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Markos & Stephanie Lindsey

Missionary Information

Name: Markos Lindsey
Age: 45

Spouse: Stephanie Lindsey
Age: 46

Mission Field: Peru

Years of Service: 18

Home Church: Lighthouse Baptist Church
Indianapolis, Indiana

Missions Agency: Baptist International Missions Inc.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 14 years


Missionary Update 01/15/2024

Dear Pastor and Church Family, We’ve had a head-spinning return to our “normal.” Stephanie and I both struggled with back problems and bad colds soon after arriving. Not long after I was able to get back to work, she was laid up. We are all fine now, except for Stephanie’s lingering sciatic nerve pain. Please be in prayer for her, as she is one that really needs to be on her feet. After we all took a trip to the mountains, I took another one to the jungle. Now, we are warding off colds and pink eye. Through it all, the Lord has been gracious. Our girls are back at their respective places of service — Kaitlynn at Heartland Baptist Academy, and Alyssa and Savanna at the Bible College. We had six more follow the Lord in believer’s baptism. There are four others that are talking about it with me as well. Hopefully, within a month or so, we will head back to the river! Please pray for these new believers. As we mentioned in our last letter, we have been looking for a new area in which to work. Ayacucho is a town of about 200,000. There are a million in the whole department (like a US “state”.) There are three churches that are in fairly close proximity to each other on the northwest side of town. In November, I was able to sit down with the pastors and discuss my ministry and goals. They were glad to hear about our plans and are praying for God to guide. We believe we may end up relocating to Ayacucho. Please be in prayer for us. A brother from a church in the town of Andahuaylas has heard about our desire to begin a new work and to help local churches, so he called me and asked that I consider visiting them as well. I plan to return to Ayacucho again next week (7-8 hours from Huancayo). And since Andahuaylas is only another five hours further, I may head up there as well before returning to Huancayo. This Time, I will go without the family to meet with the pastors, evangelize, disciple,… whatever the Lord opens doors to do. Please pray for travel safety and for wisdom. Pray also for my family in my absence. While in Ayacucho, I plan to scope out some neighborhoods and inquire about the cost of renting a house. We are praying for a larger house. We have been living in tight quarters in the church for several years now. It’s been nice living so close to the auditorium (about a 20 second walk,) but we are missing the space we have had in the past. We would appreciate your prayers. Since we are in summer time here in the southern hemisphere, it’s the season for VBS and Youth Camp. Our VBS will be the first full week of February, and we are planning for 80-100 children. Also, I have been invited to preach at a youth camp in the jungle the week following. We hope to take 10-15 young people this year. Our church is making preparations for VBS, and our teacher orientation / training is in a few days. Please be in prayer for these ministries. Because of VBS in years past, a neighbor family had begun sending their children to our church for Sunday School. Now, the parents bring the children. It is exciting to see families being reached. Please pray that our church continues sees the benefit of such an investment of time and money. The church is doing well, and Jeshu (Jesús) is continuing to preach as he is given opportunity. Please pray for him. There is much improvement needed for him to be able to successfully lead the church. He also needs a wife! Pray that God will continue to lead him and use him. Brother Samuel is still leading the work across town. He has recently been invited to La Oroya (about 2 hours away) to preach occasionally in a church that has no pastor. While Jeshu is on staff in our church, Samuel is a school teacher that does not get paid from January through March (Peruvian summer). Please pray that he finds a good job as well. Thank you for the generous Christmas gifts. They really helped us during the visit of our three oldest “kids.” We were able to give the church members some good devotional books for Christmas, and we were able to provide a wonderful care package to one of the pastors in Ayacucho. Thank you for thinking of us. Praying for you. January, 2024 From left to right: Jarumy, Jaime, Mónica, Fernanda, Meliza, Kevin (I’m the big goofy guy in the back.) Markos and Stephanie Lindsey Sienna and Landon

