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Missionary Information

Name: Mike Lane
Age: 64

Spouse: Debbie Lane
Age: 65

Mission Field: Honduras

Years of Service: 23

Home Church: Calvery Baptist Church
Grand Prarie, Texas

Missions Agency: World Baptist Fellowship Missions
Arlington, Texas

Our Missionary for 22 years


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March - May 2017

My Dear Family in Christ,

Isn’t that amazing that I can call you that? “Family” - Normally, we think of “family” as being only those related by blood or marriage. How thankful I am for the family into which I was born and the family into which I married. How thankful and blessed I am for the family that Mike and I had, and now the sweet, precious families of our children.

However, I have come to realize that “family” can be so much more ... especially among Christians. I have a family of friends, a family of supporting churches and a family of prayer warriors. I have my church family and my mission family. And then, of course I have my precious family in Honduras, my “children” and “brothers” and “sisters” there. I am referred to by so many of them as “mamá” (mother), “abuelita” (grandma) , or “tia” (aunt)... and I love every bit of it! Also, for several years I have been in contact with a young Baptist pastor in Andhra Pradesh, India. His name is MurthyBabu Kalva. And even though we have never met face to face, he calls me “Mother Debbie” and I lovingly call him “son”. And last, but certainly not least, are my extended “family” members, my fellow believers and brothers and sisters in Christ, around the world! I may not have ever met them, or may not know their names, but nevertheless, we are “blood” relatives! When we accepted the precious blood of Christ as payment for our sins, we were made joint heirs with Jesus and part of the Family of God! ...” ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.” Romans 8:15 “And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ” Romans 8:17

In mid July, I, a few members of my family and some of my church family will be going to visit some of our Honduran family members! I, my son, Brandon, his wife, Kathy, and their oldest (my firstborn grandson), Dakota, will be going as part of the Faith Baptist Church mission team. After visiting and ministering in Danli with missionaries Jason Tate and Allan Jackson, the team will leave and I and my family will be going to my home in La Esperanza. We will spend a week there. Our plan is to, not only visit all the works, see “family” members and be an encouragement to them, but to also go thru Mike’s belongings and make some decisions. (As I understand it, I am now finally the legal owner of all our property there.) If seeing our precious people again was not exciting enough, even more exciting is the fact that my grandson, Dakota, will be there! Mike and I dreamed of the day when our grandchildren would be able to come and meet our other “family” members and see the reason and the need for us to be such a distant part of our grandchildren’s lives. Dakota has worked hard to earn money for this trip, however, I know that some of you have also had a part of making this happen. “Thank You” seems so small a token of appreciation for your unselfish and sacrificial generosity, however, I know of no other words to tell you how I feel.

Recently, I read some good sayings about “Family”. One said something like “ ‘Family’ isn’t defined only by last names; it’s defined by commitment and by love. It means showing up when they need it most. It means having each other’s backs.” There was more to it, but this is the part that stood out to me. The other said, “Family is not always about relations. Sometimes it is about who is there to hold your hand and support you when you need it.” You were such precious “family” to Mike and I while we were in Honduras... and to me after his passing. So many of you, even now, continue to show “commitment and love” to me and my Honduran family by your continued support and prayers. And now, once again, you are demonstrating that deep, blood relationship that we share by helping my grandson to visit the people to whom we gave 20+ years of our lives!

While only God knows what His future plans are to bring others into His family, one thing is certain: You have helped to do your part in preparation of the “birthing room”! May God bless you all, my precious family in the Lord! Maranatha!

Debbie Lane, Missionary to Honduras 

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Update on Debbie's trip to Honduras.

