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Mitch & Elizabeth Muller

Missionary Information

Name: Mitch Muller
Age: 62

Spouse: Elizabeth Muller
Age: 59

Child: Richard Muller
Age: 34

Child: Genovene Muller
Age: 27

Mission Field: Mexico

Years of Service: 24

Home Church: Open Door Baptist
Lynwood, Washington

Missions Agency: Word For The World
Rossville, Georgia

Our Missionary for 6 years


Missionary Update 07/31/2023


Missionary Update 06/08/2023


Missionary Update 03/30/2023


Missionary Update 08/29/2022


Missionary Update 07/14/2022

Greetings to all our friends and co partners in ministry,  

A brief update and then a brief request.  

First, our place in ministry at the moment. Since the beginning of the year we have been privileged to come into contact with several very rural churches and their pastors. Over the last 6 months we have had the opportunity to go to these remote villages and hold evangelistic campaigns where we see dozens come to the Lord every time. These dear men have a heart for their people, and they are willing to work tirelessly to see people saved. These pastors are willing to go to the next village over and disciple, witness and reach the people in these remote communities. Most of these villages are just a few hundred people, and for the most part are passed over by the city churches.

It`s been a huge blessing meeting these men and making friends among them. Our church in Merida is also excited about being involved. Twice a month we have 20 of our people signed up to go to the Highways and Hedges Ministry we have established. Only 20 at a time can go because that´s all we can move at this time. So every activity we ask that the ones that went last time let someone else go, and it´s ignited a fire in our hearts for souls.

This ministry is seeing a great harvest and we don´t know how long it will last. But we want to see it through to the end. Every month we are seeing close to a hundred people saved, with free Bibles for every person that wants one, and the wonderful thing is there is a national pastor there or one village over that is willing to go and follow up on the converts. Every week I get texts of pictures from pastors standing with a visiting family, or in a home where he is starting a discipleship class. It´s very humbling to be a help in that.

So now to the request. In November we are putting together a leadership conference, for pastors in this region. I believe we will have about 30 pastors come in from the villages. We have decided to give them lodging and feed them for 3 days with no inscription fees. We want to roll out the red carpet for these men and treat them as the royalty they are. We also want to send them off with some materials that will be a help to them in their own place of service. We have received several sets of Betty Luken Flannels and plan on dividing the materials to make 30 sampler kits of the main figures of the Bible. We also have used Abekka Flash Cards for many years and we have translated the story lines so that we can give some sets to the pastors to use in their children´s ministries. Liz will be teaching a few sessions to children´s ministry workers during the conference and we desire to send the workers back home with some Abekka Flash Cards. We know sometimes some of you have duplicate sets of these resources. (We also know not everyone uses them) Our plan is to ask you to check your cupboards and see if you have any duplicate sets. The main sets we are looking for are,

•             Old Testament Stories

•             Abraham through Joseph

•             Salvation Series

•             New Testament Stories

•             Jesus Heals and helps 

If you have any of these and would like to donate them, you can send them to our sending church, Open Door Baptist Church The address is ODBC

17014 44th Ave W

Lynnwood, WA. 98037


If you would like to purchase some for us, they are about $30 more or less. In November we will fill a few large suitcases of these gifts and pay the extra luggage fee to get them here for the conference. We have 6 pastors coming to teach and preach so there is a lot of availability as each pastor is willing to lug an extra piece of baggage.  

Thank you for taking a moment to read this and thank you for all the support each of you have undertaken over the years.  

May God bless you.  

Thank you and God bless,

Bro Mitchell Muller

"Assuredly gathering that the Lord had called us to preach the gospel unto them ..." Acts 16:10

Missionary Update 06/09/2022

 Hello to all from the beautiful Yucatán Peninsula,

It´s a privilege to write you and give you some updated information about the work here in Yucatán. 

We trust you are well and we’re thankful for each and every one that is faithful to help us stay on the field and work in the harvest.

That we’re in a harvest position is obvious to us. What we’re not sure of is what stage we might be in. Is it the first fruits, the main or the gleanings, but the conclusion for us is that we are seeing souls saved in a manner that we do not normally see in such consistency.

We have been actively working alongside some other churches, they are poor and have few resources, but what they lack in those areas they make up for in zeal. As a church we wanted to move bibles and distribute 1000 bibles we had received through a gift. So, we thought it would be a great idea to go out to rural areas, small villages and have some campaigns. So far, we have had the opportunity to hold evangelistic campaigns in several different places around our city and in every event, we have seen dozens calling on the name of the Lord for salvation.

As I write this update, just last night we were in a small town called Motul where pastor Miguel, a new friend, met us with several of his church and we knocked on some doors to invite people to a basketball court and in withing an hour there are over 100 gathered there. I personally witnessed to 3 different groups of over 10 adults, another of our men did the same. Over 75 kids sat and listened to a Bible lesson, then after ward we had some fellowship in Miguel’s church for some Cochinita Pibil sandwiches, Yummy!

This is happening 2 times a month here for the past 3 months, and on the way home the group from our church said, Why don’t we do this every week? I answered, I don’t know, why don’t we? They all said Amen! 

We have distributed almost all of our 1000 bibles in a much shorter time than we anticipated and we’re asking if anyone wants to help us purchase some more, you can donate to that need. I have found a source here in Mexico where a pallet will cost about $650. Pray about that and we’ll thank you in advance.  

There is another need we would like to try to help in and it’s to ask for some resources for these small rural churches. We use Bekka Flash A Cards in our kid’s ministries as we have found them very versatile. We’re asking if any churches have duplicates in their resource library that they might consider donating. They would go to a very worthy cause, or you could simply donate to help buy new ones.  