Missionary Update 10/30/2023

Dear Pastor and Church Family, BACK TO WORK! We are finally back in Peru. We arrived with the two little ones, while the older girls are working and studying in Oklahoma. Please pray for safety, wisdom, and sensitivity to the Lord’s leading. Their absence is felt here since they have been our helpers in the ministry — accompanying the congregational singing, playing and singing specials, interring for the Deaf, teaching Sunday school…. Now, that they’re in the US, we pray that they will continue serving our Great God. Now, we have two children sill at home that are starting piano lessons, and we are using some signs once in a while to stimulate their interest. Sienna is in second grade, and Landon is in K-4. Pray for us as we try to get back into the rhythm of church, school, and family life. FURLOUGH RECAP These past two months have been hectic, but at each step, we see the Lord working things out for us. I had been trying to get Kaitlynn’s car a little more mechanically sound before we let her in the US. As you may know, that can take a LOT of money. It took me longer than I expected, but I am happy with the work that was done. Several churches and individuals were very generous and helped us out immensely. Last month, while we were driving to some meetings in Ohio, the timing belt in our van broke. Thankfully, the engine was not affected; and after a LONG weekend, I was able to get it fixed. When we were on the side of the road, a policeman pulled up behind us to protect us and to help get us off the highway. When he found out we were missionaries, he paid for the tow truck that took us to the auto parts store. Another church paid for a second tow to a church parking lot, and an elderly brother there stayed with me until midnight, holding a flashlight until I had finished! There is much more to that story — including a preacher driving over 4 hours, then loaning me his SUV, another brother loaning me a floor jack, the auto parts store giving me big discounts,… but suffice it to say: the Lord worked out every detail to keep us safe, to get us to our meetings, and to get our van back in working order. I want to say thank you again to the churches and brethren that took care of us. We have a great family! This story is one of many such examples of how the Lord has used many of you to help us on our way. Thank you. ON THE FIELD Upon our arrival in Huancayo, our church gave us a wonderful surprise party. I preached on Sunday, but Bro. Jeshu knows that we are preparing to say goodbye and is very eager to continue preaching and teaching at the Independent Baptist Church in Huancayo. I was supposed to preach this past Wednesday, but my back went out and laid me up for a few days. Pray that I will be able to atend services this Sunday. Now that we are here, we are preparing the church for our departure. That means preparing the parsonage, delegating all the responsibilities to the members, solidifying the roles of each of our leaders, and getting all the legal paperwork in order. Thank you for praying. The work in Cajas Chico is still doing well and growing, albeit slowly. Brother Samuel and his wife, Patricia, would appreciate your prayers as they continue to reach others with the gospel. In a couple weeks, we will begin taking some survey trips to various parts of Peru. There are several places that we are considering, and there are many more that need the Light of the gospel. Please pray with us for patience and for peace. We are eager to work; we just need to know where to settle in. We are also currently working with our lawyer to keep our visas up-to-date. Laws are ever-changing, and I’m thankful to have a Christian friend helping us navigate Immigrations. And thank you for your help getting us back on the field. Gotta run — work to do. God bless you. October, 2023 Markos and Stephanie Lindsey Kaitlynn, Alyssa, Savanna, Sienna and Landon

Missionary Update 06/15/2023


Missionary Update 03/30/2023

Please Pray for the Church in La Oroya Good evening Everbody! Right after I returned from Buenos Aires a couple weeks ago, I was invited to the First Baptist Church of La Oroya (and the only Baptist church in La Oroya.)  They also are without a pastor.  Now, in contrast to Buenos Aires, La Oroya's church is notably mature.  The former pastor was not accused of any gross impropriety, only a condescending demeanor, some inconsistencies (lies?) and a poor presence in the pulpit.  We had a very pleasant time last Sunday with the members, and the whole church stayed for hours after service to study the Bible with me about the local church (leadership, government, purpose...)  There are a few men there that can preach, and I offered to send up a brother from our church as often as they might need to fill the pulpit.  That may be more difficult once I leave for the US, but I'm sure God will provide.  Please pray that they do not get in hurry, but that the Lord will work to give them peace and patience, and of course, a pastor. Luke 10:2 Thank you for your partnership.  Thank you for your prayers. Markos for the Lindseys

