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Jim Bosse

Missionary Information

Agency/Ministry: Jehovah-Jireh Ministries

Name: Jim Bosse
Age: 87

Mission Field: United States

Years of Service: 21

Home Church:

Missions Agency:

Our Missionary for 9 years


Missionary Update 04/16/2018

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior! I pray that you, your family and your church family are feeling blessed and growing in the Lord. We thank the Lord daily for you and the support you supply to this ministry. That support allows us to assist church plants in acquiring their first sanctuary building and gives them a permanent presence in their community making them lighthouses for lost souls.


All of the churches that received grants from us in 2017 are working hard toward achieving their goals and are serving their communities in their permanent buildings or moving towards getting one!

To God be the glory! 


2017 Grant Recipents Updates


Bible Baptist Church - Bartow, FL - Pastor Bryan Gentry

     They immediately purchased a building and began painting and renovations. They are continuing outreach programs and saving souls.

Calvary Baptist Church - Boseman, MT - Pastor Michael Frymier

     They went to settlement on February 4th! Renovations should be completed around June 22nd. They have already had 32 first time visitors with 6 professing salvation!

Clarksville Baptist Church - Clarksville, AR - Pastor Ken Pennington

     They have purchased their land and are planning now for their next move toward building.

Crosspoint Baptist Church - Orlans, ON - Pastor Steven Michel

     They have struggled to finally complete their building with lots of pressure from the city. Visitors are coming and we pray that the Lord will allow Pastor Michel to continue his work there for a very long time into the future.

Lighthouse Baptist Church - Hereford, TX - Pastor Todd Cockrell

     Settlent is scheduled for April 24th. The church body is very excited! Pray for their success!

Lighthouse Baptist Church - Gulf Breeze, FL - Pastor Jeff Adams

     Please pray for them as they struggle with sellers who do not seem to want to live up to their part of the agreement. 

New Life Baptist Church - Casa Grande, AZ - Pastor Ray McCormack

    They have purchased their land and are starting the process of getting permits to build.

Suffolk Baptist Church - Suffolk, VA - Pastor Andrew Logue

     They are still searching for land to purchase. Please pray for them!

Vision Baptist Church - Ruther Glen, VA - Pastor Jeffrey Hill

     This grant was for renovations which are well underway. The church body is very supportive and things are moving forward.

Youngstown Baptist Church - Youngstown, OH - Pastor Mike Wiiliams

     They are also renovating a building and are now working on repairing their parking lot. Visitors are coming regularly and we pray they will return and join the church soon.

     With our January grant recipients, the Lord has allowed us to assist 189 churches! From these churches, 59 new churches have been started and these churches support on average 30 mssionaries. That is over 5,700 missionaries in the field saving souls! The Lord is using your support for Jehovah Jireh Ministries to do amazing works in His name and we are so grateful to each one of you. It is a true blessing to have such faithful supporters and a greater blessing to see souls won for our saviour, Jesus Christ.

In His service,

  Jim Bosse



Missionary Photos

Missionary Update 04/17/2017

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior! I pray that you, your family and your church family are feeling blessed and growing in the Lord.

The Lord allowed us to approve seven (7) grants this past January and we are excited to share them with you. Many have already begun the process of attaining their first permanent structure for worship. We thank Him for each of these churches and pray that His hand stays upon them making them lighthouses to the lost.

January 2017 Recipients

Blessed Hope Baptist Church - Alma, AZ - Pastor James Abbey
Their renovation has begun and they should have everything under roof very soon. There is great excitement among the church body and new families are attending and joining the church.
Christway Baptist Church - Zephryhills, FL - Pastor Michael Coffin
They went to settlement on February 20th! Renovations are nearly complete and new visitors are comeing each Sunday.
Foundation Baptist Church - Cary, IL - Pastor Jeremy Huston
After several months of struggle with the city, they have finally received their permits to begin renovations. The building was originally a church but had been converted to office space. Praise God that the building will once again be used for His glory! All work is expected to be completed by mid July.
Grace Community Baptist Church - Madison, VA - Pastor Chris McGill
The building shell is up and the work is underway on the interior!
Gospel Baptist Church - Lyles, TN - Pastor Jimmy Moize
Settlent was last month and they are very excited! They have been sending out mailers to the community and plan to continue every three months. Pray for their success!
Heartland Baptist Church - Perryville, MO - Pastor James Kiefer, Jr.
After reaching terms with the bank they settled in mid March. They have begun renovations and hope to be in the building by June. Lots of excitement among the church body!
Heritage Baptist Church - Picayune, MS - Pastor Jeremy Wilson
They are ready for dry wall! Several folks with New Testament church builders are working with them and they hope to be complete by mid July with a dedication service by summer's end.
Vision Valley Baptist Church - Mt Washington, KY - Pastor Tim Devrie
Renovations are underway including painting and carpeting. With the bulding officially their own, visitors are coming!

July 2016 Grant Recipient Updates

Bethel Baptist Church - North Port, FL - Pastor Marc Knoedler
Progress is slower than expected but they are moving forward and hope to move in around March of this year.
Bible Baptist Church - Columbia, MO - Pastor Jeff Hasting
Renovations are complete and the church is growing! Amen!
Grace Baptist Church - Kearneyville, WV - Pastor Craig Bush
Building is moving forward and they expect to be completely up and running by October. Wonderful news for the area!
Inner City Baptist Church - Mt. Ephraim, NJ - Pastor Garris
With the installation of all windows and doors, the building is secure and interior work can commence. Looking forward to it!
Naples Baptist Church - Naples, FL - Pastor Henry Price
Mission complete! All work is done and folks are coming to attend services.
North Point Baptist Church - Wooster, OH - Pastor Snow
With settlement finished, the building is theirs! Although work is ongoing on the interior, they are able to use the building.
Solid Rock Baptist Church - Corvallis, MT - Pastor Nathan Sanders
Big surprise! While waiting for the Montana winter to break to begin work, the adjoining property came up for sale. For a much better price they can buy the new property which has existing buildings that can be renovated versus building from scratch. God is wonderful!

It is such a joy to share all the encouraging success stories of each of our grant recipients. Please continue to pray for them and for the Jehovah Jireh Ministry as we look forward to many future good works.

In our effort to gain more support for this vital ministry, we fervently ask pastors and churches to please consider hosting an informational dinner for pastors and their wives at the expense of the Jehovah Jireh Ministry. If you are at all interested and need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me, Jim Bosse.

Thank you for your generous support and for being a part of our work. It is a true blessing to have such faithful supporters and a greater blessing to see souls won for our saviour, Jesus Christ.

In His service,

Jim Bosse

Jim Bosse Phil 3:13b
Jehovah Jireh Ministry

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Missionary Update 01/16/2017


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