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Takis & April Korianitis

Missionary Information

Name: Takis Korianitis
Age: 52

Spouse: April Korianitis
Age: 54

Child: Zoe Korianitis
Age: 30

Child: Fotinos Korianitis
Age: 24

Child: Kyriakos Korianitis
Age: 17

Child: Anestis Korianitis
Age: 15

Mission Field: Greece

Years of Service: 25

Home Church: Faith Baptist Church
Somis, California

Missions Agency: Baptist Missions to Forgotten People
Jacksonville, Florida

Our Missionary for 9 years


Missionary Update 03/22/2022

We were surprised to see that we have not communicated with you for so long!!!!! Life has been very busy here for us!

Harvesting the olives, collecting the wood for our heating for the winter and many opportunities to witness through music were some of the activities that kept us busy. Personal counseling, Bible Studies, Preaching, Youth Club and Prayer Meetings were ministries that filled our days, weeks and months. Αlong with the ongoing New Building Project, working on the camp grounds for fencing, and my (Takis) mother’s care.  

Despite all the covid regulations and restrictions we were able to conduct our services freely without any interruptions from the civil protection group.  

We greatly appreciate all of you that are praying and giving towards our new building project.

The war in Ukraine has raised the price of everything in the market. So, at the end of February, we took a break from building until things and prices are stabilized and lowered. For now, we are directing some financial help to missionaries we know up in Hungry and Romania to help with refugees. We have a need for this building, but other believers have a greater need at this time.  We do not forward the funds that you have sent for the building, instead, we utilize our missions account and special offerings.  

In our music school we have a small choir of mostly girls from the age of 5 to 9. Some parents have asked if we would host a summer camp this year.  We are not able to commit to having a camp this year again because of the uncertainty of covid and now of the war. April and I thought to acquire more information on what the need is.  The parents communicated to us they would rather leave their children to our care during their work season of the summer than at any other place in Zakynthos, including   the grandparents. They would need this care from June 15 to September 15.  Our camps usually run for 1 or 2 weeks, but this will be for 3 months. There are about 10 children that are interested, so we are going to give it a try.  April and I along with our 2 boys.

This will be a tremendous opportunity to witness to these children for 3 months!!! This is a “pilot test” of a vision that I have had for years: to conduct a day care through the summer months when many parents need a place for their children while they work. 

Please Pray for:

Salvation and freedom of Greeks from Greek religious traditions and sin.

More workers for the harvest in Greece.

The future Church building Finances.

  • The Summer Day Care.
  • Mother’s needs and salvation (her name is Zoe)
  • Our radio to keep reaching Greeks in Greece and around the world
  • Outreach through Music. Outreach via social media.
  • Wisdom for April and I as we deal with the needs of people.