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Samuel & Juliana Hutchens

Missionary Information

Name: Samuel Hutchens
Age: 28

Spouse: Juliana Hutchens
Age: 27

Child: Emma Janette Hutchens
Age: 2

Mission Field: New Zealand

Years of Service: 1

Home Church: Lancaster Baptist Church
Lancaster, California

Missions Agency: Baptist International Missions, Inc (BIMI)
Harrison, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 1 years


Missionary Update 09/22/2017


Missionary Update 09/01/2017

Hello everyone!


Here’s a brief in-between-prayer-letters update!


August has been a road month. We’ve done over 5,000 miles since August 1, and have had meetings in KS, OK, TX, MS, TN, KY, & OH. We have a lot of miles in front of us this week as well, as we are making our way to Texas for Wednesday, and then all the way back to Ohio for Sunday (hooray for my scheduling skills!). 


We have hit 83% of our needed support, and plans to leave during the final week of October are starting to become more concrete. We have two major prayer requests to make that happen:


1. Pray the final 17% of our support comes in (approximately 11 more supporting churches).

2. Pray our visas get approved quickly. We’re a little behind on that process due to some unforeseen difficulties on the New Zealand side of things. 


Every day I think about how thankful I am to have prayer and financial partners like all of you! Thank you so much for your support! 


Please let us know if you need anything from us. You will see our next prayer letter on September 15th.


Sam & Juliana Hutchens | Church Planters to Christchurch, New Zealand | Sent by Lancaster Baptist Church | Sent through Baptist International Missions, Inc. | 661.317.1686 |


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