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Clint & Rhonda Rardin

Missionary Information

Name: Clint Rardin
Age: 54

Spouse: Rhonda Rardin
Age: 56

Mission Field: Mexico

Years of Service: 27

Home Church: Fairhaven Baptist Church
Chersterton, Indiana

Missions Agency:

Our Missionary for 27 years


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Missionary Update 07/05/2022

Dear Praying Friends,

Happy July Fourth!!  We are so thankful for the independence of our country that created a nation that would truly be a city on a hill to not only shine the light of freedom for the world, but more importantly the light of the glorious gospel.

This Sunday we had a very solid attendance of 136 with a full auditorium of almost 180 adults and teens,  It was not our plan when we started the mission we have on the other side of the city by the airport to have people come from there on Sunday, nor the group from the addictions program in the inner city of Tepito (we planned on them on going to the mission on Wednesday nights)), but it is great to see people from both the mission and the rescue mission sprinkled among the crowd every Sunday morning.  I enjoy giving RU awards once in a while to the people of the rescue mission on Sunday mornings.  It keeps that ministry in the eyes of our people.Every summer I preach a series of messages on the home, and this Sunday I taught/preached on Biblical Courting (as opposed to wordly dating); I gave a gospel message at the invitation and surprisingly, two people accepted Christ as their Savior.  One was a man named Adolfo.  A man around sixty, he has been attending our church for a few weeks or months.  He lives near the church in the neighborhood I live in.  Our assistant pastor dealt with him and said that Adolfo would like to get baptized.  I will visit him this week.  The other that trusted Christ was Homalin, a teenager, whose father, Vicente, one of our contracted bus drivers, was saved earlier this year and has been attending our services ever since.This last week was the last week of classes in our Bible Institute and today they take finals and turn in all their projects.  This next Sunday night, we have our Bible Institute's graduation.  We have only one graduate this year.  Jose Davila came to our church fourteen year ago at age 11.  Raised by his Christian grandmother who attends a charismatic church, Jose attended our church on his own.  He helps in the mission I preach in and will be in charge of it in my absence on furlough.  He will be taking turns with a couple of other preacher boys in our Institute preaching on Wednesdays there.  Brother Oscar, our assistant pastor preaches in the other mission in Naucalpan that we hope will be an independent church in two years, Although we have finals today, fortunately we do not have to be here for that.  Brother Oscar can give the tests and receive the projects. We are going out of town to a small colonial city that has a lot of American expatriates.  They are having a fireworks display there, so we will spend the night there. Hope you have a great July Fourth, Clint Rardin


Missionary Update 06/16/2022


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