepped up in areas of giving and serving. We are still trying to establish our feet, but it seems to be much easier when you have a team of people working together to get the ministry going. It was a blessing to see many folks help with our double service for Easter and to get involved in giving out the Gospel. At times, it is easy to lose focus on what is really important, and God has a way of reminding me that He is the one who does the work when I remain obedient. Thank you for your continued prayer and support.
Your servant,
Lawrence Morris
Ps. 40:2-3
March/April Numbers: Average attendance: 33
Doors knocked/canvassed: Aprox 1,000 High day: 38
Visitors in the Church: 8 Mailers – 10,000
Salvations: 1 Church memberships: -1
Baptisms: 0

Missionary Update 10/11/2016

October 3, 2016

Dear Friend,
Thank you for praying for us! We are encouraged by this past month’s results and activities. The church is growing here, and we are so thrilled to be a part of it! I have changed the format of this letter to make it more conducive to display, if that is something that is of interest to you and your church. May the Lord encourage your spirit and rejoice with us over this brief recap.
September 11th, is in itself a very important day. Lighthouse Baptist was privileged to honor our First Responders and take a moment in tribute of those who gave their lives on that fateful day 15 years ago. A big thank you to Dennis Fountain, pastor of Moses Lake Baptist Church, who helped me organize this first venue. Due to the limited size of our meeting location, we reserved a banquet space at a hotel close to the church. We had 1,000 fliers printed and got out nearly every one! Before the service, we held a workers’ appreciation breakfast at the hotel. This was a time of encouragement and organization. What a blessing to see 19 adults and 7 children in attendance! For the service, we were able to have Lance Hohenstreet, chaplain missionary to the military prison, to speak for us. He was right on spot and exactly what we needed! We also had the Faulkner family provide special music for this day. We saw our highest day of 50! In the service was a man name Jim. Jim is a veteran who volunteers his time at the National Cemetery. We met each other while I was playing for a funeral. Praise the Lord, Jim accepted Christ that morning! One other young man made a profession of faith that morning as well. The Renton Fire Department was very kind to bring out a fire truck, and we saw 4 first responders on this Sunday. All around, we could not have asked for a better day!
Baptisms continued during the month of September. During a Sunday night service at East Hill Baptist, we were able to see Marcos and Zackery follow the Lord in believer’s baptism. Marcos started coming to the church after reading his Bible and realizing that without Christ he had no hope for eternity. Zackery accepted the Lord during camp and has a heart to serve Him.
While all this is going on, we continue our outreach to the community. We have been in the process of distributing door hangers with John & Romans, invitations, and Gospel tracts. A big thank you is in order for Lighthouse Baptist Press Ministry and all that they did to help us in this endeavor. They provided the John & Romans free of charge! Pray with us that God will use these as tools for His Kingdom. In faith we labor and believe that God is working and will work for souls to be saved and His church to grow.
Thank you to everyone that has been a part of our ministry here. If you pray, give, or are an invaluable resource of some kind; thank you! It has been the honor of mine to watch folks grow and become established in the Lord. May He continue to grow His church, and may He find you and me faithful to that end. God bless you!

Your servant,
Lawrence Morris
Ps. 40:2-3
September #’s

Average attendance: 34
Doors knocked/canvassed: 5,048 High Day: 50
Visitors in the Church: 15
Salvations: 4
Baptisms: 2
Church memberships: 2

Missionary Update 08/30/2016

Dear Friend,

It has been very busy here! Thank you for lifting us up in prayer and for your financial support as well. I am so glad to serve a God Who is so gracious to bring caring and loving people across our paths. It is in a way a subtle reminder that He will never leave us nor forsake us! As I type this update, please take a moment to thank the Lord for all of the things He has done.

Since our last letter, Carol Speer, one of our faithful members, was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. She is 75 years of age and the surgery was very delicate in nature. The Lord used this situation to finally convince her and Jim that it was time to join the church. They joined right before the surgery. That is a great victory, but the true blessing was seeing the many church people reach out to her while she was in the hospital and recovering at home. It was a joy to watch the Lord use this bad situation to mature the new believers in the church.

We recently held a baptism service at East Hill Baptist Church in Kent, Washington. There we saw seven people follow the Lord in believer’s baptism. PRAISE GOD! Included in the service was an adult man, his wife and family, as well as two other teenage boys. We had 19 people from the church out that night in support of the service. Thank you to East Hill and Pastor Steen for allowing us to use the baptistery.

On August 14, we were able to attend the anniversary service for Bethel Baptist Church in Spanaway, Washington. Pastor Northrop, who is dying of cancer, preached a wonderful sermon on staying faithful to the Lord in the midst of the storm. Ten of our members came out for that service, and as we traveled home we were able to reflect on all of God’s goodness in our lives. Thank you Pastor Minge for allowing us to join you! The following morning, we loaded up a van for camp. Honestly, I never imagined that we would be attending camp since we are not that old, and I was not sure what kind of turnout we would have. Five teenagers and children ending up going with us. We joined four other churches at Pleasant Valley Baptist Camp, in Mineral, Washington. We are overjoyed with the decisions that were made! Four expressed assurance of salvation, and one decided that he wanted to serve the Lord in the ministry! Thank you to Pastor Byram and all that you did to make the camp a great success!

