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Steve & Nohemy Sidler

Missionary Information

Name: Steve Sidler
Age: 59

Spouse: Nohemy Sidler
Age: 59

Child: Angela Sidler
Age: 28

Child: Michael Sidler
Age: 26

Child: Sarah Sidler
Age: 19

Mission Field: Dominican Republic

Years of Service: 28

Home Church: Independent Baptis Church
Clinton, Maryland

Missions Agency: Baptist International Missions Inc.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 28 years


Missionary Update 04/01/2024

Dear Pastor and Church family: March 30, 2024 We send you warm greetings from the Dominican Republic. We are so thankful that, just as Jesus sent His disciples to a lost in dying world upon His resurrection, He has also sent my wife and me to serve Him in the Dominican Republic. “Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.” (John 20:21) On January 16, 2024, there was a terrible fire in our home. Since the house was made mostly of block and cement, it was not completely lost, like it would have been in the states, since the houses there are made out of wood and sheet rock. Praise the Lord, although my wife almost got stuck on the second floor during the fire, she was able to get out. After the fire, because of different issues with the administration of the house, we were forced to have to move. It was very hard to find a home that we felt would be safe and close enough to our church. But, praise the Lord, He gave us another house to rent! We moved into it and have been sleeping in it now for three nights. It is much closer to our church than we have ever been before, and close to stores, and pretty much anywhere we would need to go. Thank you so much for your prayers during these last couple of extremely hard days for us. We are also so very thankful for those who sent us special offerings to help us with the fire damage and other issues with the abrupt move. A couple of weeks ago, Bro. Gary Sprunger, our Director for the Caribbean with BIMI, came with Pastor Mike Whitt, from the New Life Independent Baptist Church, of Hurdle Mills, NC, and a group of men from his church, to be with us to help us lay the foundation for our new Sunday School building. We were able to get a lot accomplished, and we thank them so very much for their great help. For the next phase of the project we are praying that the Lord would provide us with $20,000 to get the walls up and the ring beam on the building. If the Lord would allow for you to help with this project please send your offering to: Missionary Steve Sidler, BIMI, P.O. Box 9, Harrison, TN, 37341, - Sidler Sunday School Building. Please continue to pray for all of the different churches the Lord has allowed us to start, with all of their different problems, projects, and needs. We are so thankful to the Lord for giving us the great privilege of serving Him here, and for you being our co-laborers and friends in the ministry here. God bless you!. Your friends and servants in the Dominican Republic, Missionaries Steve and Nohemy Sidler _______________________________________________________________________ Missionaries Steve & Nohemy Sidler (Where to send mail to get to us in the DR) 1806 Montevideo Road, Jessup, MD 20794. The Sidler Family Serving Christ in the Dominican Republic [Pick the date] Serving with Serving with Baptist International Missions Inc. Baptist International Missions Inc. –– Home 8Home 85050--600600--50605060; Cel. 809; Cel. 809--949949--80528052

Missionary Update 02/01/2024


Missionary Update 10/30/2023

Dear Pastor Smith and Church Family:  We pray you are doing well.  God is blessing here in a great way.  Three weeks ago, my wife came down with "dengue" and had to stay home sick for about a week.  Praise the Lord she is doing much better now.  The following week we had our church anniversary.  The Lord gave us an attendance of 741, with 125 professions of faith and 4 baptized.  We praise the Lord for His blessings!  Today the Lord gave us great services all day.  This evening, one of our young men, Derek, got baptized.  He had been struggling with his salvation and got it straightened out, and wanted to make sure he got baptized biblically afterwards.  He sings in our church choir, works on one of our walk-in routes, and takes a class in our Junior Bible Institute (for teenagers.)  A week from this Monday, the pastor from my home church, Pastor Mike Creed will be coming with a group to help us evangelize the northern peninsula of Samana.  We are praying to be able to get John & Romans, along with some tracts out all over the area.  Last year we did the same and were able to get into the schools in the area.  We are praying to be able to have that door open again this year.  Pray for one of our young men who has been in our church for years.  I won´t give his name, without his permission, but he is struggling with God´s will for his life.  He wants to serve the Lord full-time, and realizes he may need to give up some other directions he is going with his life in order to be able to do that.  Please pray for him.  God bless you and thank you for allowing us to represent you as we win souls, start churches, and train people for the work of the ministry here in the Dominican Republic.  Your friends and servants in the Dominican Republic, Missionaries Steve and Nohemy Sidler

