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Caleb & Abbey Turner

Missionary Information

Name: Caleb Turner
Age: 27

Spouse: Abbey Turner
Age: 27

Child: Carson Turner
Age: 5

Mission Field: Uganda

Home Church: Anchor Baptist Church
Buranby, British Columbia, Canada

Missions Agency: Baptist International Missions Incorportated
Harrison, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 4 years


Missionary Update 02/05/2024

Dear praying friends, February 5, 2024 The month of January was both the busiest and fastest month yet in Uganda! We began in the city of Masaka helping another veteran missionary with a music conference, and we were blessed to see over sixty people in attendance for the four days of teaching. Many native pastors and ministry leaders dedicated themselves to taking a stronger stance for Godly music! This was the third opportunity to teach the Philosophy of Music here in Uganda, and the more occasions I have to teach this course, the more thankful I become for the many people who taught me about music. The investment of others is now benefiting many people here in Uganda. Also in the month of January, we saw the completion of our first songbook translation into a native Ugandan language. About two hundred English hymns were translated by a local pastor who expressed his desire for good music that could be sung at his church. With his initiative and hard work, the Runyakitara language now has its first completed lyric book. This means that about eight million Ugandans have songs with correct doctrine that they can learn and sing in their native tongue. In addition, it is estimated that five million people can also read and understand this local language. To our knowledge and the knowledge of the translator, this is the first completed work of its kind in Runyakitara. The local officials were gifted a copy and expressed their gratitude for the work that was done. Our next step is to get some of these songs recorded and distributed among the Bunyakitara people. Please pray with us that God would use these songs to encourage His people and to bring more souls to Him. During the second half of January, we had two more conferences. God blessed the one-day youth seminar hosted by our local church in Kasese with over thirty youth in attendance. Many dedicated themselves to remaining pure until marriage, and several made commitments to be witnesses for Christ! The following Monday, we traveled back to the capital city and enjoyed a refreshing time with our BIMU missionary friends at our annual conference. Dr. Tom Williams traveled from the States to be our guest speaker, and his testimony and preaching encouraged and challenged everyone in attendance. The following are some specific requests for the month of February: 1. Kasese Couples’ Conference. We will be teaching a one-day conference for married couples on the last Saturday of February. Please pray that God will give us wisdom in planning and leading this meeting. 2. Music Conference in Arua. God continues to give us an open door to teach the Biblical Philosophy of Music. Just last week, we scheduled our fourth conference that will take place during the second week of March in Northern Uganda. 3. Runyakitara Recording Project. Please pray for the finances needed to have Godly music recorded and produced in the Runyakitara language. We have found a recording studio in Hoima that will edit and produce an album of fifty songs for about $1,500. 4. Carson’s schooling. Carson has almost completed kindergarten! He will end his lessons in March, and we ask that you pray with us for him to finish strong. 5. Our first furlough. We will be returning to the States in April to begin our first furlough. Please pray that we will be able to fill the remaining available meeting dates as well as prepare ourselves to leave our home here in Uganda for an extended period of time. 6. My father’s health. Please continue to pray for my father as he battles the many health issues he is currently facing. He concluded his radiation treatments in December and has a PET Scan scheduled for next month to find out the results of the treatment. 7. More People to Surrender to Worldwide Missions. While the need for more laborers in North America is still very great, we also need more laborers to surrender to be used of God around the world. Your faithful servants in Christ, Caleb, Abbey, and Carson Turner

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