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Mike & Cindy Haley

Missionary Information

Name: Mike Haley
Age: 53

Spouse: Cindy Haley
Age: 56

Child: Brock Haley
Age: 30

Child: Emily Haley
Age: 28

Mission Field: Africa

Home Church: Grace Baptist Church
New Castle, Indiana

Missions Agency: Baptist International Missions
Harrison, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 8 years


Missionary Update 10/07/2019

September Report 2019 ON THE ROAD AGAIN - We’ve been “home” on furlough for only five weeks, but it seems like it has already been five months. Time does fly, especially as we have flown from place to place every few days. After a week and a half of local meetings near our home church and treasured time with family and friends, we hit the road and it has been non-stop ever since. Furlough, so far, has taken us to Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, and Texas. We have been in three mission conferences and have visited 10 churches. Ahead of us are several more mission conferences and meetings in Indiana, Ohio, California, Colorado, Florida, Washington State, and Idaho. Please pray with us for the following to be the blessed results of these meetings: 1. That we will be an encouragement to each church / family as they see how they are helping to reach Botswana for Christ. 2. That each church we visit will experience a revival and a renewed heart for global evangelism. 3. That God’s people (especially young people) will be sensitive to God’s call and surrender to serve at home and abroad. 4. That the Lord will provide for these special project funds - $10,000 to kick start a land/building purchase for Grace Baptist Church and the remaining $22,000 needed for the second printing of New Testaments. $3200 has been given already!! THE JOY OF GOD’S FAMILY - There were many blessed moments with family and dearest friends who have become family to us during our time in North Carolina. For the first time, we met Lilly (The Lilly Project) and her great family and presented a plaque honoring her and the church family for their contributions to the Bible project. It was a special moment, and we shared some sweet tears of joy as we celebrated God’s great grace and power and the precious faith of one little girl. The Mission Conference services were unusually powerful and the whole conference was like a revival. And we had the opportunity to visit Cindy’s uncle who had terminal brain cancer. Words cannot express the nearness of our Lord as we shared a few moments together and said our “goodbyes” to a dear man of God who is now face to face with our Saviour! In Texas, our cup was filled once again with the Texas sized love that our partnering churches there have for the Lord and missionaries. These past five weeks remind us of what joy it is to be so intertwined with God’s people. WOW, WE LOVE YOU FOLKS! Thank you for loving us and having such a heart to help us get the gospel to the ends of the earth. I know that the only way we can be worthy of such grace is to go back to Botswana and give our all in the work God has given us there. And believe me – we’re getting charged up about getting back to it! GREAT REPORTS FROM BOTSWANA - Pastor Monte is doing a wonderful job of caring for the church in our absence. As I’ve talked with different church members through WhatsApp I can hear their excitement, “Pastor Monte is finding himself. He’s preaching like a man on fire,” are just some of the comments. Last month 16 church members gathered to evangelize with New Testaments in a new village. They reached 400 homes in four hours giving one NT per household and sharing the gospel house to house. The church is standing behind Pastor Monte, encouraging him, and taking ownership of the ministry. This is the greatest joy any missionary could ask for. By faith we labor in love, then stand in amazement as the Lord builds HIS church. More great news, Emily’s permits were APPROVED, and she will be able to return with us in December. Please pray that the Lord will give us five new supporting churches. We hope to have the help of some missionary interns this coming summer so that we can go to a whole new level of getting into the public schools with the New Testaments and gospel cartoon outreach. Additional support will help to fund these efforts. Together in the Harvest, Mike & Cindy Haley State side cell phone number through December 30 – (317) 446-9076 Mike, Cindy & Emily Haley Vonage: 317-586-4001

