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Phil & Mary Gagnon

Missionary Information

Name: Phil Gagnon
Age: 81

Spouse: Mary Gagnon
Age: 81

Mission Field: Honduras

Years of Service: 55

Home Church: Grace Baptist Church
Fort Worth, Texas

Missions Agency: World Baptist Fellowship Missions
Arlington, Texas

Our Missionary for 54 years


Missionary Update 03/20/2023


At the doctor’s office a nurse accepted Christ. Pray Sherese allows the Holy Spirit to lead her and her two girls to attend our church.


Eighteen-year-old Michael Price accompanied me to Honduras last March. Recently he prayed and wept at the altar from 6:30 until the service ended at 8:30. He then testified of having surrendered to preach.

                                             GAGNON GLOBAL MINISTRIES

Church Development & Leadership Training

Full-Time Missionary Service since 1968

Bright Spot Baptist Church; Monroe, NC; W.B.F. Mission Agency; Arlington, Texas

Address: 6406 Landsford Road: Marshville, NC

 Cell Phone: 704-681-2610; E-mail:

March 2023 Report



The seminary’s second year attendance in the second quarter increased to 64 students from 7 countries, including15 new students. A $1,500.00 offering from our home church covers over two years of studies for 7 newly enrolled financially impoverished Venezuelan students.

Special offerings help poor students receive scholarships; many are pastors. Support is also needed to cover our low monthly expenses.


There is a strong desire among Latino believers to know the Bible. The internet is a present-day means to train a strong army. “The beginning of sorrows” dampens missionary zeal, but foreign nationals with strong Independent Baptist beliefs assure their churches continuity.


Pastor Fernando Montt shared that that Victoria has begun their second church in Rockingham, NC. It started with a family’s salvation. Instead of driving two-hours, the church will be close to their homes.

Decades ago, the Lord said to let the nationals begin the churches. The hardest part of developing a church is having a capable pastor. The churches multiply as each begins with a seminary taught man.

The new church in Chokoalquín, Honduras, will soon have a roof on their rustic building. Next is a latrine, and later a cement floor.


Your prayers enabled our very sick daughter-in-law, Jane, to recover and leave the hospital after seven days. Your prayers will also result in our seminaries ministries exponential expansion in Argentina.

Missionary Update 12/12/2022

December 2022 Report

Because of my July trip to Honduras, it was revealed that the founding pastor of Iglesia Bautista Nuevo Edén in La Esperanza is under satanic influence. For years he has swindled individuals and even taken money given for the ministry. Jesus, Paul and John had similar problems with Judas, Dimas and Diotrephes respectively.

After the missionaries departed, the church accepted responsibility for the camp. Under the ex-pastor, it was neglected as he took the funds earned for its upkeep. Upon his dismissal an orderly system was established. You enabled us to send $1,000.00 to help make some of the camp’s needed repairs.

His attempt to sell some of the camp’s property was stopped by the Mission we helped them establish. Funds from of property sales can only be used for other properties.

The church under its interim pastor, fellow member Michael Sorto, is moving forward. Pray their faithfulness overcomes the bad testimony in the community, and keeps it from getting worse.

Jorge and Julie Buitrago emigrated from Columbia to begin a Hispanic church in the Charlotte area. He was one of the advanced students in my seminary class. Their limited income cannot be supplemented by a job because of his religious visa. Pray for this missionary family of four that is the fruit of seeds planted by American missionaries.

Due to our national leadership’s perverted philosophies, even friendly nations are beginning to make it more difficult for Christian missionaries to obtain resident visas. The other way to hinder the Gospel is to require pastors have an accredited degree, as was attempted in Honduras. For that reason, Carlos Sevillano contacted me from Iquitos, Peru, about requirements to receive accredited degrees from our seminary. Their four professors and twenty students need to have their studies officially recognized.

The Christmas holiday testifies to the world that God’s Son was born. We must tell its nine billion people that he came to save sinners. As you pray our ministry to the 500 million Spanish speakers will produce conversions and more new churches in 2023.




Missionary Update 10/20/2022


Missionary Update 08/18/2022


Missionary Update 06/16/2022


Missionary Update 06/09/2022

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