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Chris & Becca Reed

Missionary Information

Name: Chris Reed

Spouse: Becca Reed

Mission Field: Thailand

Home Church: Lancaster Baptist Church
Lancaster, California

Our Missionary for 7 years


Missionary Update 08/18/2023


Missionary Update 07/31/2023


Missionary Update 06/15/2023


Missionary Update 05/08/2023


Missionary Update 08/23/2021

August 2021 Update As Covid continues to hinder groups gathering, we have been navigating the best ways to help the church members worship together, grow in their walk with the Lord, and continue studying the Word of God. Because the government is only allowing ten people to meet together, we are forced to split into two groups of ten at the church 1 Current Ministries and Outreaches CHURCH PLANT IN UDON THANI PASTOR GOWIT ENGLISH CLASSES AUGUST 23, 2021 REED FAMILY UPDATE and some members viewing the services online. We have also moved our children’s Sunday School to Saturday mornings to help with keeping the number from going over ten. This is far from ideal, but we are thankful that our church family have maintained a good attitude and are faithful in being involved when the church is meeting together. Even in this time, we have been able to see the Lord working and people making decisions to follow the Lord’s leading. This past month, we were able to see four believers baptized and we are excited to watch them continue in their desire to follow the Lord. We are continuing to see things develop with the New Life Bible Institute. It is exciting to plan and trust God for the future of training Thai nationals in the Word of God. As we are preparing courses and project lists, we are praying that the Lord will lead students to study at NLBI. We know this project is going to take time, but we are hopeful that we will be able to see students studying God’s Word and continuing into the future. The local government will be meeting next month to decide on the continued Covid restrictions. Pray that we will see a decrease in Covid cases and pray that the government will allow large gatherings again. It is our prayer that we will be able to once again worship together on Sunday mornings. We are grateful for your prayers and support. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your missions team. God bless!

 Your Missionaries, Chris, Becca, Ethan, Selah, Ryder, & Asher 2 Ministry Pictures CONTACT US: SKYPE: 615.713.2155 FIELD ADDRESS: 250/151 Home in Park Nong Kwai, Hang Dong C

Missionary Update 02/16/2021


Missionary Update 12/14/2020


Missionary Update 10/01/2020


Missionary Update 02/05/2018


Missionary Update 01/02/2018

Dear Friends & Prayer Partners, 

As I begin our final update for 2017, I am amazed at all the Lord has allowed us to be a part of this past year. Arriving here in Lamphun, Thailand, starting language school, purchasing a vehicle, and having the opportunity to teach and preach through an interpreter, have all been a amazing blessings. Moving to a different country can be very challenging; especially when you are not able to speak the local language. Things as simple as getting fuel for your vehicle or ordering food at the restaurant can be very stressful. We are grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness and how He has provided us with the help we needed. Thank you for your prayers and financial support so we could live and preach the gospel in Thailand. 

While we prepared to celebrate Christmas, I was not sure how it would be received here. As a predominantly Buddhist country, Thailand does not celebrate Christmas on a national level. However, I was surprised how many businesses decorated for the season and wished us a merry Christmas. I was even surprised at the many Christmas songs that would play in English in the malls. It amazed me that the songs with a clear gospel message would be playing, and people would even be repeating the words. It was sad to think how many people had no understanding of what the song was saying. Seeing that has given me even more of a burden to learn the language in order to explain the gospel message. 

During our Christmas service, we were excited to see fifty-two guests in our service. We enjoyed a great time of preaching, lunch, and playing soccer. Six people made a profession of faith in Jesus that morning, for which we are praising the Lord. Please pray for us as we begin to follow-up with each visitor. Also, in our satellite church plants, we had many more guests and professions of salvation. We will be conducting baptism services over the next couple weeks for those who are following the Lord in believer’s baptism. Pray for these local pastors as they help the new believers grow in the Lord. We realize that the Christmas season presents a great opportunity here in Thailand to share the gospel. 

We will be emailing a end of the year update video as well. I hope seeing the many faces of the people we minister to, will be an encouragement. We continue to pray that the Lord will bless your ministry for His glory. 

God bless!

Your Missionaries, 

Chris, Becca, Ethan, Selah, & Ryder Reed 

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