In the midst of these past months, we have gathered 10,000 John and Romans; 10,000 tracts; 10,000 door hangers; and invitations to our church to distribute throughout our Renton/Seattle communities. We have also been busy working on our website. Please take a moment to look at the progress at It is about finished and will be a great tool in our area. We have already seen visitors as a result from the site. In addition to all this, we have been preparing for our first “First Responders Appreciation Service” on September 11, 2016. We have already canvased fire stations and invited folks personally. This event corresponds with our one-year anniversary. We are praying, working, and looking to have a fantastic day. Lance Hohenstreet, a missionary to the military prisons, will be our special speaker. The Faulkner family, from Bethel Baptist, will be providing special music. Businesses in our community have already given cards, vouchers, coupons, etc.; and we are so excited how the Lord is going to use this day for His glory!

I would like to encourage you to continue to pray for the ministry here in Renton/Seattle. We meet in a 40 seat auditorium and have quickly come to fill it nearly each week. Finding a place to grow is very expensive but necessary. Lastly, I will begin including some detailed information on each of these prayer updates. The numbers will be low for this initial update but will rise substantially next month. While at a church here locally, a pastor mentioned that I include these numbers in my update letters, and I believe that is a great idea. Below is not a full recap of what has been done, but what I have captured since meeting with this pastor. He believes, as do I, that it will be an assurance to you that God’s time and money is being wisely invested and tediously worked! Thank you for your support and prayers!

Your servant,

Lawrence Morris 

Ps. 40:2-3

Missionary Update 07/15/2016

Dear Friend,

First, let me thank each and every one of you who prays for us. We are encouraged and uplifted to know that God Almighty is being asked to guide and protect us. As I sit down to write some of the things that have been going on here in the Seattle area, it brings me to tears. God is so much better to us than we deserve, and He is worthy to be praised! Please take a moment and thank God with us as I recap some of the things from May and June.

Shortly after writing my last update, one of our members, Willard, received custody of his two teenage boys. Not long after they were here, we sat down at a local establishment called Fatburger. It may have been a mistake to bring teenage boys to a burger restaurant with that type of name. While eating and talking, it wasn’t long before I was able to take the Bible and show both young men, Billy and Eddie, the great news of the Gospel. Both accepted Christ there at the table. What a blessing it was for this member to see his boys accept Christ!

During the month of June, we were able to attend the Spiritual Leadership Conference in Lancaster. This was because of a gracious pastor who wanted to be a blessing and provide a way. My wife and I had previously decided that we could not afford the trip. If we were to attend, it would have to be of the Lord. What a time of refreshment and encouragement! We want to again thank that pastor for his love and investment.

Things have continued to be busy here, and for that we are praising God. I never thought that in our first year we would have a teen activity or have children and teens going to camp. This Friday, we will have our first teen activity with about eight teens in attendance. Camp is in August, and we are projected to have at least five in attendance. What a blessing it is to see God working! Some of these children are being sponsored by older members in the church. In order to go, however, they must memorize a certain amount of Scripture. This is a two-fold blessing: one to the child who gets God’s Word engrained in their heart, and secondly to the adult who will receive the eternal dividends for the seeds planted at camp.

Last weekend we had a local church come out and help us canvas one of our neighborhoods in Renton. They were amazed at the amount of people that are here, ready to hear the Gospel, but without someone to share it. Thank God for Lighthouse Baptist Church! Thank you to Mountain Highway Baptist Church and your willingness to serve the Lord. Through these efforts we were able to see one person saved and prospects as well.

Continue to pray for the ministry here. To all those who support us, whether from the beginning or recently, thank you. I hope that through these letters you see that your investment is not in vain. Of course I know that you are giving to the Lord, and it is my goal to try and maximize your investment here on earth. I would ask that you consider to pray for some of the following things. First, pray for laborers. Secondly, continue to pray that we will become permanently established in a building of our own. Thirdly, please pray that we continue to receive the necessary financial support to grow the work for the glory of God. We have no limit to what can be accomplished here with space, laborers, and resources.

If you are ever in the Seattle area, and I can be of help to you in any way, please let me know. Thank you for time and for reading this letter.

Your servant,

Lawrence Morris 

Ps. 40:2-3 

Missionary Update 05/06/2016

Dear Friend,

What a busy couple of months! It feels as if we have been gone more than we have been home, although we have not missed a service. God has been so good to us and we continue to thank Him for His provisions. I would like to ask you to pray for something specifically that is not mentioned in the update for the ministry. This is a prayer request for my wife and me. To those of you who know us on a more personal level, it will come as no surprise to you that we have struggled with infertility the past couple of years. We have been tested, and it seems that at this moment it has not been the Lord’s will for us to travel this journey with little ones. On this journey, we have already gone the way of medical procedures and continue to at this time. NO, this is not a plea for money. We gladly bear the burden God has given and seek to glorify and please Him with our faith. We have decided that we are going to begin the adoption journey. Should God bless us with children naturally, great! If not, we have felt that the next step is adoption. What a privilege! We get to emulate our Father in Heaven Who has adopted us. The prayer request is two-fold. First, please pray that God would give us wisdom in this delicate process. Second, if you know of someone or a family who is looking to give up a child for adoption, please keep us in mind. Again, we COVET your prayers and look forward to the wonderful things that God has in store for our family. May this update be a blessing to you, your church, and your family.

Your servant,

Lawrence Morris
PS 40:2-3

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