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Seth & Jennifer Demarest

Missionary Information

Name: Seth Demarest
Age: 38

Spouse: Jennifer Demarest
Age: 35

Child: Patrick Demarest
Age: 8

Child: Anson Demarest
Age: 6

Mission Field: Uganda

Years of Service: 5

Home Church: Crossroads Baptist Church
Carthage, Missouri

Missions Agency: Baptist International Missions Inc.
Harrison, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 5 years


Missionary Update 09/05/2023


Missionary Update 05/11/2023


Missionary Update 04/04/2023

Pastor Smith,  

Thank you for praying for us! This month has been a tough month in living and planting the church in Busaabala. But we are thankful the Lord has given us strength to continue faithfully in ministry. Soul winning and church attendance has been low this month, but is to be expected with the rainy season. This month we have continued to teach in the Bible college (we are about half way done with the semester) and the students are enjoying the revised lessons on Baptist Distinctive and fundamentals. I revised them a bit because the information was a bit confusing and some lessons leaned more toward a “baptist bride” and “Apostolic Succession for the church” with this I had revised my notes that the students are enjoying and understanding the fundamentals of the faith and what makes us as Baptist different then others.  This month we have also had a good friend join us in ministry to help with translating during preaching and Soul winning. Bro Joshua has been a huge help in ministry and knows many local languages. He has helped with two other church plants and is a product of of the first year students of the Bible colleges he has been an encouragement to me in the ministry and has a desire to help us in the ministry at Twin Hills Baptist Chruch. Please be praying for us specifically was we start a building project. The Landlord has given us permission to build a temporary building on the property. We are excited to build it in direct view of the front gate so people can walk by and see what we are doing and hear the preaching of Gods word. As well we are putting up more church signage and asking the Lord to use soul-winning and these projects to increase visitors and opportunities to witness to the lost in our community. Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support,  

Seth Demarest



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Missionary Update 03/02/2023

Pastor Smith,  

Hello from Uganda! February was a busy month in ministry, our weekly soul winning has gone well with many folks placing their trust in the Lord for salvation. Last Sunday we had one first time visitor, named Jerod, who raised his hand during the invitation for salvation. After the service one of the bible college students sat with him and explained how the Lord died for him on the cross, and about twenty minutes later, he bowed his head and asked the Lord to be his saviour. We had another second time visitor on Wednesday evening raise her hand and ask for prayer for herself because she “wanted to understand how to be saved”. While I gave the Bible study, another friend, Pastor John Bosco, who helps us go soul winning in the afternoons on Wednesday, sat out with her on the front porch and preached the Gospel to her and she got saved. Its a blessing to see these new baby Christians being born again! This month as well, the men had our first men’s prayer meeting/breakfast. I enjoy hearing the men pray for one another and the church as they asked the Lord to bless “our church”. I am thankful we had 6 men and 4 children attend the breakfast. In the afternoon Jen had her Ladies meeting with two first time ladies attending, along with some of the ladies that were in the village for the holidays. Jen enjoyed the time with the Ladies, and the Ladies enjoyed the time in fellowship and bible study. Thank you for praying for us and allowing us to take the Gospel to Uganda for you! Lord bless!  

Seth & Jen Demarest | | +256 (78) 135-8561


Missionary Update 02/06/2023


Missionary Update 12/05/2022


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