March - April 2016
My Dear Family in the Lord,
At midnight, on April 1, I arrived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The next day, I made the 4 hour trip to Tegucigalpa, where I met up with Missionary Jason Tate who was with my son, Brandon, Pastor Mark Smith, Associate Pastor Dan Kirchner, and Bus Ministry Minister Tom Tilton. This ministry team from Faith Baptist in Tacoma, Washington had just arrived in Tegucigalpa and was on their way to Danli where about 60 pastors from Honduras and other Central American countries would be attending a training conference. What a joy it was to see Hotir and five of our men from the mountain works in attendance! To read more about that fantastic conference and see all the photos you can go to:
On April 9th, when the conference was over, my son, Brandon, Bro. Tate, Pastor Smith, and I traveled to my home in La Esperanza. This was my first visit home since Mike’s death last August. To say I was somewhat nervous is an understatement. I knew that it would probably be an emotional rollercoaster ride, and in addition, there would be much to try to accomplish in a very short amount of time.
I had tried not to think too much before hand about what it would be like to be home again because I just knew that, when the time came, my Heavenly Father would be there to hold my hand and get me through it. And He was! Sure, there were tears and a flood of emotions as I saw the home that we had made together. Everything there had a memory attached to it, had “Mike” or “Us” stamped on top with in invisible, yet indelible, ink. At first, it was sad, but then… it was comforting. What we had built together was good. It was lasting. Mike was gone… and yet.. he wasn’t! Everything he loved and stood for was still there! What he had preached and taught was still there! The lives he touch with the precious Gospel were still there! (Except for those that went before him and met him at Heaven’s gates as he entered!) Yes, Mike still was there. He would always be there! And that was a comfort to me!
The night I arrived home was the same night that The Daughters of the King were celebrating their one year anniversary. There were more tears as the pastors’ wives and I saw one another. The girls gave testimonies as to how the meetings of the past year had touched their lives and encouraged them to live for Christ and to keep themselves pure until marriage. What a joy to know that they are going forward to try to make a change in the “cultural norm” of the lives of these young women!
Sunday morning at New Hope Baptist was also a flurry of hugs, and smiles, and tears! What a joy it was to see our precious people, all my sweet children… my Honduran family… to see their faithfulness, their growth. Pastor Smith preached the morning message with Bro. Tate interpreting. I sat in on the children’s class (which has grown!) and where two of my precious young women have taken over my teaching duties.
Right after church, we jumped in the truck and made the 2 hour trip to the In Christ Baptist Church in Narranjitos, one of our Lenca works. I cannot describe the thrill of seeing that small group of people who have been so faithful. And Hotir preached a wonderfully powerful message, just confirming in my heart that he is God’s man to fill Mike’s shoes.
After that service, we made it back to La Esperanza just in time for the evening service at New Hope, where my son stood and preached where his dad had preached for so many years. It was so good see him behind that pulpit, and it seemed so right somehow. I could just imagine Mike calling over angels and saints to look over Heaven’s banisters, pointing at Brandon, and with pride saying, “Look! See that! That’s my boy preaching the Gospel to the Honduran people!” I could imagine it because that’s exactly how I felt!
I was also pleasantly surprised when the congregation of one of our sister churches showed up to visit with me and join our service. But best of all, after the service I got to lead one of our young teen girls to Christ!
On Monday, I had hoped to visit our dear people in Ojo de Agua and San Lorenzo, but that was not to be. After visiting the lawyer on Monday morning, the rest of my time in Honduras was spent running all over La Esperanza and other parts of the country just trying to finalize all the legalities so I can take ownership of our belongings. To make a long story short: Nothing was finalized! Nothing except to give the the lawyer the power of attorney over everything so she could continue to work in my absence.
I was not even able to get Mike’s autopsy report. However, the medical examinar did come out and talk to me and gave me some very surprising news! She said that there was absolutely no evidence that Mike died of a heart attack! She said his death was due to a brain aneurysm caused by high blood pressure! I was so surprised! Whatever the cause, I am just glad that he went peacefully in his sleep and did not suffer.
There was one other surprising thing about this trip. For some months, I was sure that when I arrived in Honduras God would give me clear direction as to my next move. However, I’m learning not to assume anything when it comes to the workings of the Almighty. All I know is that He’s doing something, He’s moving among hearts and lives. And for now, He is telling me to just “hang loose” (my words, not His), have patience, and take one day and one step at a time. And when all is in place, He will make everything absolutely clear. I wish I could tell you something more definite, but I’m just not sure of the final destination to which He is leading. And believe me, no one wants to know more than I!
All I do know is that, because of your prayers and continued mission dollars, the work in Honduras is going on! Souls are being saved and people are being baptized. We have 7 from New Hope Baptist attending the Bible Institute, video Bible Institute classes are beginning in the mountain works, the Daughters of the King meetings are going forward and growing, a church building is to be built in San Lorenzo next year, they have begun ladies meetings in the church in Ojo de Agua, and our pastors and leaders are on fire after the training conference in Danli! GOD IS FAITHFUL AND GOOD!
I covet your continued prayers as we continue to deal with all the decisions and legal hassles that still must be made and taken care of. Right now, I also need prayers concerning the care my mother, her health, and the health of Mike’s parents.
I could not get through any of this without your prayers and support! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! And a big “Thank You!” goes to Brandon, Pastor Smith, Bro. Jason Tate and Bro. Hotir for being with me through everything in Honduras! God bless you all!
For the King,
Debbie Lane

