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Yohannes & Kidist Getaneh

Missionary Information

Name: Yohannes Getaneh
Age: 51

Spouse: Kidist Getaneh
Age: 43

Child: Leah Getaneh
Age: 19

Child: Yafet Getaneh
Age: 17

Child: Bement Getaneh
Age: 11

Mission Field: Zambia

Home Church: Faith Baptist Church
Jefferson City, Tennessee

Missions Agency: Baptist International Outreach
Jefferson City, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 11 years


Missionary Update 03/22/2022

Dear Praying friends,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from Zambia.

Lamentations 3:21-24. Praise the Lord for His goodness. Since I communicated last, the situation with COVID-19 has gotten better in Zambia.

The work in Solwezi is encouraging. The Deaf are working hard to register their church with the Registrar of Societies. Then they want to apply for land to build their church. Pastor Jonas is on fire the Lord.

I was so blessed to receive report from Bro. Liplililo. He was one of our teachers at Faith Baptist Deaf School Kanyama branch. He was also a song leader and a soul winner. About two months ago, the Ministry of Education hired him and his wife as teachers. He was posted to Chinsali close to the border with Tanzania. It is 820 km north east of Lusaka, in Muchinga province. The province is the 10th and the newest provinces in Zambia. I am so happy that we were able to penetrate there. He was able to lead 21 deaf people to the Lord and has started to disciple some deaf. It was in 1998, where God helped me to start a Bible Institute for the Deaf at Munali boarding school. I was teaching many deaf there, who came for their high school from all over Zambia. Liplialilo was one of them. Now, I start to see the fruits. Many of them posted and paid by the government as teachers of the Deaf where they reach the deaf in all parts of Zambia. God always has a plan.

The heavy rain has caused lots of destruction in Zambia. The Deaf are among the affected. Some of the deaf farmers we helped to plant maize, their crop were destroyed. Some of their food and houses were also destroyed. Even our fence at church was collapsed after a heavy rain. Please pray for the affected.

Zambia’s 4th president, his Excellency Rupiah Bozani Banda went to be with the Lord. He was so close to my family, the Deaf of Zambia and me. He was the first president to visit our Deaf church in Matero in 2010 and spent over 7 hours with us. He was accompanied with his wife and two children. During his visit, I passionately requested for land to build a safe house and school for the deaf. He was touched with the plight and pledged that he will give us land and help us to build the school. He then gave us 10 acres of land and announced that he allocated money for the building. While he was in office, the work started and well progressed until he lost his vote in 2011. Since then there has been three presidents changed. The building still is not finished and I don’t know if they still will honor his wish and give us the property. It is a beautiful property and so much can be done there. Please be in prayer with us that God’s will be done.

Thank you for praying for our family and the deaf ministry in Zambia. We are praying for you. May God help us to be faithful in the ministry he assigned us.

Serving the King of Kings

 Yohannes, Kidist, Leah, Yafet (Ben) and Bemenet