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Phil & Mary Gagnon

Missionary Information

Name: Phil Gagnon
Age: 77

Spouse: Mary Gagnon
Age: 77

Mission Field: Honduras

Years of Service: 51

Home Church: Grace Baptist Church
Fort Worth, Texas

Missions Agency: World Baptist Fellowship Missions
Arlington, Texas

Our Missionary for 24 years


Missionary Update 03/20/2017

Tom Bott introduced himself to Mary as she was working in the yard. In a subsequent visit our Roman Catholic neighbor said he was raised in Pennsylvania. My Bostonian Catholic background gave us an immediate bond. It was a joy shortly thereafter to lead him to Christ during the invitation at church. He later texted, “Your persistence changed my life. Thank you so very much, Phil.” Pray for his spiritual growth.
After many months, another neighbor, Ryan Collins, finally attended a service. The next day he sent a text, “I really enjoyed the service. Thank you for inviting me. I will be coming back.” Pray for him and his young family to become faithful.
Paul Godoy immigrated to Mexico from Peru to marry his Mexican fiancée. In spite of costly health and legal problems, and a low paying 72 hour work-week, he began a church. He is initiating seminary classes for five of the twelve who attend services. The pastor will also study for an accredited degree. A sincere saint serves sacrificially.
The growing congregation in Yamaranguila now meets under a tarp. They anticipate miraculous provisions for the construction of a building on their own property.
Equipment was arranged for me to speak via Skype to twenty men, mostly pastors, in their central Honduran bi-monthly meeting held in Grace Baptist Church. I rejoiced in three churches reporting 14 baptisms, confirming their steadfast zeal for winning the lost.
The Holy Spirit continues to bless the church that we began in Reparto on June 19, 1971. Under Marlon Raudales’ leadership Grace Baptist’s light continues to shine in a sin darkened world.

Missionary Update 02/17/2017

To our faithful prayer partners,

For a special Sunday service three individuals that we as a family separately invited attended the service. One was a Roman Catholic from PA. I related being an ex-Roman Catholic from MA. Tom went forward for salvation, and his girlfriend responded to rededicate her life to Christ. He later expressed gratitude for my persistence saying, "You changed my life." My gratitude was tempered with the knowledge that growth will show him that Jesus changed his life. Amen.

The third man, Ryan, said he enjoyed the service and will return. He has been out of church for at least six months.

We know that through the prayers of God's people they will become faithful in God's house.

Paulino Sanchez most recent tests showed he does not have Chagas. The doctor said that parasite kills quickly. It makes one wonder why they were waiting so long to provide the medicine he supposedly needed.

The recent conclusion is his heart problem is due to the sleep apnea and the problem in his lungs is because of smoke. Almost all his life he has inhaled smoke from their wood burning cook stove. A third problem is with his thyroid. In spite of a very strict vegetable diet he has gained a lot of weight. The doctor has ordered a test to determine how to treat the problem.

Tomorrow I am going to have a video contact with the men as they gather for a pastors' meeting and lunch in Reparto. The Lord has not given me liberty to travel to Honduras, but put in my heart this idea. It could become something that we will be able to do more frequently.

Thanks to your prayers God always miraculously provides for every need.

Phil & Mary

Missionary Update 02/10/2017

Our first church in Honduras is facing a serious problem . The previous pastor did not fulfill out the government's requirements about their finances. They could be charged $1,500.00 and have their incorporation status revoked. That would mean they could not legally function as a church. The church plans to use those funds to begin construction for the new mission in Villa Claudia.

Pastor Paulino Sanchez is waiting for the government to supply the only medicine available to treat the Chagas parasite. It is affecting his heart and lungs and requires him to purchase expensive medicine for the pain when the money is available.

Also pray for Rosa. She is one of the charter members of our first church. She is undergoing tests for what may be cancer.

The Hispanic church in Kannapolis, NC, where I teach seminary classes, only had one soul saved in 2017. They ask you to pray for them to have a revival.

The book about the ministry in Honduras is very close to being finished. The many obstacles placed in the way by our adversary assures us that it will be very fruitful.

Prayers pray for these needs that we might continue having victories for the glory of our blessed Lord and Savior.

