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Ed & Elvie Navato

Missionary Information

Name: Ed Navato
Age: 63

Spouse: Elvie Navato
Age: 64

Mission Field: Japan

Years of Service: 20

Home Church: Maranatha Baptist Church
Okinawa, Japan

Missions Agency: Baptit International Missions Inc.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 17 years


Missionary Update 09/01/2022

30 Aug 2022
Dear Faith Baptist Church of Tacoma, WA,

    GOD bless you, and all of Faith Baptist Church of Tacoma, WA!  Thank you very much for your prayers for Elvie and I, in the area of the mission field where the LORD JESUS CHRIST sent us.  We are also grateful for the monthly financial support you send us.


    Please pray for more laborers here, so many are transferring due to military orders.  We are praising the LORD JESUS CHRIST, Here are some encouraging news and updates for the month of Aug 2022:

  • Wesley and Hazel both got saved
  • Danny led Wesley, and Josie led Hazel to CHRIST
  • Becca led Rose Ann. Juvy Ann, and Marjorie to CHRIST
  • John, Maricel, Ryalene, and John, Jr. joined the church by public profession of faith
  • Heather led Candace to CHRIST
  • Elvie and I were able to visit with our son Eli in the USA.  The last time we saw him was in 2016.  That was the last time we were in the USA as well.
  • Elvie and I were able to go to church together as a family
  • On 01 Sept 2022, Elvie and I will be celebrating our 39 years anniversary 

    I am praying for your healing Ms. Prouty.  GOD bless you all, your loved-ones, and ministries!

 Your missionaries to the US Military in Okinawa,

 Ed & Elvie Navato

Phil. 1:6