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Missionary Update 02/01/2016

My Dear Friends and Co-Laborers in Christ,

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is over and we are now beginning 2016. As we look at the world around us it’s hard not to feel anxious. But the Father tells us: “be not terrified”, “be not troubled”, for “these things must first come to pass” before He returns for His children. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if THIS would be the year of our Savior’s return! It very well could be! But whether He returns to take us home this year or not, one thing is certain. Time is short and whatever we are going to do for Christ must be done now!
I have stayed busy, doing what I can in the church in Washington. This last month was spent helping to ready things to open the Biblical Heritage Exhibit for the church’s annual Preacher’s Delight Conference with Dr. David Gibbs, Dr. Johnny Pope, and Dr. Paul Chappell. What a blessing and encouragement that was!
The day following the conference, I flew to Texas. I will be taking care of some of the business that must be done following Mike’s death, as well as spending some time with my mother who has been recuperating from a cracked hip, and visiting some of our supporting churches in the surrounding area. The plan is to stay a couple of months and then fly to Honduras. There, I will meet up with my son, Brandon, and a small team from Faith Baptist. Following the pastors’ conference in Honduras and the mission team’s return to the States, my son and I will go to La Esperanza and mine and Mike’s home. It will be such a joy to see our dear people again! But I also know it will be a difficult and emotional time. My prayer is that during our time there, God will make His perfect plan known to me clearly. I and my family covet your prayers for this trip.
I continue to hear from our precious people in Honduras regularly. Satan fights, but God is faithful and our people are marching forward into battle, wielding their “Swords” as they go.
Thanks to fellow missionaries Samuel and Julie Hodges and their wonderful team, the Christian Youth Leadership Conference went on without Mike and I. They reported that more than 20 teens made some serious decisions for the Lord. Two of those teens will be beginning Bible Institute classes in the fall. How I praise God for what He is doing!
Hotir continues to stay extremely busy in the Lord’s work in La Esperanza, as well as the mountain works and other areas of the country. Before his death, Mike had discussed with Hotir his desire to start training the Lenca leaders with Bible training by videos. This would be possible now that the church in Ojo de Agua (usually) has electricity, even though the majority of the people do not. So, this next month, he plans to begin regular trips to the Lenca works to facilitate the Video Bible Institute. In the month of January, Hotir also reported that four more have accepted Christ. Two of our precious young women are now teaching my Sunday School classes, and the women’s ministry and monthly Daughters of the King meetings are faithfully continuing. And, if I am not mistaken, it is this week that he has made the four hour trip to Danli where missionary Jason Tate is located. He will be using Mike’s equipment to dig a water well for the Bible Institute that Bro. Tate is building in Danli. Once again, I extend my deepest gratitude for your continued support for the work in Honduras. There is absolutely no way that any of this could be accomplished without your mission dollars!
I cannot convey to you how much your continued prayers, support, and your cards and letters of encouragement has meant to my children and I. God has surrounded me with His strength and has continually shown me His love… and the majority of the time it has all been made known through His people… my dear family in Christ… YOU! Thank you all! May God bless you all and MARANATHA!

For the King until He returns,
Debbie Lane

Missionary Update 09/23/2015

Dear Friends and Co-workers in the Lord,

Words could never express what is in my heart. The out pouring of your love, prayers and generosity toward me and my family has truly been overwhelming! If anything, or anyone could soften the shock and the blow of Mike’s sudden passing, your prayers and your kindnesses have done so. My husband would have been so surprised at the outpouring of love that has come from so many around the world!

