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Doug & Becky Sisson

Missionary Information

Name: Doug Sisson
Age: 64

Spouse: Becky Sisson
Age: 62

Mission Field: Philippines

Years of Service: 27

Home Church: Windsor Hills Baptist Church
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Missions Agency: Baptist International Missions
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 19 years


Missionary Update 06/30/2022

April-June 2022

Dear Pastor and Church Family:

Bible College Graduations! Finally! God has been very good to us to allow us to have our

Bible Institute and our Bible College open the last two years. Due to lockdowns, we had to be

very strict on our students, only allowing them go home a couple of times during the year.

They were not even able to go out and do ministry. On June 8th, we had two years of

graduates to graduate from our Institute and College. There were a total of 52 students that

graduated that night. We had some students who graduated who started coming to our

church when they were 3 and 4 years old, and some were 7 and 8 when they started church


Youth Camp July 11th-14th: - In 2003, we started Triple “S” Baptist Youth Camp

(Salvation, Separation and Service). Those three words describe the Christian life. Many

of our graduates surrendered at camp. We have not been able to have Youth Camp for two

years, so the excitement is great around here. We have around 90 churches that will be

attending our camp this year. Please pray for our upcoming Youth Camp that God will work

mightily in their hearts and ours also.

May God Bless you,

Doug and Becky Sisson

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