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Mark & Donna Logan

Missionary Information

Name: Mark Logan

Spouse: Donna Logan

Mission Field: Middle East


Missionary Update 09/14/2015

Hello Friends who share my Burden for the Gospel in the Gulf Region
I greet you after having been home a few days. My health was fine after that heart attack I had last month about this time. I was able to go each night to a different labor camp for a service and the highlight was the baptism of seven eager young men after explaining to them the teaching of baptism on the shore of the Persian Gulf. Our Sikh bus driver who took us all from the labor camp to the secluded shore came and heard the message and observed the baptism. We then went back to the camp trailer room for a teaching service. The eagerness on each face to drink in the Word of God was wonderful. We picked up Kamran a recent Muslim convert on the way as he has been transferred to a worker city outside Abu Dhabi. His brother, now named John Paul is back in Pakistan having been reported and deported for conversion. Asher is going to ask him to be our hired overnight security guard at the Bible College. Since the March suicide bombing, th Lahore govt has asked all schools and churches to hire a guard. I will send some monthly support and he will send to his family with the goal of bringing them over (6 hour trip) to live there soon. Our facility doesn't support that as of now. Pray fervently for him and this decision. We think it will be good for all.

Our plans are to have graduates from our Baptist Bible College in Lahore accept labor contracts and come into the camps for a few years as missionaries/workers. Pastor Asher met me there and preached every night in Urdu. He is ready and committed to sending them and two guys are already chosen and ready for going through the employment and immigration process from Pakistan. We don't know the cost yet as visa and agency up front fees have to be paid.

Adnan, a Lahore Baptist Bible College graduate is doing great work in taking leadership in the camps along with Shafiq. A local Baptist church has helped and will provide a room in their facility for an Urdu speaking church to start. I met with the pastor yesterday and was very pleased. .

In Doha, Qatar, I met a Palestinian born, Saudi raised man named Hakeem. He eagerly engaged in conversation over breakfast after making sure other Arabs had gone. He told me he was a peacemaker, didn't agree with Sunni - Shia divide etc. He told me of his respect for Jesus but denying His claims and Words which he knew nothing of. I had good arguments for all he said including the prophet Isaiah's words claiming that the one who would be born would be God. This caught him off guard and he told me the standard rumor of the inaccuracy of the Bible comparing it to the rumor game where ten people pass on a story and the last one is very distorted. I told him the Scripture was written down and accurate to the letter as per the Dead Sea scrolls while Mohammed couldn't read or write and his words weren't written until years after he died. He couldn't deny that. Now he was listening and I went to Abraham whom of course he revered and explained the promise and the sacrifice - that God would provide a lamb. It opened up his eyes and the next morning he listened as I explained man's need of a sacrifice for sin and the only one who could do that was a sinless person therefore God in flesh. He admitted even Mohamed wasn't sinless.
He requested my email and said he would send more questions. He lives and works in Dubai but was on a work trip to Doha. Pray for him as he took tracts and we talked again at breakfast the following day. God saw to it that no one else was in the restaurant so he could speak clearly to me and not fear what we were discussing. I just got an email from him this morning eagerly needing to know if it was true what the Muslim scholars say, that the paracletos is the prediction of Mohamed in the Bible!! I wrote him a long reply about John 14-16 and the Holy Spirit. Muslims respect Jesus as a prophet but they don't know much about him as their leaders blind their minds of what He said.
Well I must go. Thanks for your prayers and support. It is bearing eternal fruit. Conversions are slow but real and the Word of God is powerful in tracts too. You are helping me with prayers.
Blessings in Christ,
Mark Logan

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