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Patrick & Sheila Wolfe

Missionary Information

Name: Patrick Wolfe

Spouse: Sheila Wolfe

Child: Michael Wolfe
Age: 8

Mission Field: Germany

Years of Service: 7

Home Church: Bethel Baptist Church
Walls, Mississippi

Missions Agency: Baptist International Missions, Inc.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 8 years


Missionary Update 01/11/2024

November to December 2023 Dear Prayer Partners, Frohe Weihnachten and Happy New Year from Germany. Thank you so much for your faithful support, prayers and love that you have shown us throughout the year, but especially the extra blessing you are to our family around the holidays. We have had a busy, but exciting few months. We had the privilege to host a baptism service for our dear friends, the Hornungs, church. They have a German work across the river from us and they needed a baptistry so they could baptize 7 of their people. It was a joy to watch and be a part of such a beautiful service. We were also able to have our first couples baby shower at the church in October. It has been a while since we hosted a baby shower and we look forward to this special baby girl’s arrival in January. The same weekend as the baby shower we had our 5th Sunday fellowship, potluck, and game time. It’s always a good time of fun, lots of laughter, and competition. We all enjoy the extra time together as church family. At the end of October our family was able to attend the Mission Possible retreat in Rothenburg Germany. It was made possible by dear friends of ours who paid our way to attend this wonderful retreat that not only encouraged and blessed us, but also had many activities for Michael to participate in. It is a busy time, but a time of good preaching, food, fellowship, and encouragement. In November, we celebrated Michael’s 8th birthday with friends and we are so blessed to have him in our family. We had our big Thanksgiving potluck at the church and a sweet time of testimony of thankfulness to God in our afternoon service. It’s always a blessing to hear what God is doing in the lives of others. In December we had our cookie exchange and church Christmas party. We enjoyed a time of sweet fellowship, laughter and games. We are so thankful for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and the opportunity to celebrate and serve Him. We ended 2023 with a great church service with visitors, and a time of testimony for our Lord in the afternoon service, followed by games as it was a 5th Sunday. 2023 was filled with so much love, fun and joy, but also a time of growth and more prayer as several of our dear people are going through trying times. We’ve also had many visitors looking for something more than what the world is offering them. Our church theme for 2024 is “Grow more in 2024”. Please continue to pray for us as we be a light in our community, and that we will grow in our faith and walk with our Lord. Thank you again for loving our family, praying for us and supporting us. We are honored to represent you here in Germany. May God bless you and may your New Year be filled with love, hope, and the Joy of Christ. Luke 12:48 The Wolfes – Patrick, Sheila and Michael

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