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Cooper & Carolyn Abrams

Missionary Information

Name: Cooper Abrams
Age: 81

Spouse: Carolyn Abrams
Age: 80

Mission Field: United States

Years of Service: 36

Home Church: Calvary Baptist Church
King, North Carolina

Missions Agency:

Our Missionary for 22 years


Missionary Update 08/22/2022

Cooper and Carolyn Abrams                                Church Planting                            

                                                                      August 2022         

Dear Friends and Supporting Churches,  

            We have been visiting several churches in the past two months.   It is always a blessing to visit new churches and meet new people.  We even visited one church near here we did not know existed.  We often make the statement that there are so many churches here in the East, “one on every corner.”    I am glad there are so many small churches that are standing for God’s truth and preaching the Gospel. Thank God for the larger churches as they have a large outreach but thank God for the faithful pastor who shepherds his small or large congregation and leads his people in serving the Lord and fellowship with other believers. 

            After these many months, I am learning better how to cope with the pain. I have a small garden that provides lots of exercise and helps me mentally to manage the discomfort.  How uplifting and fulfilling is working with God’s creation.   It can be overcoming to comprehend the magnificence of God in seeing a tiny seed grow into a large fruit-bearing plant and then partake of the Lord’s bounty.  It has a spiritual benefit in that I am learning also more to know Him in the ordinary daily routines and rely on His strength.  Yes, at 81 I am still amazed to know more about our Lord. This is a growing process whereby you accept what your negative or positive situations are, and thank the Lord and truly worship our Savior.    

            Further, I try to share Christ with everyone I meet.  What a blessing yesterday at the Veterans Hospital to share with the lady who assigned me a new appointment.  She and I enthusiastically shared what Jesus means to us.  What a joy. 

            I am sending a special email to all my supporting churches and others explaining that I am available for meetings.  I know it would be a great benefit to present the need for missions in the International West and share the Gospel teaching classes on the Mormon cult and seeking to win them to our Savior. Please call if you would like for me to come.   I would love to visit.    

            Carolyn and I wish to continue to thank all those who are supporting us in prayer and monetary help.  It is well to note that when we pray, we entreat God’s direction.           

In Christ's name,  

Cooper & Carolyn Abrams