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Mike & Cindy Haley

Missionary Information

Name: Mike Haley
Age: 53

Spouse: Cindy Haley
Age: 56

Child: Brock Haley
Age: 30

Child: Emily Haley
Age: 28

Mission Field: Africa

Home Church: Grace Baptist Church
New Castle, Indiana

Missions Agency: Baptist International Missions
Harrison, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 8 years


Missionary Update 02/21/2017

YOUR SUNDAY AFTERNOON SAFARI FROM MIKE AND CINDY HALEY BOTSWANA, AFRICA February 19, 2017 We cannot share EVERYTHING that happens in the ministry here but so many good things transpire in a months time that it makes it hard to decide what to feature in our monthly prayer letters. So we have decided to resume a weekly email update to share some of the more day to day blessings and to recap our Sunday services for those who are able to "stay up" with us and pray for us. I hope you enjoy receiving each edition of the Sunday Safari. With the seven hour time difference many of our Pastors can give an update to your Sunday night congregation if you feel so led. We appreciate your prayers!! Most of our first time visitors from last week were working or traveling this week and I really thought our attendance would be down today. God had a surprise in store for us. We had our second highest attendance yet with 45 in church today and 9 more first time visitors!! Most of our new visitors are adults and are the result of door knocking and evangelizing on the street in front of the church. The greatest blessing is seeing visitors bringing visitors. This week we have to go buy more chairs which are very costly here. Pray the Lord helps us find a bargain. The new location for the church is incredible and our people are loving it. This morning we started Bible study classes (Sunday School) with me teaching an adult class meeting in a conference room (see pic), the Kings Teens meeting with Cindy in the main room, and the children (Little Sprouts) meeting with Ms. Lulu in a room of their own. Each class was blessed and I was overjoyed at the enthusiasm of our adult class as they showed a great hunger for the teaching of the Word of God. Today I began teaching on "Why It Is Important To Study The Bible And Know Bible Doctrine." Several in the class are unsaved. Please pray for their conversion. We got home from church today (wore out to be sure) and I was forced to start a new ministry. You've heard of Neighborhood Bible Club? Now we have Neighborhood Bike Repair Club! Yesterday I fixed a broken pedal on a kids bike. Today a gang of three were waiting for us when we got home. Man they're something. "Pestor, Pestor, Yes Pestor (no misspelling) we've been waiting for you. Can you fix our bikes?" Apparently I and Brother Amantle (Monte), our ministry assistant, are now the local bike mechanics for every kid in the neighborhood. Amen! Turns out that two of the kids are grandsons to the Ambassador to Zimbabwe. Hmmm! Sounds like God is putting something together eh? Cindy has put together a short video update online. You can view it on Vimeo by clicking the link below. We're working on a "live" video feed that will allow us to link up online with any of our churches that would like for us to give a "live" personalized update to you on a Sunday night. The seven hour time difference makes it tough but it's something we hope to accomplish soon. Well - it's another busy week ahead. We're making a big push for a special day on March 5th called "Kick Off Sunday" to promote our theme for the year, "Together We Are His Church" out of Ephesians 3: 20-21. Language classes start on March 6th. They've had riots at the university campus due to funding for student loans and shortfalls with the government. Pray it all settles down before we get there. Once on campus we'll start the work of distributing 10,000 customized New Testaments with built in discipleship lessons to the students and faculty. Eventually we'll have an on campus Bible study night. Praise the Lord for the open door!! We love you all and appreciate your faithful prayers and partnership with us. Pray for laborers! We're specifically praying that God would lead another family to join us in the work here. Modimo A Go SegoFatse (Mo-de-mo / Ah - Ho / Say - ho - faht - say) - God bless you! Mike and Cindy

Missionary Update 01/16/2017


Missionary Update 12/27/2016

Isaiah 9:6 - For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Unto US. We stand in awe that God has given the precious gift of His Son to fallen man. We still marvel at the miracle of the virgin birth of Jesus. We stand amazed to know that God became a man and dwelt among men. We remember that He was born in a manger and He died on a cross...for our sins! We rejoice in His resurrection, our salvation from sin, and we praise our blessed Savior. We live for His glory and like the shepherds, we purpose to spread the good tidings. We look for the day when He will come again to rule and to reign. What a joy it is to worship our Lord Jesus Christ as we celebrate His wonderful birth! We pray that you and your family and your church family have a blessed Christmas Day filled with the joy of the Lord!! Mike, Cindy, Brock and Emily Haley Botswana, Africa

