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Bruce & Sue Rosko

Missionary Information

Name: Bruce Rosko
Age: 61

Spouse: Sue Rosko
Age: 61

Mission Field: South Korea

Years of Service: 27

Home Church: Trinity Baptist Church
Jacksoncille, Florida

Missions Agency: Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples, Inc.
Jacksonville, Florida

Our Missionary for 26 years


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Missionary Update 06/01/2023

Dear Pastor Smith and Fellow Soldiers of the Cross at Faith Baptist Church,                               June 2023

Greetings from South Korea! We are doing well!

Our Sunday school classes for both children and adults are thriving. The Lord provided an adult Sunday school teacher. Please pray for David Beckett who is a pilot in the U.S. Army. It is his first time teaching adults. He is teaching, “Truths that every Christ should know”. He is doing a fine job!

The Month of May has been extremely busy with church projects and counseling.

Also, my daughter Melanie returned to South Korea to celebrate her 40th birthday with us. She spent two weeks with us. She also played the piano during the offertory.  It brought back so many fond memories of when she was young and playing for our church.

Please pray for Sue’s health. She has a lot of pain in her right hand. It may be connected with trigger finger syndrome. It is keeping her up at night so please pray for healing!

Once again, thank you for your faithful prayers!

Bruce and Sue Rosko    

A Soldier of the Cross, 

Bruce R. Rosko 


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