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Tim & Debra Tyler

Missionary Information

Name: Tim Tyler
Age: 60

Spouse: Debra Tyler
Age: 58

Child: Bethany Tyler
Age: 26

Child: Camryn Tyler
Age: 23

Mission Field: Romania

Years of Service: 20

Home Church: Lancaster Baptist Church
Lancaster, California

Missions Agency: Baptist International Missions Inc.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 20 years


Missionary Update 04/04/2023


Missionary Update 08/25/2017


Missionary Update 06/12/2017

Dear ever-patient Prayer Partners,

  I have started to write a prayer letter 3 different times over the past few months, but each time
something would demand my attention and interfere with timely delivery. I
apologize again for such a long delay. 
While I cannot say that I haven't had time to write; the problem has
been with fatigue which hinders concentration.

  We returned to Romania with enthusiasm to begin this new year, and we have been wonderfully
busy in church, college and family responsibilities.  Now that the college school year is over, I
will break down the many aspects of our ministries - both trials and blessings
- and will share some exciting opportunities that are before us.

  January - We began 2017 with the theme: GROWING TOGETHER - 2 Peter 3:17-18. Upon our return
from a 4-month furlough in the States, we found the church in Timisoara in good
condition; and now we desire to build on the unity and spiritual maturity of
our people.  There have been visitors
nearly every week and the Lord is working in lives.  The weather was exceptionally cold this
winter, so many struggled with health and finances; yet our attendance has
stayed up in all services, including mid-week Bible Study.

  The Baptist College International was invited to minister in Germany for a Mission
Conference, so we came together a week before school started to participate and
the Lord worked in hearts for an increase in there vision for world evangelism!

  February - The Spring semester at TBCI began at the first of the month, but without Miss
Charity Shambaugh who is in the States on furlough.  We were gone during the Fall semester this
year; so we knew we needed to pick up the extra slack and to work together to
finish the year well.  Besides the full
load of courses for our students, we also had Dr. Tim Clark teach a modular on
Hebrews.  He was also a blessing to our
church in Timisoara by preaching a series of messages on Revival.  There were also 2 adolescents baptized at the
end of the month.

  March - While we continued laboring for the Lord, we also received some unexpected funds to able
to apply toward the purchase of a new Dacia Sandero Stepway.  This is the first time in our lives that we
have purchased a brand-new car, but the price for this economy car was very reasonable
and we also received about $1000 reduction for already owning a 2005 Dacia
(which was broke-down and sitting in front of our house).  Thank-you for praying for this need.

  April - Pastor & Mrs. Wass from Missouri came to minister for a couple of weeks in our
churches and at the college. They both are in their late 70's, but made the 3
week trip to participate in our Easter services, teach a college modular course
on a Biblical Philosophy of Church Music, and to help our Music Major students
with their Junior Recital (our daughter, Bethany, was one of them).

  May - Last month began with our annual Church Picnic and ended with TBCI graduation ceremonies
and the arrival of 3 West Coast Baptist College Students, who will spend a
total of 6 weeks with us.  The college
year came to a conclusion with the exciting news that our student body will
double next year!  There are several
needs that we have for the college to make preparations for next year,
including finishing the building insulation and roof repairs. Please pray for
these needs!

  NOW - Timisoara Property Update:  The final payment for
our church property was due in May, but we are still waiting on the Lord to
provide about $60,000.  This has been a
journey of faith for the past 3 years, and God has worked in various ways to
supply all the previous payments. NEW OPPORTUNITY: The property next to our
church has come available for sale, and in order to do ANY expansion of our
ministry in Timiosara would require more land for parking and access.  Our church has already begun praying and
giving toward this need, and the owner of the property is willing to wait on us
to come up with $15,000 to make a contract to purchase the property.  Please pray for both of these needs to be
met, while we continue to do our part to reach the lost and disciple believers.

  I need to send this report before another interruption comes, but will send some pictures
and/or video soon.  Thank you for your
faithful prayers and support!

Your servant in Christ,

Tim J. Tyler

Missionary to Romania


Missionary Update 05/20/2016


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