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Louise Champlin

Missionary Information

Name: Louise Champlin
Age: 96

Mission Field: Suriname

Years of Service: 66

Home Church: Anchor Baptist Church
Pisgah Forest, North Carolina

Missions Agency: Independant Faith Missions
Greensboro, North Carolina

Our Missionary for 20 years


Missionary Update 08/25/2017


Missionary Update 04/17/2017

Dear Mrs. Prouty,

Thank You for your first quarterly letter just received. It is good to hear how the Lord has guided and prospered your ministry there. Sorry! I haven't been a good communicator. I do so appreciate Faith Baptist Church continuing to faithfully stand with me here in Suriname as we go on in the work the Lord gave us so many years ago - 52+ now. You have partner- ed with us 17 of those years, and God has wonderfully kept His good hand upon us in each area of ministry. We have tried to visualize this for you in our prayer letters sent out from the Mission Office, but I'm sure a more personal word would make you feel better in touch with us. I know this will sound like just another "excuse," but I really am not that efficient with my computer. It is much to be preferred to the old "pen & paper" snail mail, but it often "out smarts" me. I'll do my best now that I've purposed to get something on its way to you.

There has been much to encourage in how the Lord has been true to His promise that His Word would "not return void." I am so very thankful to be here, involved myself in the women's ministries, individual witnessing - various ways, but also able to channel funds to the field expenses. That is a very important part of the work, here in Moengo, as well as our two river outreaches. River work is more expensive than on land, since fuel is so expensive and it takes more to operate a motor and canoe, than drive a car. But on the Tapa- nahoni River that has all the rapids to navigate and our original Cottica River, the preaching is being carried on by our national preachers, and it's so good to be able to help with fuel, materials, engines for their boats, etc. Darrell and I began the work on the Tapanahoni 40 years ago, and it's such a blessing to see how the 3 men there are carrying on for God. We recently wrote about the church building projects we had up there last year and what a joy the dedication service was. Your funds, and that of our other standing with us churches is what keeps all of this moving ahead. God promoted Darrell, but left me here to still represent the investment, and our people are appreciative. Our Cottica River preachers still drop in to see me and let me know how things are going with their ministries. I'm the "Mama of the River" as they say. In a matriarchal society that is an important position. They know where my heart is and that I've no intention of retiring to the States and "dis-yoking" if I may put it that way. Again, THANK YOU! for your part in keeping me here.

A little personal might help to indicate that lack of communication is not careless negligence. Since the beginning of the year, I've had dengue fever again - 4th time here, and it does just wash you out, along with the severe pain. The dictionary does add "break bone" fever, because that is what you feel like will happen when you move. There is no medication for it; it has to run its course, but then recovery time spells out a month, till you're back on your feet. I'm just recovering from a trauma dental tooth extraction and surgery, as well. Then there's our frequent problem of losing current, just when you were prepared to sit down and get an email sent off. Like I say, it sounds like excuses, and I guess we all can have them, but our remembrance of you and gratefulness for you is very much there. We trust Pastor and the dear church family are truly aware of this. I know I would do well to update a picture, but that has been difficult for me. I haven't wanted to see the single ME, as it was always the two of us, and he's never that far away. Actually Darrell's grave is quite close and I've been back a couple of times. He's always mentioned by our people. God greatly used him here in the initial preaching of the Good News, and a solid foundation was laid.

Well, I've gone on and on. Probably should bring this to a close, but want to mention the matter of the planned 100 Year Anniversary Reunion in Congo of the Grings/Champlin Families. My folks went to Congo in 1917, and we feel like this would be a great encouragement to our people to hear about the history of the Gospel coming to them. It's to be held in August this year and I'm planning to go. I'm the only one left of the 2nd generation. The others are buried there. My daughter, Debbie would accompany me. The trip would extend to South Africa as well to have a part in our family ministry there. That would take us to the 30th and return to the States. Would appreciate your prayers for all that's involved and the organizing. It will be a good break for me from the more than 7 years in the tropics here without a furlough.

God's richest blessings, love and prayer,

Louise Champlin

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