We have endeavored to send notes of our appreciation to everyone. My daughter, daughter-in-law and I have tried to work together to accomplish that. There were just far too many for one person to do alone. If somewhere in the confusion and the shuffle of responsibilities, names and many addresses you do not receive an acknowledgment of your kindness toward us, I pray that you will forgive us and know that it was certainly not an intentional oversight. We have prayed God would help us not to leave a single person out and that He would bless and repay each and every one of you in such a way as we could never do.

I know that many of you have countless questions and are wondering about my future plans and about what is going on with the the work in Honduras. So, this will not be a “normal” prayer letter. It will be much longer than the usual ‘one page’ because I am going to do my best to answer as many of your questions as possible at this time.

First: Presently, I am staying with my son, Brandon, and his family in Tacoma, Washington. He has been invaluable as far as the handling of things of which I have absolutely no understanding… things that his dad had always handled. He and my other three godly children (I’m including my two children’s spouses in that number) have been working together to help handle the numerous details, legalities and paperwork. What a blessing to know that I can trust their every move because, like their dad, they are asking God’s leading in every decision they make. Presently, we are still awaiting the official death certificates from the American Embassy and the Honduran Consulate. When those finally arrive, then the work will really begin.

At that time, we will return to Texas to take care of and finalize some things. Then probably after the first of the year, my sons will return with me to Honduras to, not only take care of property settlements, and all of the numerous legalities, etc., but also to help go through and sort Mike’s belongings.

Mike and I owned no property at all in the States since our plan was to live out our days in Honduras. But now, my children feel that I need a place to call “home” (or at least, “home base”) here in the U.S. Naturally, they want me to have a place close to one of them in case of illness, or I need help in anyway. As I write this, I hear the sound of hammers and saws as Brandon, Pastor Smith (of Faith Baptist, where my husband was pastor many years ago) and some of the dear people of that church are busy converting my son’s garage into a small apartment for me. (As I said earlier, the outpouring of love and God’s provision has been overwhelming.)

So, for now, any written correspondence sent to the Mission Office address will continue to be forwarded to me twice a month. Or, if you wish, I can be reached in care of my son’s address at 3106 54th Ave. NE, Tacoma, WA, 98422. My stateside number remains the same: (253) 709 - 2920.

As far as my finances, as I have said many times over, I really am not concerned or worried. And I mean that! God has always provided for our needs, and I have no reason to believe that He will forsake me now.

Concerning your questions about the work in Honduras, Hotir contacted me and told me that this Sunday (September 27) there will be a memorial service held at New Hope Baptist, our main church in La Esperanza. He is expecting several to come from other areas of Honduras, as well as all those from our mountain works among the Lenca. I asked if I might send a letter to be read at that time. So, I hope you will not mind if I just copy a portion of that letter, as it explains a lot. Also, I want you to know the names of those who especially need your prayerful support.

Below are portions of that latter:

“ I carry you in my heart always and you are all continually in my prayers. Hardly an hour passes, that I do not think about you and whisper a prayer on your behalf. I am not the only one who prays for you, but many of our friends and co-workers around the world, have written or called and assured me of their prayers, not only for me, but also for those of you in Honduras, that you might continue the work that Jesus Christ has started among you.

For it is God’s work… and His alone. My dear husband was just a tool in His Master’s hand. His heart’s desire was that you not follow him, a mere man, but that you follow Christ alone. Mike wanted for you to not believe what he said to you, but rather for you to know God’s Word and believe what GOD was saying to you. Not to believe only, but to obey His Word and to trust in His promises!” …

… “A few of you knew that I had been concerned about my husband’s health because he was so very tired all the time. I had shared that concern with some of you and asked you to pray for him. What I did not tell you (because I think I was afraid to say it out loud) was that I had a feeling that God was preparing us for something, some great change of some kind.

I felt this way because it was easy to see that God was raising up those who could easily take our place. Sometimes I didn’t want to see it, because I was afraid that if we were no longer needed, that God would then send us someplace else. I didn’t WANT to go someplace else… EVER! But Mike would often remind me that our purpose was to teach and train leaders and to “work ourselves out of a job”.

