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Paul & Jenette Conner

Missionary Information

Name: Paul Conner
Age: 36

Spouse: Jenette Conner
Age: 36

Child: Maximus Conner
Age: 10

Child: Myles Conner
Age: 7

Child: Owen Conner
Age: 5

Mission Field: Canada

Years of Service: 5

Home Church: Greater Vancouver Baptist Church
Vancouver, British Columbia

Missions Agency:

Our Missionary for 5 years


Missionary Update 09/02/2016

Dear Praying Friends,
We would like to begin by thanking each of you for your prayers and support for our family these past few
months. This Summer has been an incredibly busy and challenging season as God continues to mature and
teach our family and His church here in Vancouver. We are thankful that we
have seen one young girl saved recently. She is the daughter of the lady who
accepted Christ in the Spring. Please pray for her as she is now growing in
Christ and learning how to be a witness to others as well.
In June, we had the opportunity to be involved in a teen camp in Washington
state. Paul was the main speaker for the week, and Jenette was also able to
speak to the girls during a morning session. We are thankful that 12
teenagers accepted Christ that week, and amazed
to see God call several young people to serve Him
the ministry.
One of the highlights this season has been how
God used our community outreach BBQ to share God’s love to our
neighbourhood. Even though the day began with some heavy rain, we saw the
skies clear and by our start time the neighbourhood began to arrive in a unique
way. We really give God the praise that we saw over 450 people from the
community attend this outreach event. Over and
over we were able to have meaningful, connecting
conversations with families and singles from the
community. During the event, we were able to give out 300 personal
invitations to our service the next day. God certainly blessed with 20 first
time guests for the next Sunday’s service.
Although not everyone we connect with is open towards the idea of a new
church in the area, we are thankful that many people are receptive and even
thankful for the effort that our church family is making to magnify Jesus in
our community through these outreach events and our regular weekly
connections in the community.
The Conner Family / Summer 2016
Joe & Sammi were reached through
the BBQ last year, now serving!
Community Outreach BBQ with
over 450 from the neighbourhood.
City Baptist volunteer workers for
the outreach event.
For the last two weeks in July, our family was once again privileged to
serve at Camp YES! Both Paul and Jenette were blessed to serve in
leadership roles during the weeks of camp. It was a blessing to see several
saved, as well as many decisions made for Christ through the preaching
services. We are so thankful for God providing the money for our sending
church to purchase the camp ground, and we are looking to many years
ahead of God working in the lives of Canadian young people.
In the week following camp, we once again had an opportunity to serve
our community through a water street outreach event. We were able to
give out several hundred waters, along with church invitations in just a short time. We are thankful that
we have had one lady be faithful to church every week since that outreach.
This August has been busy in preparation for the
coming Fall season, as well as a time for some rest
with our family. On August 24th, Linla and Linda
headed back to WCBC for their final year, please pray
for them as they are seeking God’s will once they
complete their studies.
The Summer has been busy with outreach,
discipleship, and weekly ministry, and we are thankful
for the advances we have seen, and the lessons that
we have learned. We are still amazed that God would
choose to use us in this incredibly needy city. Please continue to pray for our family,
City Baptist, and those we have connected with in the community throughout this
Summer. Our desire is that God would continue open more doors for us to see souls
saved, and Christians growing in Christ.
Your Friends,
Paul & Jenette Conner
Maximus, Myles & Owen

Missionary Update 10/02/2015

Dear Praying Friends,
Our family would like to thank each of you for your prayers and financial
support for our family and City Baptist Church. The past several months
have been full of ministry and outreach opportunities for this new church
plant, and we are thankful to say that God has been working and adding to
His church. This Summer and early Fall we have been consistently seeing
fruit for our outreach efforts in our community, and we are thankful to see
our weekly attendance averaging in the high 30’s as well as reaching into the
40’s on a much more consistent basis. We are just now beginning to see
some community recognition of our church, and we are seeing more and
more guests in our Sunday services. It has been a blessing to see God bring
us new people in almost every service, and we are working hard to follow up
and visit each guest He sends to City Baptist.
Alongside all of the outreach that we have been involved in this summer, our church family was privileged
to host a Community BBQ at a local park. For months we advertised in the neighbourhood, invited
business owners, neighbours, and any connection we could for this event. We had many work meetings in
preparation for it, and we mailed an invitation though the postal service to every home in our community.
We were prepared, and we were ready for God to bless on August 29th, as well, we had a special
community Sunday planned for the 30th. To be honest, we felt ready, however, God had other plans. After
an incredibly dry summer, the city of Vancouver experienced the worst storm of the
year, complete with major downpours and extremely high winds. After a lot of
prayer and counsel, we contacted the city, and they allowed us to move our permit,
and bookings to the next Saturday. At that time, we were really unsure of what to
expect, since much of the momentum for the event was centred around our online
and mailed out invitations. It was a week full of inner turmoil and anxiety.
Well, September 5th arrived with a blue sky and God showing up in a big way.
Despite our concerns and nervousness, we were blessed to see an incredible
showing from the community for our event. To best of our estimations we had at
least 300 people from the neighbourhood, and possibly even more than 350. God
The Conner Family / September 2015
A recent service at City Baptist with
47 in attendance.
Community BBQ on
September 5th.
blessed us with many opportunities to connect with families in our
community, and we heard countless comments of gratitude for the event, and
interest in City Baptist.
Because of all the schedule changes from the weather, we made the decision
to combine our community Sunday with our one year anniversary service on
Sunday the 6th of September. It was exciting to see as God brought 21 guests
from the community, most of them walking in to join with us for the service.
Since that Sunday, we have seen many return, and continue to be faithful for
the last few weeks. Please keep these new attendees in your prayers as we
continue to follow up with them, as several are still not saved, and are
searching for answers. It was a busy and slightly chaotic few weeks, but
through it all we learned that ultimately God is the one in control, and
everything happens according to His plan and purpose. We are just thankful to
be a part of what He is doing here in Vancouver.
We would also ask that you continue to pray for the renovation project in the
basement of the studio we are renting. As of our last letter we had the approval to
move forward with the project, however, in late June, after beginning work, we
received a “stop work” phone call from the owner of the building. To make a long story
short, there was a particular board member within the society that was adamant
about limiting and even removing our church from the building. After months of
praying, waiting and meeting with the board, we were happy to finally receive the
approval to move forward with the renovation.
Over the last 3 weeks we have moved quickly into this project, and we are grateful for
our church family and local churches who have gotten behind this project in so many
ways. We are looking forward to it’s completion in October, almost every week kids
from our children’s ministry ask me if it is “done yet” so they can move their class
there. Please pray with us that God would provide the resources and workers
necessary to complete this project, allowing us to expand our capacity for reaching
people in our community.
The last few months have been some of the most trying, while at the same time, they have been the most
rewarding. We are so thankful to each of you who pray and give towards what God is doing here in
Vancouver. Please know that your generosity and sacrifice are not in vain, God is using you to be a part of
something great in the city of Vancouver.
Your Friends,
Paul & Jenette Conner
Maximus, Myles & Owen
sent by:
Greater Vancouver Baptist Church
Pastor Gordon Conner
4440 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC V5N 4N6 @reachvancouver
Conner family on the one year
anniversary of City Baptist.
Moving forward on the
basement renovation project.

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