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Names of God Series

History Of The Bible Series

Pastor Smith is teaching a series on "The Wonderful Word of God: The Bible" during the Sunday evening services at Faith Baptist Church. This series will provide an in-depth study on each of the translators whom God used to preserve His Word from the Dark Ages through the present day. We'll learn about the processes they used, the trials they faced, and the impact each of them had on the world. Come join us as we journey through the history of the Bible.

The Wonderful Word of God Lesson 02

The Wonderful Word of God Lesson 01

Other Available Sermon Series

We have provided here a list of different series that have been preached at our church. Please feel free to listen and watch them at your convenience.

Lesson Times

  • Sunday Evening 7pm
Series Starts September 3rd
Downloadable Lesson Notes
Notes for Lesson Two

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