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Chris & Christy King

Missionary Information

Name: Chris King
Age: 43

Spouse: Christy King
Age: 42

Child: Camden King
Age: 19

Child: Katelynn King
Age: 17

Child: Sydney King
Age: 14

Child: Ethan King
Age: 13

Child: Leora King
Age: 8

Child: Lillian King
Age: 6

Mission Field: Mexico

Years of Service: 5

Home Church: Bonners Ferry Baptist Church
Bonners Ferry, Idaho

Missions Agency: Central Missionary Clearinghouse
Houston, Texas

Our Missionary for 5 years


Missionary Update 11/15/2021

Hello praying friends,  It’s amazing how quickly time is flying by.  Before we know it, we’ll be going into the new year.  I’m very thankful to be able to report that the Lord is working mightily in our home.  It is thrilling to see the Lord graciously growing us. Transitioning has been very challenging but praise God he has already given us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.      We have seen significant growth in learning the language as well as the culture. Thank you very much for your prayers regarding this.  I have had more opportunities to teach and preach the word of God.  In one weekend I taught and preached four different times.  One midweek service we had a new record of 37 people on our van route. The Lord has also been using us to provide special music at regular Church services as well as special meetings in this area.      Thank you very much for praying that the Lord will direct us in regards to where he may have us start our first Church.  It is too soon to tell if this is an answer to that prayer request, however, we do have some exciting news. We had a Pastor friend invite our family to take a sightseeing trip to some inactive volcanos south of where we live.  While we were standing on the top of one overlooking a city there, he told me that there is 150,000 people here and no one currently preaching the gospel. That of course caught my attention.  Within the week I received a phone call from a Pastor in Monterey Mexico.  He asked me if we had a work started or an idea of where we would start a work.  I told him the name of this city we had visited and he eagerly mentioned that his reason for calling me was because a man from that city contacted him and asked if there was anyone who could come and conduct a Bible study in his home. We had 17 people in our first Bible study there Praise the Lord!  We are scheduled to go back each week at the same time.  Please pray for the Lord’s protection and blessing over this open door.  To all of you who pray for us, thank you so very much!  Keep up the great work for our Lord in these last days. All for the honor and glory of Christ, Sincerely,     Chris King and Family   Copyright © 2021 The Kings To Mexico, All rights reserved.Want to change how you receive these emails?You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list.

Missionary Update 10/07/2021


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Missionary Update 03/09/2020


March Prayer Letter Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it. Hello and thank you so much for your prayers. I know you pray for us because we consistently get to see the Lord provide accordingly. This past month we were able to send out more discipleship materials to national pastors. We asked you to pray about the printing ministry especially in regards to printing John and Romans booklets and we thank you for your prayers. I believe that the Lord is putting things together. A Pastor told us that they will send us six staplers for assembling John and Romans. Our Sending Church will be giving us the finances to purchase a guillotine trimmer to cut the John and Romans. Lord willing we will be receiving our first batch of John and Romans to assemble (approx. 11,000) in a few weeks. Will you please pray that the Lord will guide us to a location that we can rent for the purpose of assembling John and Romans. This location can also double as a classroom for our institute as well as a fellowship hall for the Church. This coming month our Church here is planning to take a short term missions trip to the state of Mexico to give out tens of thousands of scripture portions and gospel tracts to people walking from Mexico City to the city of Chalma. There are so many people that are in bondage to false religion and superstition. We are going to place in their hands the gospel of John and Romans with a gospel presentation. Please pray for souls to be saved, for the Lord to work in the hearts of our Church people and also for our safety. Bible Institute continues to go well. Please pray that these people will put into the practice the things that they’re being taught. “Wealth of knowledge does not atone for want of practice.” Please continue to pray for our safety. We were recently side swiped by a Semi Truck while on our way to a Church service. Thankfully no one was injured. A person was shot and killed recently near an Independent Baptist Church here while they were in their evening service. Also just the other night after our Church service we were dropping a woman and her daughters off at their home and we heard gun shots from the next street over. Please continue to pray for our safety. All for the honor and glory of Christ Jesus, Sincerely, Chris King and Family Please Pray • For the Lord’s blessing over our Institute and Printing Ministry. • For our protection and safety. • For the Lord’s blessings over our upcoming Church missions trip. Answers to Prayer • Safety and protection. • Spiritual growth of our Church Members. • The Lord’s provisions regarding our needs to assemble John and Romans booklets.

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