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Robinson & Ansu Thomson

Missionary Information

Name: Robinson Thomson
Age: 40

Spouse: Ansu Thomson
Age: 34

Child: Asher Thomson
Age: 9

Mission Field: India

Years of Service: 3

Home Church: Biblical Baptist Church
Pampady, Kerala

Missions Agency: Baptist Evangelistic Missionary Association
Columbus, Ohio

Our Missionary for 3 years


Missionary Update 01/24/2022


Missionary Update 05/24/2021

Greetings from India,

On behalf of the pastors and believer’s, we want to thank you once again for your prayers and support for our country.

As you all know, our country is going through a very hard time with the coronavirus.

Recently we have lost 2 of our dear ladies with the virus and many affected victims in our churches and localities. I, along with pastor Raju and Pastor Binoy, conducted the funeral for one of the ladies and Pastor Baby Peter for the other.

We are under lockdown again and may be a little longer since the coronavirus cases and going up again.

New strain of virus has been found in India mostly affecting young people more than the old. Many of the people I have known personally have been a victim of the virus. On top of all this ‘black Fungus’ also has been found and many are affected. Families and patients are pleading for help, hospitals and cemeteries are overwhelmed. We pray that the Lord will have mercy upon us and all these situations will be a time for the gospel to be shared and preached everywhere.


Since we are on lockdown – all our mission churches are closed and not able to come together for worship. We have started our zoom meeting again for worship and fellowship. Monday to Friday we meet on zoom for our church family prayer. We pray for the affected ones, for our believers and also for you all. I encourage you to join us on zoom for bible classes and preaching. (Monday to Friday india time 8pm -9pm which will be morning in the US)


The Lord has put a burden on my heart and I have decided to help our pastors and workers with little grocery items. Our pastor and the workers have been staying home since the lockdown. Many are struggling and need help. I decided to give my personal help that I receive to buy some things for our pastors.

I would also like to see our believers are also getting some help with some food items but I am unable to help everyone. If any of you like to join to help our believers with rice and food items it will be a blessing. I encourage you to be a blessing.

I also encourage our believers to be a help to others and to share what they have. Some are making lunch and sharing to the covid victims and for the people who are in quarantine. Some are working voluntarily with the local government helping the community.

Champathal Church will be used as a Covid Testing Center for a few days since the entire village is affected with Covid and the local government asked us to use the facilities for the testing center.

We pray that God will show His mercy upon our lives and an open door for the gospel to reach in the life of the people.

Pray with us and pray for us…..

Robinson Thomson



Robinson Thomson Biblical Baptist Church Pampady P.O. Box-12 Kottayam, Kerala, INDIA - 686502

Missionary Update 03/08/2021

Greetings from india,

“O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever” (Ps 107:1)

The Lord is good to us and we want to thank you all for your prayers and support for the ministry.

Ministry updates:

In the month of February heaven gained 3 precious people from our ministry. Pastor Daniel, Mary John- mother of Pastor Raju John and Bro. P. C. Kuttan- deacon of biblical Baptist church pushpagiri.

I had the privilege of conducting 3 of these funeral services and preach during the service. Hundreds of people gathered for the service and heard the gospel. I also had the privilege of conducting the baptism at Thrikannamagal were 4 people got baptized.

We had a week long of prayer meeting in pampady. Many people came for the service and we prayed for ministry and for you all. Some of our mission churches are still closed due to the covid situation in the area and hope we can reopen the church for service soon. Since Corona our little kids were not able to church for Sunday school or church services. The church decided to take the Sunday school to their neighborhood and conduct one of our church member’s homes. Now we have several Sunday school classes happening in different areas every Sunday afternoon. We were able to invite and teach to many people who do not even go to church. We pray that we will be able to reach their home by this ministry.

Special prayer request:

1.       Pray for the church in Kannam. Pastor Daniel went to be with the lord and the church is looking for a pastor. One of our men decided to go there and take the responsibility till we find someone.

2.       Pray for the Church in Nedumavu. As I have mentioned before we have to pay the final money by this month in order to write the property in our name. otherwise, we will lose the property and the building. Please pray God will provide for the believers in Nedumavu.

3.       We submitted our paper for registration last week and are waiting to hear from again. It is going to be hard but we trust in the Lord.

4.       Gospel Team Work. We have planned several meetings in different areas. Pray for protection and boldness to share the gospel. We are still in need of a generator for this program.

5.       Our bible college ministry. We are praying for more class rooms and dormitories for our college. Pray for our bible institute every Tuesday and Wednesday night going to start very soon.

6.       Pray for souls to be saved and people need to be reached.

We thank you all for remembering us in your prayers and for the support in the ministry.

May God bless you all.


In His service,

Robinson Thomson


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