Missionary Update 08/19/2019


Missionary Update 08/09/2019

  Dear Praying Friends,   The Lord has answered our prayers, albeit in a way we did not expect. but greatly rejoice in. What the Lord has done for Raman is nothing short of miraculous and I want to express our greatest appreciation to all of you who have prayed. I get excited watching the Lord work and could get longwinded about it so let me give you the short story.   Every door to try and get Raman back to Botswana closed and he cannot return to Botswana until July of next year.  I called the Faith Bible Institute in the US to ask for special permission to take Raman's books and a set of DVDs with the recorded classes to Zimbabwe so that Raman could study there - alone. As I discussed it with the registrar, I asked her if there was ANYONE in Zimbabwe doing FBI to which she replied, there is one, missionary Jeff Porter."     I and Cindy met Jeff and his wife Cindy at a Missions Conference in the US a few years back and he is also a fellow BIMI missionary.  A few phone calls later and the arrangements were made.  Brother Jeff is going to give Brother Raman a place to stay, the opportunity to work in their ministry in Zimbabwe, and we have transferred Raman to the Faith Bible Institute in Zimbabwe.  Raman's English is functional but not fluent, but Brother Jeff and his wife Cindy have been in Zimbabwe for years, have 3 established churches and a good group of Godly national men working with them.  While learning the Word of God and being mentored in his own mother tongue, Raman will undoubtedly grow in grace and become the force for God that all of us here know he is in his heart!!!  The day I called him to tell him all about it - he shouted for joy and then proceeded to tell me how that he had led one of his best friends in Zimbabwe to Christ earlier that morning. Zimbabwe is reeling from years of the abusive dictatorship of Mugabe.  The current leader is not much better.  But Zimbabwe, like so much of Africa, is ripe for the gospel and Raman has the potential to be a powerful preacher to his people.  What a win!!!!!   Please pray for us as Pastor Monte and I will drive six hours one way on Monday to the Zimbabwe border to see Raman once more and to give him his books and some transport money to get to the part of the country that Brother Jeff is working in.  As I am set to leave on furlough Tuesday after next it will be a long drive at a busy time, but we are hoping to go and get back in the same day.  Please pray for traveling mercies.  God bless you all!  Isn't God good!!!!!!  Praise His name!   -- Pastor Mike Haley Grace Baptist Church Botswana, AFRICA

Missionary Update 07/22/2019

    Please pray for Raman and Pastor Monte.  Raman is a young man in our church from Zimbabwe who TRULY loves the Lord and the church and is probably being called to preach (time will soon tell).  Unfortunately, he is an illegal immigrant (not a criminal). He entered the country legally but stayed in the country over a year after his visa expired.  The situation in Zimbabwe is so dire that this is a common thing, but the government here is coming down hard on illegals especially with the increase in violent crime that we are experiencing. I have told Raman that in order to study in the Bible Institute he must be legal.  This is necessary to "obey the laws of the land as we are commanded in the Word of God to do, for sake of his personal testimony, and to ensure that we do not jeopardize our ability to stay in country if it was viewed that we were assisting someone who was "illegal."   Hence, Pastor Monte and Raman are on their way to the Botswana / Zimbabwe border to try and resolve the situation for Raman.  It's a six-hour drive one way.  We are hoping that Raman can pay a fine and then get a visa to come back to Botswana for 90 days in which time we have a lawyer who will try to help him get permits to live and work here in Botswana.  Please pray specifically for:   1.  Safety as they travel 2.  That they will reach the border without Raman being "picked up" at a police checkpoint before they arrive in which case he would be detained and deported drastically reducing his chances to come back to Botswana for a long time. 3.  That the immigration officials will be willing to negotiate a manageable fine for Raman to pay. We're praying for the equivalent of $100 to $150 which they can do. Please know - THIS IS NOT A BRIBE!  We don't do bribes!!!  Legal and ethical all the way or no involvement at all is our policy! 4.  That the immigration officials will allow him to return to the country immediately or within the next few days. They could very easily tell him he must wait a full year before coming again. 5.  That he will be able to secure a permit to live, work, and study in the country.  Because our school is not registered with the government of Botswana, we cannot bring him in as a student under our registration so we are praying that he will be offered a job but that's not as easy to come by as it sounds.   Please also pray for Mike Sparta.  Mike just received Christ about three weeks ago.  He too was here illegally and was picked up this week.  We did all we could to find a way to help him, but he will be deported later this week.  We managed to visit him in jail for about five minutes to try and encourage him.     Lastly please pray for us.  I personally need wisdom and discernment to deal with these issues and a host of others. People who have lived in spiritual wickedness and darkness for so long are very problematic and carry a lot of baggage in their life even after they are saved and we daily deal with these issues.  RIGHT IS RIGHT and I am committed to teaching our people to do things GOD'S WAY as opposed to the corruption, scheming, and downright lunacy that often drives their decision making and thought processes.  These things are deeply rooted and engrained in their culture and understanding.  It's something every missionary understands, especially African missionaries.  We need a lot of grace to balance wisdom, compassion, and ethics and it's not always an easy thing to do.  I covet your prayers and we express our greatest love and appreciation for you all.  By God's grace we are so blessed to be counted worthy to serve the Lord in this land.     Together in the harvest,  Mike Haley  

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