Missionary Update 03/13/2023

r   I sent out a quick email on my way to Buenos Aires - Huancavelica the other day.  Most received it; however, since several emails bounced, I include it here.  An update will appear below.Sent March 10, 20223 Good evening Everybody. I am writing to you from the town of Buenos Aires, Huancavelica. The church here has gone through some rough times, and is at a breaking point.  I had a great conversation with the man pastoring the church.  I am praying for revival.  The church has been falling apart.  I am preaching tonight, tomorrow, and all day Sunday.  It's cold up here, and I'm tired  (2:45am alarm to be on the bus at 4), but I am very encouraged at the response from the people.  Thank you for keeping Buenos Aires in your prayers. Pray for the men of the church: Feliciano, Alberto, Victor, Ananías, Nilo, and César. Yours for souls in Peru. Markos Lindsey_____________________March 13, 2023I am now back home (just walked in the door a few minutes ago.)    Several people are out of town, but those that were there were very receptive of my counsel and committed to keep following the Lord and supporting the work.  They have chosen the last two pastors by throwing all the men's names (the three or four that were present) in a hat, and "picking the winner."  The man chosen didn't want to be pastor, and the people didn't want him to pastor them. We are praying that the Lord heals this body.  I told them that Jesus is our pastor (same word as shepherd in Spanish.)  There is an immediate need for a preacher up there, but that is no reason to just "hurry up and pick someone."  The pastor was happy to step down, and the people committed to daily Bible reading and prayer, weekly prayer groups in homes as several elderly members struggle to climb the hill to the church building, and Sunday services where the men will share the responsibilities of leading the service, reading Scripture, etc....   I am struggling to find someone to go preach to them (and also to the neighboring towns,) and I am heading to the US soon.  Please pray that the Lord sends laborers in to His harvest.  They don't HAVE to speak Quechua, but it would help.I do have a praise to add.  There are two men that have recently started attending - Mauricio and Crecencio.  Please pray for spiritual growth and dedication.  Please pray for Tomás and Narciso, as it seems they both have turned their backs on the Lord.Thank you for your prayers.Yours in Christ,Markos

Missionary Update 04/11/2022


Missionary Update 12/27/2021


Missionary Update 10/04/2021


Missionary Update 05/03/2021


Missionary Update 04/01/2019

Good morning,   I know many of you are wondering why it has taken so long for us to send a letter.  The short answer is that there was a plan in the works, but I wasn't sure what to say.  Now, I've got some good news.   I'll post it here, and Lord-willing, you'll have a report to print out in the next couple days.  I am headed out to New York, then Boston. I'll be back home next week, then one more trip to Iowa, then to Chicago to catch our flight to Lima.  Now, here is the good news.   Lee Johnson, a good friend of mine, has a Deaf ministry in northern Peru, in the city of Chiclayo.  He is going on a mini furlough in April.  We have time to help out, so we will be filling in for him in the church and ministry until the first week of July.  Staying on the coast will also help our little boy's health.  (He's quite healthy, but Doc says that his lungs won't be fully developed and recommends us staying out of the altitude until he's at least 4 months old.) So working in Chiclayo helps out our brother AND our family.  Our church is excited about our going there as well, though I know they secretly want me home. (Now that I think about it, they WERE pretty quick to let me go...  Maybe I should be worried.  LOL) We are looking forward to the challenge, and we hope to be a blessing.  Our church is doing well, and each week they are being fed some good spiritual food. They also are giving a good report about Brother Jeshu in the pulpit.  Please keep praying.   I'll polish this up a bit shortly.  Thank you for your patience.   Here's a picture of Landon.  I should now have WiFi wherever I am from now to our departure on April 10th and will be able communicate a little better now.   In Christ,   Markos   -- Markos & Stephanie Lindsey Missionaries to Peru Serving the Lord in the Mantaro Valley   Home Phone: +1 (317) 536-6267 Cell Phone: +51 (99) 205-9630   Sent by: Lighthouse Baptist Church 6950 E. Raymond Street Indianapolis, IN 46239 (317) 359-4275  

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