Missionary Update 12/02/2016


Missionary Update 11/28/2016


Missionary Update 11/14/2016


Missionary Update 10/21/2016


Missionary Update 10/11/2016

OCTOBER 2016 WE’RE APPROVED! The apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 16:9 For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries. With the reproach that the charismatics have created, the government’s view of missionaries is not what it once was. The normal time frame for immigration to approve residence and work permits (visas) is six weeks. After eight weeks we were starting to be concerned. TODAY – our lawyer from Botswana called to say that we have been approved. I began praising the Lord on the phone and he began laughing and seemed to really enjoy my delight and then he said, “Yes – praise the Lord!” But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ – I Corinthians 15:57. I appreciate all of you who have prayed with us to this end and I hope that you are able to experience the same joy that I experienced today when I received this call and was shown once again how God answers prayer. We met a new friend during a fellowship time in a mission conference in Virginia. Bob is 71 years old, is a devout man and more faithful than the average Christian. Yet he had never been born again. After sharing with Bob how Peter came to Cornelius and Nicodemus to Jesus – Bob readily prayed to receive Christ and joyfully experienced His spiritual birth. Bob is one of the most honorable men I’ve ever met and it was a great privilege to share that moment with him. $1500 has already been received for the $7500 needed to ship the container of Bibles and Scriptures. Please pray with us for the remaining funds and for a good response to the attached letters detailing the need for funds to ship and the children’s ministry supplies Cindy has requested help with. Your faith, love, and generosity is never taken for granted in our hearts. I could write of many other blessings that we have experienced. God has been good in so many things. Let me close with this. Both our son and daughter, in the same week – landed new jobs – GREAT JOBS! It means much to see the Lord taking care of them and gives Cindy and I great peace to see them growing into fine young adults. As always – please pray for their spiritual growth and for God’s leading in their lives regarding their service to Him. We love you all and continually appreciate your prayers! Mike & Cindy Haley

Missionary Update 09/23/2016

Dear Pastor and Partners: I pray you have had a blessed summer and am praying God gives you a fruitful fall season. Our recent trip to Botswana was incredible and I appreciate all of you who prayed with us. Cindy and I delight in the privilege to serve the Lord in missions and treasure the honor of doing so with your love, prayers, and support behind us. I say that a lot but I say it because I mean it – from my heart. Daily, I marvel at how good God is to let me serve Him – I Timothy 1:12. We are at 90% of our needed support and are beginning to finalize the details of our departure to Botswana in January. At the start of our deputation we, by God’s grace, determined to live by the work of our hands (driving large vehicles for hire – Acts 20:34) and the love offerings we received in our meetings (I Corinthians 9:14). To be faithful and wise stewards of the resources that God’s people invest in missions we purposed to escrow/save all of our monthly support for the monies needed to transition to and set up our ministry in Botswana. Consequently, we currently have set aside 60% of what’s needed to move, cover airfare, buy a vehicle, rent a house, buy furnishings, etc. etc. We found out that there are a lot of etceteras. Additionally, we intend to sell our truck to add to that amount and we’ll continue to escrow our support till we leave. As you know, it is common (and often necessary) for missionaries to appeal for tens of thousands of dollars prior to leaving for the field for passage and set up. I have done everything we could do to minimize our living expenses and maximize your investment in missions so that our appeal for set up and passage would be minimal. At the moment all of our personal monies are being used for the ministry. I promise you that we daily live and practice the faith that we preach. God has never failed us, our needs are met and our heart is full. This is not a personal need. This is a ministry need! My heart’s desire is to be a missionary that asks for as little as possible so that you are able to help others with your resources and thus maximize the global work of the gospel in every way. The Lord has been good to us, has honored our faith and stewardship, and has graced our lives with an amazing group of people, Pastors, and partnering churches. With your help in this particular area of need we will leave for Botswana well supported and well equipped, and ready for the good work that God has given us to do. We are asking you to prayerfully consider helping with two specific needs: 1) Children’s ministry supplies requested by Cindy (attached / enclosed flyer) 2) The shipping of our 20’ container will cost approx. $7500. (reference the enclosed flyer). We have already purchased the container for use as secure storage once in Botswana. Thirty five percent of the container holds our personal items. The remaining 65% is being filled with tens of thousands of Bibles, Tracts, New Testaments, discipleship resources, and Children’s ministry supplies for Cindy. I prayed earnestly as to whether or not we should attempt to raise funds for shipping the container and God has given me peace to do so and to propose it in this way: If each one of our partners / supporting churches doubled their support for two of the next three months (Sept, October, November – container ships 1st of December) it would more than cover the entire amount. For some this would be a sacrifice while others may be able to give substantially more and more easily. Everyone can help by praying for the need and I know God will do what He has always done – make it happen!! Please designate any additional funds for the container (over and above regular monthly support) as “Funds for Container – Acct. 1560 ” and send to: BIMI (Acct. #1560) – P.O. BOX 9 – HARRISION, TN – 37341.

Missionary Update 09/16/2016


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