We’ll include some pictures of the last few villages, and we hope they will be a blessing to you.

We thank you with all our hearts for your help and support, we pray for each of you often and we trust the Lord to give you all the increase.  

Thank you and God bless

Mitchell and Elizabeth







Sending Church:                                                                                                     Support Address;

Open Door Baptist                                  Pastor Jason Murphy                              Word for the World Baptist Ministries

177014 44th Ave W                                                                                                PO Box 849

Lynnwood, WA 98037                                                                                           Rossville, GA 30741-0849




































Missionary Update 04/18/2022

Hello to all from the beautiful Yucatán Peninsula,

It´s a privilege to write you and give you some updated information about the work here in Yucatán.

The weather is now starting to get really hot, and it will still get worse as the summer approaches. Thank God for air conditioning.

We have a main prayer request about some permissions we´re trying to navigate through City Planning. Anyone who has ever dealt with a building program will understand that most of the time City Hall is not our friend, but nonetheless, we press forward. When we submitted our plans to build a 2nd floor, a lot changed for us. The initial construction pretty much went unnoticed and without any problems. Not so the 2nd floor. We have had to arrange for a load bearing test, structural analysis and hire what is called a “calculista” or a load bearing expert. So the process here is relatively slow. We have the funds we received last year, but we are in a holding pattern until we get things resolved. Please pray we will find favor and that we will get some good news from the city.

On another front, we are just really excited about some position the Lord has placed us in to be a help to others and to see many saved. We are working in the rural villages that surround our city. There are well over 500 small rural villages that dot the countryside in the state of Yucatán. Most have no gospel preaching church. So we have been going out twice a month to evangelize in these villages, or “pueblos” as we call them. We´ve seen the hand of the Lord work in a mighty way. This month we visited a small tiny village of about 250 people called San Juan Hilil, and another of about 1000 people called Uci. In both places we saw several saved and a genuine interest. A week later I was able to meet a pastor not far from Uci who went with me to the first rural village and we did some follow up, where he was able to establish 2 discipleship classes in 2 different homes. Pray for pastor Javier and for God to give him the increase as he desires to establish a mission work in this area.

We distributed 63 Bibles there and were able to give pastor Javier a case of Bibles. What a blessing to see the word of God have free course.

The home church here in Mérida keeps growing, we have visitors every Sunday and we´re planning some good activities for the park that is in front of our church building.

We started a 2nd mission church in a small community called San Antonio Chun where we meet on Thursdays. So that makes 3 church plants in our work here, and maybe the Lord will give us the privilege of starting some more.

Thank you for your continued prayers and faithful giving to keep us on the field. May God give all of you the increase.

Sending Church: Support Address;

Open Door Baptist Pastor Jason Murphy Word for the World Baptist Ministries

177014 44th Ave W PO Box 849

Lynnwood, WA 98037 Rossville, GA 30741-0849

Sending Church: Support Address;

Open Door Baptist Pastor Jason Murphy Word for the World Baptist Ministries

177014 44th Ave W PO Box 849

Missionary Update 12/02/2021


            Greetings to you from the beautiful state of Yucatán, Mexico.

We’re blessed to write you and give you a brief update on God’s workings in the field of Mérida.

All year we’ve been talking about our building project and the advances towards its completion. We can honestly say that stage 1 is what we would call a done deal. There are a few minor details that remain, like some stucco work outside, but we are worshipping in a fully functional building that we inaugurated on the 7th of November.

Our pastor Jason Murphy came and brought 2 other pastors with him. Pastor Joshua Bryant of Open Door in Missoula, MT and pastor Nate Gipp of Stillwaters Baptist in Lewiston- Clark, ID. It was an exceptionally wonderful and blessed time. The attendance was good as we had 2 nights of preaching, and the Sunday morning service was about as full as it could be. Thank God we had rented 50 chairs because we used every single one of ours and the rentals! We saw 3 people saved and had 6 baptized. All 3 messages we heard were spot on and exactly what God would have for us. All centered on the importance of God’s care for the Christian through the local church.

We had visitors from one of our church plants in another state come and we had a good group come out from our village church. It was moving to say the least. Our people here in the city were really excited about meeting the spiritual brothers and sisters they have from our village church; it was the first time we were ever together. What a joy! 

Looking forward we are already planning the 2nd floor where we’ll house Sunday school and other ministries. God is so good; our neighbor is a gym who is closed on Sundays, and he has given us free use of his covered area in the front of his building for our kid’s church. What a blessing! Pray for Hector, I have planted seed, I’m asking that the Lord give the increase.

We want to say thank you to Treasure Valley Baptist of Idaho who has given a substantial gift towards the 2nd floor classrooms, may God give them fruit that abounds to their account. Of course, we will be seeking help to continue in that worthy effort. If you want to help you can send what the Lord lays on your hearts to our mission’s board and they will set it aside for that. We have the plans; we have an estimate from our builder and we’re looking at $20 - $25,000 to see it through. (Depending upon how the costs of materials rise and fall). As was the case in our first stage our own church here will also be participating in a material drive to purchase all the blocks we’ll need.

May you each have a blessed Christmas season and a prosperous New Year! 

Mitch and Liz,

Your servants in the Yucatán


Sending Church:                                                                                                                                     Support Address;

Open Door Baptist                                                  Pastor Jason Murphy                                              Word for the World Baptist Ministries

177014 44th Ave W                                                                                                                                PO Box 849

Lynnwood, WA 98037                                                                                                                           Rossville, GA 30741-0849

Missionary Update 08/16/2021


Missionary Update 05/20/2021


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