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Kevin & Stacy Byers

Missionary Information

Name: Kevin Byers
Age: 46

Spouse: Stacy Byers
Age: 45

Child: Josiah Byers
Age: 25

Child: Gabriel Byers
Age: 22

Child: Bella Grace Byers
Age: 20

Child: Caleb Byers
Age: 17

Child: Noah Byers
Age: 15

Child: Elijah Byers
Age: 13

Child: Micaiah Byers
Age: 12

Mission Field: United States

Years of Service: 5

Home Church: Greater Portland Baptist Church
Portland, Oregon

Missions Agency: Baptist International Missions Inc.
Harrison, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 5 years


Missionary Update 05/08/2023


Missionary Update 04/04/2023


Missionary Update 03/02/2023


Missionary Update 12/01/2022


Missionary Update 09/26/2022


Missionary Update 07/14/2022


Missionary Update 04/11/2022

Dear Church, Thank you for reading our prayer letters, praying, and sending support to Anchor Baptist Church for the purpose of planting a church in a very wicked part of America. We are fighting spiritual battles on every front in this town and rely on your informed prayers and generous support to continue. I heard Dr. Johnny Pope say while preaching, “new levels, new devils” and that is certainly true of church planting. Each milestone we have reached has brought a stronger and more concentrated attack against the work. Thank you for helping us! I just heard from a pastor whose church has been supporting us for a couple years. He told me they have not received a letter in almost two years! This was tragic news to me because we work hard to inform our supporters. It was also tragic because we need our supporters to be informed so they can pray strategically. A simple prayer like “God bless the missionaries” is not sufficient for the battles we face. Our last prayer letter had an open rate of 60%. Many years ago, I sent a prayer letter and used the word “cancer!” in the subject line just to see what would happen. I had over a 90% open rate! We are so thankful to you who read our letters. This week we had some great visits as a man in our church went door knocking with me. There were 3 people who said they would visit the church on Sunday. We were able to present the gospel message to several others and we prayed for some people as well. We tried to reach out to my soul-winning partner’s family but were met with very strong opposition. I was even threatened with harm. The hearts of the people are so hard, and they are blinded spiritually. We ask for your prayer in this and for the Lord to send us laborers. Anchor Baptist Church needs more help, and I am more determined than ever that God desires a church to be planted here. We have received $1,652.72 towards the 3 rd Annual Gospel Tent Meeting in July and hope to raise at least $5,200.00 more before July. We could also use two 20lb Class ABC Fire Extinguishers. I will provide a link in our e-mail to a site that has ones like what we need to pass inspection for the tent. Last year the city told us we needed larger fire extinguishers. If you would like to order one of those it would be a great help! I sent out a request for prayer in a quick update email last month. Many people responded and we were encouraged and helped. Without going into personal details, I want you to know the Lord answered your prayers and we were helped by the mighty hand of God! In Heaven you will learn the rest of the story and give praise to the LORD!

Missionary Update 03/10/2022


Missionary Update 12/09/2021


Missionary Update 11/15/2021


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