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John & Kimberly OMalley

Missionary Information

Agency/Ministry: World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions

Name: John OMalley
Age: 59

Spouse: Kimberly OMalley
Age: 57

Child: John M. OMalley
Age: 34

Mission Field: United States of America

Years of Service: 30

Home Church: Faith Baptist Church
Shelby, North Carolina

Missions Agency: World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions
Kings Mountain, North Carolina

Our Missionary for 8 years


Missionary Update 09/07/2023


Missionary Update 09/05/2023

PO BOX 1374 KINGS MOUNTAIN, NC 28086 TEL 704.730.1440


Dear Praying Friend, I am grateful for an amazing Summer. Thank you for praying as I led the See the Harvest team. Your giving and praying allowed our team to hand-deliver the Gospel into 38,400 homes to a population of over 110,000 people from 10.5 towns. We heard from people in four towns who asked for a Bible study to be held in their town. We were not without opposition, as we heard from many who were disturbed by the Gospel being delivered into their home through the mail slot in their door. Putting literature into mail slots, called letterboxing, is legally permissible. Scotland needs the Gospel. I plan to organize another team to Scotland with See the Harvest next year. I led a team of over 20 people aged between 18-72 years old. If you have people who want to go, have them visit We will have two teams next year. The dates are June 3-13, 2024, and June 17-27, 2024. Yes, we are accepting applications for one or both teams. I met many people on the Scotland trip, yet Glenn stands out to me as the one about whom I should tell you. Glenn prayed three days before I met him. He told God, “Since my grandmother died, no one has come around and spoken of you. Would You send someone to me?” Because you gave and prayed. God sent me. Glenn received a clear plan of salvation. Because you give and pray, the Gospel still works.

Yours for the harvest, John O'Malley JOHN AND KIM O'MALLEY

Missionary Update 06/08/2023


Missionary Update 04/27/2023


Missionary Update 05/27/2021


Missionary Update 01/25/2021


Missionary Update 10/26/2020


Missionary Update 05/03/2019


Missionary Update 02/20/2018

Dear Friend and Supporter of our Ministry,

Every pastor and church struggles to find missionaries who are the right fit for their church. They search for missionaries with the right philosophy, who are going to the places which match their church's missions philosophy, and for those who will extend their church's reach of the Gospel. Thank you for facing these challenges and leading your church to invest in the Great Commission. Thank you for supporting Kim and me in the work God called us. Kim and I are grateful for your support because, without you, we could not preach the Gospel to the lost. Without your investment, we could not assist missionaries on the field. Without your partnership, we could not help churches build their missions programs. Without your participation, we could not serve newly started missionaries in taking their first steps in ministry. Without your prayer, we could not guide prospective missionaries in getting from their calling to the field.

We need you. We are thankful for you. We pray for you.

In January, I participated in a missionary's commissioning service. I met this missionary during his college training. Many of you prayed when I took him on his survey trip to the Solomon Islands. Today, he is serving there with his wife and son. Pray for this family; they are the Deatricks with World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions.

In January, I met with a prospective missionary about service in a rural mountain area in Peru. Her village is a 24-hour bus ride from Lima. She is seeking direction about a missions agency to help her church send her to the field.

In January, I spoke in a league chapel service at Ambassador Baptist College. During this chapel service, I challenged the students to be like Ezekiel whom God made to be a watchman. Their league's name is the Watchmen. (A league is an affinity group similar to a society group or fraternity or sorority, just within a Christian context.)

In January and by the end of February, I will have spoken in four churches to help build their Great Commission program by investing and being involved in delivering the Gospel.

Your giving helps us go. Your praying makes us useful. Your friendship sustains us.

Thank you,

John O’Malley

PO BOX 1374 KINGS MOUNTAIN, NC 28086-1374 (704) 974-6108



Missionary Update 12/15/2017

Dear friend of the O'Malleys,

God's mission to redeem the world defines our daily tasks and life's work. Your investment makes us available to present the Gospel. You help us assist churches and missionaries with their Great Commission work. We appreciate you enabling us to fulfill the call of God.

Last month, God used your investments to allow me to be on the campus of Ambassador Baptist college. Each Fall the college holds a missions' conference. Their conference is about exposing students to missionary opportunities and mission agencies. During the conference, I spoke with more than 100 students. The Lord allowed me the opportunity to speak in classes to encourage students to serve the Lord. Thank you for making that opportunity possible.

During November and December, I assisted eight churches with their Great Commission efforts. A missions' conference is an opportunity to keep the mission of God before God's people. The conference allows people to renew their commitment to give toward God's mission. Thank you for investing in the Great Commission efforts of your church.

The Lord gave me the opportunity to be a part of two new missionary interviews. The interview is the last step in vetting new missionaries for our agency. These new missionaries will be going to Brazil and the Dominican Republic. Thank you for making it possible to help the world get new missionaries.

Kim and I wish you the brightest and the most joyous celebration of our Savior's birth. Thank you for what you do to help us bring the Gospel to a world who knows nothing about redemption or adoption. Thank you for supporting us to help in the work of the Great Commission. 

Sincerely yours,

John O’Malley

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