And so…

We listened and marveled when we would hear Hotir preach and teach with such passion, burden and godly wisdom. We often talked about how his discernment, leadership ability, decision making and spiritual maturity was so much more than a young man of only 28 years old. Because he had been so painfully shy as a boy, we had no doubt that this was God’s doing! That this was God working through Hotir, and it was Hotir allowing God to work through him. We cannot discern God’s calling for someone else, but it was Mike’s hope and prayer that someday Hotir might be the pastor at Nueva Esperanza. (Note: Hotir was Mike’s assistant pastor at New Hope Baptist in La Esperanza. He also traveled and helped in every single outreach endeavor and work we had.)

For the last several years, Salvador and Obdulio have proven steadfast and faithful in Word and deed, and we have witnessed such growth in their spiritual maturity and godly wisdom.

Salvador, with such a sweet spirit, always teachable, always pliable, always willing to do anything and everything for his Lord and Savior, Jesus. Salvador who, no matter the weather - rain or shine, mud or dust, cold or hot, ride or no ride - and even through threats and danger at times - faithfully makes the trip to Zapatillo every Sunday to preach the Gospel to his family and community. Dear Salvador, not very big physically, but a spiritual giant among men.

And then there is Obdulio, who has been so gifted by God with many talents and abilities and has such a tender heart. Mike describe Obdulio in this way, “Obdulio is tender to the touch and call of God, yet he also has the heart of the Lion (he was speaking of the Lion of Judah). He has the heart of a lion because he sees the world and other countries with the burden of a missionary, and I believe he will someday go as a missionary. However, if he is not careful, his greatest strengths will also be his downfall. We must really pray for him.” He said this because, through the years, we have seen so many with ‘natural abilities’ that begin to rely on their own strength instead of on God… and then they become useless failures.

Because of their love for God and their faithfulness, we never worried about things when we were gone and these three young men were left in charge. I pray that you will all uphold them in your prayers and help them in the work” …

… “Another reason I felt that God was moving and planning something was, because for the first time ever, we no longer needed to make that difficult trip to San Francisco de Opalaca (the Lenca works) every Sunday.

When we first began to work and teach among the Lenca communities, others told us that we were wasting our time, that the people would never accept us, or the truth of God’s Word. They told us that they would never turn their back on their traditions and the Catholic church. But we knew that God had told us to go! He had given us such a great love for you and your people. And we went! And we determined that we would faithfully continue to go until God told us otherwise.

And look how GOD has blessed! HE opened doors and that no man could open! More importantly, HE opened many hearts to receive God’s Word and God’s salvation! HE opened the doors and made it possible to have Bible believing churches in your communities… in areas where we had been threatened and warned to never return! But we were never afraid, because HE, God Almighty, had given us our marching orders and we knew that HE would protect us! HE did what other people said was impossible! And you, my precious brothers and sisters in the Lord, not only opened your hearts to the Truth of God’s Word, you also opened your hearts to Mike and I. We love you so!

And now, God has also placed godly leadership in each of your areas. Men that Mike trusted and could rely on to do their best to carry on and be faithful.

Santos and Soltero and their precious families in Naranjitos, who have remained so faithful through through the years, sometimes during very difficult situations.

Silverio and his sweet little wife, Engenia, in San Lorenzo. How faithful this dear couple has been for years, many times faithfully standing alone, even when family turned away. But now, God has blessed them with a son who feels God’s call upon his life and they are looking forward to having a church building built next year!

And then (in Ojo de Agua) there is the mighty warrior, Cecilio, his precious wife, Belinda, and their amazing children! His love for Christ and burden for the lost reminds me so much of my husband who HAD to preach to be happy!

And so this year, instead of weekly trips, we took monthly trips to teach and encourage you in the Lord. We so missed seeing everyone on a weekly basis but, about the time our old vehicles were worn out (and our old bodies, too), God began giving you the burden that we had carried for so long. The burden to teach others what God Himself says in His Word, to show them that the traditions of men and religion was not the way to Heaven, and to give them the blessed hope that Jesus Christ alone can give. He was SO VERY PROUD OF EACH OF YOU! “ …

…”I think Mike knew God was moving and planning something, too. It was like, all of a sudden, he felt a great urgency to finish so many things that had been started, to make sure that all was in a good place.

I honestly thought that we would go back to the U.S. for his cancer checkup and the doctor would tell us that his cancer had spread throughout his body and that was why he was so tired all of the time. I couldn’t stand the thought of watching him suffer through a long, agonizing death.