Servants of King Jesus,
Phil & Mary

Missionary Update 12/27/2016

Global Outreach: Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary and Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN) have greatly extended our outreach. The following messages sent via Facebook are your eternal fruit:
Pastor Victor Manuel Cu Panti from Hopelchen, Chiapas, Mexico wrote: Esteemed Bro. Phil, it was a blessing to study the Spiritual Leadership course you taught on DVD. Because of your participation we will soon graduate our first generation of students.
Pastor Rodolfo Vargas in Tigo María, Peru, added: His teaching on that subject was excellent. We are also studying Old Testament Survey, a course that I am teaching.
Moisés Rodríguez commented: “I study with Bro. Phil in Wingate, NC.”
Aldo Sarochar wrote from Buenos Aires, Argentina, “I listen to the radio program on BBN. It is my desire to study God’s Word. Believing that God is calling me to preach I have spoken to the church leaders.” Pray such contacts result in more pastors beginning classes.
Some of the seminary’s 143 extensions and 546 institutes in 37 different countries are the result of our ministry. The latter use the teaching materials without receiving accredited diplomas. The enrollment in 2014 of 1118 increased to 1392 in 2015.
Health Need: Pastor Paulino Sanchez was rushed by ambulance to the hospital in Tegucigalpa. He was erroneously diagnosed as having suffered two heart attacks, but tests showed he has Chagas. That life threatening tropical disease caused by a parasite is affecting his heart and lungs. Pray for him.
Book Progress: Recent hindrances described by co-author Meladee Smith illustrate the constant satanic opposition to the book about our ministry. “Confusion and sleepiness until putting the book down to rest, and then would suddenly be wide awake. The manuscript file disappeared twice off my desktop. Tonight it took 30 minutes to send the book to Linda for proof reading. Her problems included a mysteri-ous swollen eye precisely when she sat down to work on the book. Her computer freezing before saving her night’s work required doing it all over again. Saved files would simply disappear from her hard drive. As you well understand, facing spiritual oppression often hinders progress, but we trudge on through whatever God allows into our pathway and praise Him as we deal with the details.”
Conversions: As a result of speaking to a little girl at a restaurant the door opened to lead her 80 year old Mexican grandmother to Christ. According to doña Nico’s son-in-law, she suffers from Alz-heimer’s disease. The chance encounter in her lucid state was definitely led of the Holy Spirit. At the invi-tation to a message I preached in a Hispanic church two adults were saved.
Property Purchases: The mission in Villa Claudia, located forty minutes from the capitol, is spon-sored by the church in Reparto. The church in La Esperanza sponsors the mission in Yamaranguila, a farming town twenty minutes from that city. God blessed as property was purchased for both. Never be-fore have two properties been acquired within a one month period. The same Omnipotent God will pro-vide for each congregation to construct a chapel and Sunday school rooms.
Divine Testimonies: Christmas tells the unbelieving world that God became man, just as Israel in the Holy Land testifies that Jehovah keeps his word. The miraculous election results that preserved our freedoms confirms the door remains open to reach the nations. As we submit to the Holy Spirit leadership a rich harvest of souls will be reaped for King Jesus in 2017.

Missionary Update 09/12/2016

Upon surrendering to reach Honduras our main burden became Spanish speakers. Since returning to the States our evangelistic efforts finally produced American converts when two neighbors accepted the Lord in their front yard. May God grant us even more converts in both Spanish and English.
Pastor Rodolfo Vargas wrote from Tingo María, Peru: “This next semester our seminary program will again have four two-hour courses three nights a week. The students have learned to use tracts while sharing their testimony in the Personal Evangelism class.
After our church anniversary on September 8-11 we will begin a new work in the community of Naranjillo. The students will evangelize and preach the Word of God. One course was your DVD lessons on Biblical Leadership.”
Pastor Rodolfo is burdened to help pastors acquire an accredited Bible degree. He recently flew one hour to teach a seminar to 30 men. The 6 pastors in attendance are being counseled about beginning classes in their churches.
The D.V.B.S. in Ojojona harvested the souls of 22 children. In a subsequent service 4 believers were baptized and added to the church.
The outreach of the church in Valle de Angeles is growing. There are 30 attending the new work in rural Carmelo. Bright Spot Baptist Church in Monroe, NC, added $6,500.00 to purchase property for the new mission in Villa Claudia.
A down payment has secured the property for the new mission in Yamaranguila. Pray God provides $6,000.00 to finish paying for the land. They will then begin construction.
This semester I will teach the Pauline Epistles in Wingate, and Ecclesiology in Kannapolis. The total of ten students is a microcosm of the hundreds of students who are studying in the local church extensions located in eight countries.
Praise and prayer needs: In Chiapas, Mexico, Pastor Victor Cu Panti’s 6 students finished their fourth semester. Different obstacles have hindered Christian Diaz Gonzales in Rancagua, Chile, and David Garcia in Monterrey, Mexico, from beginning their classes.
Hundreds of millions of urban and rural communities need a Bible preaching Baptist Church. The nationals are cutting that number by two in Honduras and one in Peru.

