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Roger & Cheryl Riley

Missionary Information

Name: Roger Riley
Age: 70

Spouse: Cheryl Riley
Age: 69

Child: Roger Thomas Riley
Age: 43

Child: Nathan Lee Riley
Age: 38

Mission Field: Philippines

Years of Service: 39

Home Church: Memorial Baptist Church
Ocala, Florida

Missions Agency: Central Missionary Clearing House
Houston, Texas

Our Missionary for 5 years


Missionary Update 08/10/2023


Missionary Update 06/01/2023


Missionary Update 04/27/2023

Sorry for the delay in sending in our monthly report.  Will do better in the future. 

Roger and I returned from the Philippine on March 7.

 I have been working on the Spanish/English New Testament  lay out for Dr. Smith and continued working on this project and completed it and submitted to the secretary. 

A container of Bibles was sent out from Bible &Literature Missionary Foundation from Shelbyville, TN to Pastor Madina in the Philippines.   

We had a meeting  with Calvary Baptist Church in Ft. Walton Beach, FL to speak to the Asian Fellowship at their church.  On the way  we went through Tallahassee and stop to submit the Deed of Donation  for the shipment and to get the Apostille through the Secretary of State. 

We visited a few of our supporting churches near us in Flordia and gave an update of our trip to the Philippines. 

I also reformatting the English/Tagalog New Testament.  This project took up many hours since it is over 600 pages.  

We just received the Bill of Lading for the Philippine container and will be sending this to our Broker in the Philippines to begin the process of getting it released from Customs.  We also were able to renew our Import License for another year.

We will be traveling to Ohio in May for the Camp Meeting at Fellowship Tract League in Lebanon, Ohio.  We also will be visiting several other churches as we travel. 

Souls are being saved and Pastors are coming daily to the warehouse in Lipa City, Batangas.  Our working Bro. Ramil is busy preaching and has been winning and discipling people as he maintains the warehouse.   

Bro. Dante who is a recruiter for a shipping line is presenting the Gosple to the new recruits and giving them a Tagalog/English New Testament. 

I am attaching some pictures.  Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.  Praying for the mission trip to Peru. 

Cheryl and Roger Riley


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Missionary Update 04/13/2023


Missionary Update 03/20/2023


Missionary Update 02/06/2023

Hello Pastor Smith, 

Yes we are finally back in the Philippines since December 13th and will be here for a few months this time.  We lived here for 25 years until I contracted a kidney disease called Sarcoidosis.  I have to have complete lab work every 6 months by my kidney doctor to adjust my meds.  It seems the vitamin D I get from the intense sun here that  turns into calcium  my body cannot regulate the calcium in my kidneys. 

So for the last 10 years we go back and forth.  While in the US I work with 6 printing ministries to  ship back 10 million Tagalog Gospel tracts plus Gospels of Tagalog Illustrated Romans and salvation & Discipleship Coloring Books for children.  Also the Tagalog/English New Testaments printed by BLMF. I need to travel to raise funds for shipping, customs and release of  1 to 4 Containers each year to our Precious Seed Ministries warehouse and distribution center south of Manila.  We have a team of Filipinos who maintain and keep the warehouse open and the materials going out.   Pastors are coming every week to pick up  boxes of  materials.  While here I preach for Filipino Pastors in Bible Fellowships and special meetings and hear of their great need for Scriptures and tracts. 

We also direct our  non-profit corporation and file the paperwork for the Security & Exchange Commission, submit a yearly Bureau of Internal Revenue report, and customs requirements as well as  paperwork for our Import License to be renewed each year.  In January I had a meeting with our local Mayor to obtain a letter from his office exempting us from getting a Business License since we have a non-profit ministry and not a business.  He had given us our first letter in 2014 when he was City Hall Counselor  and now he  has become the  Mayor.  He asked for Tagalog/English New Testaments for the over 1,000 employees that work at City Hall. 

Yes we are aware of the controversy with the Abantes.  Since they made it public many Filipino Pastors have taken a stand for their  KJV  Bible. 

Yes Cheryl and I are dedicated and committed to continue shipping and distributing God’s Word in Tagalog and helping Pastor Medina as well as helping nearly a 1,000 other Filipino churches and other Evangelistic ministries with their need of Scriptures and tracts. 

Yes, we understand about the Spanish scriptures.  Cheryl would be happy to help with the computer work for  a Bilingual Spanish New Testament.  Does BLMF have the digital copy to start that project? 

Thank you Faith Baptist Church family for allowing us the privilege of working together in the Great Commission.

Bro. Roger and Cheryl

I Timothy 1:12

Missionary Update 01/26/2023

Hello every one. 

We have been here in the Philippines for over a month.  Roger has been busy making repairs on PSM property.  Tract distribution goes on daily.  Pastors are coming daily.  Some pick up 40 or 30 boxes at a time for their ministry.  Some have traveled over 12 hours.  This means they are getting 30,000 to 40,000 tracts.  Others are coming to pick up just a box or two.

The 20 ft container from Bible and Literature Foundation is due in the first of February.  Paperwork has been turned in to start the process to get the container released and delivered from the port.

We need to get a Letter of Accreditation from the mayor's office saying that we don't need a business license in order to renew our import license.  Their is a new mayor now.  Turns out he has known about our ministry for over10 years and he was the first one that had issued our first letter.  Roger asked if he could see him since we had known him from years past.  He did meet with him and Mayor Marisigan did remember him and Roger prayed with him.  He wanted to know if we could give his office New Testaments for all the workers.  Of course we were happy to say we could.  He even wants to visit our warehouse.

When Roger went back the letter was not available because the Vice Mayor wanted us to join a civil organization which we did not want to join.  Roger asked to talk to the Mayor again.  Yesterday we got a call from his office to come pick up the Accreditation Letter.  PRAISE THE LORD FOR ANSWERED PRAYER!

It is good to be back on the Mission Field.  Our worker. Bro. Ramil, has started a small church in our neighborhood and some are being saved.

I am sending several pictures that we hope you will enjoy.

Missionary Roger and Cheryl Riley

Missionary Update 12/15/2022


Missionary Update 11/10/2022


Missionary Update 11/03/2022


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