But instead, God was merciful. Mike died doing what he loved doing, preaching and telling others about Christ’s great love and how they could KNOW that they were going to Heaven. He went to sleep Sunday night, and he woke up Monday morning in Heaven… the only place he loved more than Honduras. He woke up and looked into the face of the One he loved supremely… the One he had spent his life serving… Jesus Himself! Not a bad way to go!

Mike’s last message, the Sunday night before he died, was basically a challenge to Christians. It was basically: It’s time to grow up. It’s time to learn to walk on your own two feet. It’s time to quit just being “sponges”, taking everything in but never giving out. It’s time to quit relying on the missionary, the pastor, the “gringo” to take care of everything. It’s time to quit giving God just your “lip service” and time for God to see some “action” with your words. He said, “Brothers, grow up! Find your place in God’s service, take responsibility and start doing something for God.” And then he asked for those who were willing to follow God, to take that “next step” and and say “Yes” to whatever God might want or ask of them, to come forward and stand with him at the front. And, even though I was already doing everything I knew to do, God touched my heart that night. I felt that there was some “next step” that God was calling me to take… and I was the very first to step out and stand next to my husband. I prayed as I stood there that night. I prayed something like this, “Okay, Lord. Whatever it is you want of me… it’s yours. I love you. I trust you. Whatever you are asking of me, if you promise to be with me, I’m ready. I’m 100% yours.”

Little did I know what God’s “next step” for me would be… what the cost would be. Little did I know that that “next step” would be taken without the love of my life… the man that I had followed and worked beside for more than 43 years.

But, I meant what I said that night! And I still mean it! I still love Him and trust Him! He has never left me nor forsaken me. And through all of this, which has been a pain deeper than I have ever known, His love and care and presence has been even deeper!

When we were getting ready for bed that last night, I told Mike what a good message it was and how it touched me. He said, “You know, I had a completely different message prepared! I don’t know why all of that came out of my mouth!”. I told him that I knew why. That, as always when he preached, it was because he was allowing God to speak through him.

Mike didn’t know and I didn’t know, but God knew that would be his last message to us! God was preparing ALL of us for Mike’s departure!

Then, as we crawled into bed, he told me about some new community up in the mountains that he had heard about that, as far as he knew, had never heard the Gospel of Christ. He said, “Debi, please pray with me that God will give me the strength and energy to go there so they can hear the truth of God’s plan of salvation for them.”

Now, he will never get to tell them. Since Mike cannot go, who will? Will you? Or will you leave it for someone else to do? What if YOU are the one God appointed to go and tell them? Will they ever hear? Or will they die in their sin and spend eternity in hell? This question haunts me.

My husband was just an ordinary person… just like me and each of you. He loved God and he loved you. He loved your country and countrymen. He literally wore himself out trying to reach YOUR people for Christ! And he did it gladly! And I’m proud of him for doing it. But, as he said in his last message, it’s time for each of us to do our part.

I don’t know what God’s plan is for me yet. All I do know, is that I long to see you and be with you. But to be honest, right now I cannot think clearly nor function very well. I need to be with my children. I need to be with my son. There are many details and a lot of paperwork that still must to be taken care of here that I don’t understand. And there is even more to be taken care of in Honduras.

At this time, I do not know if God will allow me to stay there and work, or if He has other plans for me. But when the time is right, He will let me know His plans for this “next step” in my life. Right now, I’m not even sure when I will be free to return to Honduras. But, I will return to you. And when I come, whether it is to stay or pack up and leave, my son and my son-in-law will come with me to help with everything.

In the mean time, as we wait for God’s leadership, I pray that you will live Ephesians 6:10-11 “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”

Remember, you are royalty! You are children of the King of Kings! Hold your heads high, obey His Word and be faithful followers of your Father the King. And may our lives never bring shame to holy His name.

I love you all! PLEASE KNOW THAT! You are ALWAYS in my prayers! God is good! God is faithful! And He is ALWAYS in control!”

I pray that you will forgive the length of this communication, but I hope that this helps to answer many of your concerns and questions. As God reveals His perfect will to me, I will share it with you all.

I and my family (both here and in Honduras) covet your continued prayers on our behalf.

May our Father bless you all! Maranatha!

With much love and gratitude,

Debbie Lane
Missionary to Honduras

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