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Philip & Debra Sawilowsky

Missionary Information

Name: Philip Sawilowsky
Age: 67

Spouse: Debra Sawilowsky

Child: Michael David Sawilowsky
Age: 44

Child: Rachel Renee Sawilowsky
Age: 42

Mission Field: United States of America

Our Missionary for 7 years


Missionary Update 03/02/2023

Shalom Pastors and Church: 

I apologize for being a little late with February's Prayer Letter.  It has been a hectic and short month. 

First, please pray as this Sunday (March 5), I will preach in the AM hour on the Book of Esther at our home church - Victory Baptist Church, Weatherford, TX.  That evening, the church will celebrate the Feast of Purim as the Pastor's wife - Patti Catuto will do a Dramatic Presentation: Hadassah - The Girl who became Queen Esther.   

The evening service will be a little different as every time she says Mordecai or Esther, I will raise a sign getting the people to cheer and clap as our heroes!  When the name Haman is said, we will have noise makers with Boos and hisses and people stomping their feet (Haman will be on the bottom of their shoes) as we see to stamp out his name!   Haman's evil plan was Satan's plan to kill all Jews, thus thwarting the birth of the Saviour some 450 years later.  Afterward, we will feed 200 people, which is a major job.  

Last Friday (February 24 - 4th Friday of the month), at our Jewish Heritage Night, we taught the biggest discussion of anyone who goes to Israel.  Which location is the correct one where Jesus was crucified and buried?  Was it at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the traditional place since 300 AD.  Or is it at Gordon's Calvary and Garden tomb, as they argue that the Church of the Holy Selphure is in the center of the city, not outside of the wall?  Most guides will say your heart will say one place, and your head will tell you it is the other place.  But is there a third spot?  Well, the answer the video on our website - file #22-23! 

Friday 17 (3rd Friday of the month) was our Zoom class as we taught on the feeding of the 5,000 and John 21 and the Church of Peter's Primacy located at Tabgha.  It is file #33.  This style of teaching is such a fun way to learn our Bible! 

Our classes at Norris Bible Seminary are going is such a blessing, and I enjoy every second of it.  At the same time, getting churches to see Jewish Evangelism and understand their Bible through Jewish eyes is just as important.  So I have the best of both worlds and get to do both!  It does NOT get any better than that!

We will be in Israel in just a few weeks - March 13-24, so please pray for safety and an impactful trip! 

Partakers TOGETHER: "of the root and fatness of the olive tree" 

Philip Sawilowsky - Founder/Director

Olive Tree Ministry - A CHURCH-BASED Independent Baptist Jewish Outreach Ministry


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