Missionary Update 04/25/2016


Missionary Update 02/19/2016


Missionary Update 11/16/2015


Missionary Update 10/19/2015

God blessed the trip to Merida, Mexico. Three pastors signed up to begin classes in their churches. 40 signed up as students. When they have earned the required nine seminary credits all who have previous studies will be accepted towards an accredited degree.

The Spirit blessed the lesson on demons. Three pastors also shared their experiences, stating that the subject needed to be presented more often in their churches.

The mission president invited me to return to their trimester meeting that as many as 90 pastors and workers will attend. The purpose will be to again share about the seminary. I will also explain Faith Promise mission giving and the benefits of a faith based mission agency. The following Friday through Sunday I will preach the first mission conference between two churches. It is my prayer that this will plant the seed for a much greater mission outreach.

Paulino Sanchez had a sleep test that showed his brain has periods of 60-90 seconds without oxygen that could explain the severe headaches. The fibromyalgia adds to the pain. Pray for the second test and for the machine that will be needed to provided the needed oxygen through the night. Your prayers have strengthened him. One of the graduates recently began a new work in the nearby town of Yaramanguilla. They plan to rent a building for formal services.

That trip was followed by the WBF Semi-annual Meeting. The Lord miraculously provided the $60,000.00 that will be needed to supplement the Mission's expenses for the next year. Their was a sweet spirit as the church members served the pastors and missionaries in a very unselfish manner.

Among the great messages was a devotion by U.S. Congressman Daniel Webster. He spoke of the believers need to let his light shine in a sin darkened world. That service is especially needed in our nation's capitol. After speaking the host pastor has him sit in a church in front of the pulpit and asked the ministers to lay hands on him as prayer was made for his political service to God and country. This humble saint of God, who teaching a S.S. class in a Baptist church, seeks only to glorify God with his life and talents.

Bro. Webster is running to be the majority leader in the Congress. At his request I am asking you to contact your congressman, telling him/her that you want him/her to vote for Daniel Webster as Majority leader. We need Godly believers in our country's highest offices.

God bless you,
Phil & Mary

Missionary Update 10/02/2015

The generosity of my cousin Yvonne Arbeau provided the funds needed for Pastor Paulino Sanchez' medical tests. Please continue to pray that the cause can be discovered and an effective treatment be prescribed. He has a very busy and effective ministry that needs his service. Also pray for my seminary extension graduate, Michael Sorto, who is carrying the load in his absence.

Also pray for my trip to Mexico this Thursday. The terminal in Mexico City is unnecessarily complicated. They do not put up the gate until the last minutes, so the passenger has to constantly watch the monitor. My last trip when the gate number appeared I immediately rushed to board the plane as one of the last passengers. It bewildered me, that's for sure.

I have never had so much satanic opposition while preparing for any conference like I have for this one. The hose pastor has invited 65 pastors to be introduced to the seminary extension ministry. Lessons will also be taught on Faith Promise Mission giving, plus demonism. In spite of the opposition, we are assured a resounding victory under the shed blood of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ.

On Nov 10 our grandson and his wife, Wayne & Nikki Bratton, will have to be in Italy for him to sign in to his duty station. His younger brother will report for Army basic training on Nov. 9. It will be hard to see them go, but we are thankful for the blessing of the time we have had with them.

There are 9 students in La Iglesia Bautista Emanuel in Kannapolis, NC, and 5 in La Iglesia Bautista Victoria in Wingate. We are seeking the Lord's guidance about beginning a prison ministry with Hispanic inmates under Bright Spot Baptist Church's prison ministry.

Your prayers make our ministry possible.
Phil & Mary

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