Missionary Update 06/01/2023


Missionary Update 04/27/2023

  The Sidler Family Serving Christ in the Dominican Republic  Dear Pastor Smith and Church Friends:                                                                                                April 25, 2023 We send you warm greetings from the Dominican Republic.  It is our prayer that the Lord bless you, your family, and your church in a great and mighty way! Praise the Lord for His many blessings in our lives and ministry here in the Dominican Republic.  Last weekend we had a special youth activity with our church in Manoguayabo, with Pastor Armando.  There was a group of 115 present, and we saw 4 people get saved.  One of our other pastors at our church in Fantino has been getting into the schools and they have allowed him to present the gospel and hand out John and Romans and tracts.  Last week he saw 164 pray to receive Christ as their Saviour in one of the schools.  This week, in another school, there were 79 who professed faith in Jesus Christ and more than 100 others received an John and Romans.  At our first church, we are working on plans to build a new Sunday School building, put a basketball court in our parking lot, and have some other projects. I have been sick over the last 2 weeks.  On Saturday and Sunday nights, this week, I slept and hour and a half each night.  I was so thankful to the Lord that the medicine started working and I was able to get a good night’s sleep last night.  It was still a challenge to fall asleep.  Please pray for us in regards to buying a van that we desperately need for our church.  We have a big school bus which is such a big, big blessing!  However, it would really help us to have a 15 passenger van that is available from another Missionary family that took care of their van, and they are selling it now for $8,000.  I know that the Lord will provide, but please help us by praying that He will help us.  I will probably mention this in our next prayer letter, but you are the first people we are mentioning it to. God bless you and thank you for being our friends. Your friends and servants in the Dominican Republic, Missionaries Steve and Nohemy Sidler   _______________________________________________________________________ Missionaries Steve, Nohemy, and Sarah Sidler – DMG #20371, c/o Agape Flights, 100 Airport Ave E., Venice, FL 34285-3901 Serving with Baptist International Missions Inc. – Home 850-600-5060; Cel. 809-949-8052

Missionary Update 03/02/2023


Missionary Update 01/03/2023

Dear Pastor Smith and Faith Baptist Church:  We pray that this letter finds you enjoying God's richest blessings in your lives.  God is giving us a wonderful time this month.  On December 10th, we had a special Christmas concert.  Many of the churches we started all got together with us in Quita Sueno on that Saturday for that activity.  We had some wonderful preaching from Pasto Fernando of Vietnam, Santo Domingo, and the choir did an excellent job.  The Lord also gave us 8 souls saved as a result of the preaching.  This last Sunday was our Christmas banquet.  We had it on Sunday morning after our morning preaching time, and then had another preaching time after the meal.  This Sunday, the 25th, I asked the choir to plan on doing the concert again on our Christmas day service.    Tomorrow my wife and I will be going to pick up our two daughters, Angela and Sarah at the airport.  They are coming to spend a week with us for Christmas.  This Sunday we will give a bag of candy and a little toy to our church kids.  It is the only present most of them will get this Christmas.  Carlos and Sarah Mora, from our church, will going up to "El Limon" to help us start our 13th church this January.  We have already been evangelizing and have seen over 200 professions of faith in that area over the last 4 weeks.  The people here in the Dominican are very open to the gospel.    We sure appreciate you folks and are so thankful for your faithful prayer and financial support.  God bless you!  Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Your friends and servants in the Dominican Republic, Missionaries Steve and Nohemy Sidler

Missionary Update 12/01/2022


Missionary Update 11/03/2022


Missionary Update 07/28/2022


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