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Adam & Leanne Pearlstein

Missionary Information

Name: Adam Pearlstein
Age: 32

Spouse: Leanne Pearlstein
Age: 33

Child: Austin Pearlstein
Age: 5

Child: Aleia Pearlstein
Age: 3

Mission Field: USA

Years of Service: 2

Home Church: Victory Bible Baptist Church
Irmo, South Carolina

Missions Agency: Victory Bible Baptist Church
Irmo, South Carolina

Our Missionary for 2 years


Missionary Update 09/06/2022

 Dear Pastors and Friends,

As summer is coming to a close, we look back rejoicing on what has been a busy and fulfilling past few months. The month of July was a lot of preparation work, specifically for our VBS. We had 5000 flyers to distribute, Facebook ads, decorations, preparation for the teachers and helpers, and much more. The first week of August, we had our VBS, and were able to reach out to and bring in several new children. We are especially thankful to one of our nearby supporting churches, East Hill Baptist Church, for allowing us to reuse their decorations after they completed their VBS.

One highlight of the week was a young man in the fourth grade who came (who was clearly incredibly well-educated and intelligent), who told his teacher before the very first class that he was an atheist, was coming for the fun and the snacks, but didn’t believe anything that she was going to teach him. She told me this after VBS concluded for the day, and we really started to pray especially for him. Of course, throughout the week, we continued to love him and share the Gospel with him. Wednesday night in our church’s prayer meeting, our whole church prayed for him as well. Thursday, he came up to me during the missionary story, clearly under conviction, and told me that he realized that his way of thinking was wrong, and told me that he knew that he needed to be saved. We stepped out into the lobby; I share the Gospel with him once again, and he trusted Christ as his Savior.

   One week after VBS, we had our revival services from Sunday through Wednesday with Taylor Gillaspie. This was an encouraging and refreshing time after a busy summer where God continued to work to encourage and strengthen our church.

I mentioned this in my last prayer letter, but we are now ready for this to be an official change. We are transitioning the way that we receive support now. We certainly still need the support, but due to tax and income verification issues (such as is necessary for housing), we are now asking that our supporting churches send the support funds to our church here. I have spoken about this and made this plan along with our sending church and pastor, and we both believe that this is the best option. From now on, if you could send support to:

Lighthouse Baptist Church (memo line Pearlstein’s Support)

PO Box 58367

Renton, WA 98058

Laboring Together,

Adam Pearlstein