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Carlos & Karelia Murillo

Missionary Information

Name: Carlos Murillo
Age: 31

Spouse: Karelia Murillo
Age: 29

Mission Field: Nicaragua

Home Church: Reborn Baptist Church
Managua, Nicaragua

Our Missionary for 3 years


Missionary Update 05/18/2023

May 16th, 2023

Faith Baptist Church

Dear pastor Mark Smith:

It is my prayers that your family and ministry are growing and being edifying in the Holy Spirit power.

In light of what the Bible teach us about supporting God’s Work throughout the entire world, our church held a mission conference in January 20th to the 22nd of this year. It was an amazing and different time, as we challenged our church to represent different countries, as to make the church aware of the necessity of taking the gospel out of our own city and country. The Lord worked in our church hearts, as they made decisions to continue supporting missions with offering, and other members did start to giving to missions.

In March 24th to the 26th we celebrated our Family Conference. Our focus was to teach to the different ages about what God requires for us regarding the family. God spoke us in different ways and challenged us to have godlier families.

We have the project of building the second floor, as we need more space for the Bible Sunday school. Our budget is way beyond our financial strength, but we trust the Lord will help us. We are challenging the church to give sacrificially, following the example of the Lord Jesus on the Cross. Please pray for our church so we accomplish this project earlier than we thought.

In Christ, Pastor Carlos Murillo (Nicaragua)

Missionary Update 09/12/2022


Missionary Update 12/13/2021


Missionary Update 11/15/2021


Missionary Update 10/15/2021


Missionary Update 06/02/2021


01 de Junio de 2021

Prayer Requests:

 My ministry and family

 Church’s growth

 Bible Institute and young preachers planting churches

 Anniversary conference (August)

Mission/prayer letter

Dear pastor/church

I hope you are in good health, and that your family is prospering in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I would like to thank you for the help, for the prayers and the impact you all have made over my life. I wish I could see you soon!

Our ministry this couple of months have been very Good. Although we are still experi-encing troubles with COVID, children and adutls are still attending the church, we are taking some cares so the people feel more secure when come to our church. We will celebrate our 11th anniversary in August, and we’re praying so we can have a great attendance, souls saved and baptisms. This will be the last weekend of August.

I was invited to preach in an anniversary conference the last weekend of April. I went with pastor Ramon, and we drove for about 8 hr to get to the church (about 292 miles). The church was celebrating their 9th anniversary, and the pastor there is a very good friend of mine, he’s from pastor Ramon’s church too. The church is located in the Carib-bean zone of the country, We saw souls coming to Christ, and a great spirit on the church members! Also, we celebrated children’s day in May 30th. We had a great at-tendance and the children were so happy! Thank you for all!

Pastor Carlos Murillo

Masaya, Nicaragua

Missionary Update 04/05/2021


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