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Bobby Lemmon

Missionary Information

Agency/Ministry: Bible & Literature Missionary Foundation

Name: Bobby Lemmon

Mission Field: United States

Home Church:

Missions Agency:

Our Missionary for 10 years


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BLMF Partners & Friends,

It’s Scripture Conference time in Tennessee, I hope you have your reservations for Monday’s “Lunch With The Board”; if not, please be here at 1 o’clock for Dr. Mike Allison’s message. Dr. Mike Allison, Pastor of the Madison Baptist Church of Madison, AL is to be followed by Dr. Garvin Walls Pastor of the Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church of Oliver Springs, TN and Dr. David Harrison, Pastor of the Homeland Baptist Church of Kingsport, TN. Supper will be provided for all of our pastors, preachers, missionaries, fulltime Christian workers and for all of our out of town guest at 5PM. A special musical concert at 6:30PM by the Good Shepherd’s Children Home and the regular evening service at 7PM with Dr. David Gibbs. There will be an “Open House” at the Bible barn preceding the lunch from 10AM until 11AM with Brother Lemmon. Light refreshments will be served!
Tuesday we’ll start with coffee and donuts at 9AM; the morning services will begin at 9:30AM with our first speaker, Dr. Mike Norris, Pastor of the Franklin Road Baptist Church of Murfreesboro, TN. Following Dr. Norris will be Pastor Findley Cutshaw, Pastor of the Eastside Baptist Church of Memphis TN, and Pastor Jay McGaughy, Pastor of the Temple Baptist Church of Dumas, TX. Lunch will be provided for everyone in attendance at 12 noon! On Tuesday afternoon we will hear from as many missionaries as we have time starting with Dr. Bob Ford our dear friend with Bearing Precious Seed, Milford OH, followed by Brother Mitch Tillman Missionary to Mongolia, Brother Ed Stanley with Missionary Helpers who has just returned from Togo, Africa after distributing a container of 30,000 Bibles there. In addition to introducing all of our missionaries present, we will hear from as many of them as we have the time. Supper will be at 5PM for all of our pastors, preachers, missionaries, full-time Christian workers and all out of town guests. There will be a Special music “Bluegrass Gospel” concert at 6PM with local church talent with the evening service beginning at 7PM. The Multi-Church Conference will be singing both nights and we will have a variety of special music in every service.
As always, we will be having a host of pastors and friends from out of state, with several pastors bringing a number of their members with them. During the evening services we will recognize all churches bringing groups of five or more with a special gift of 200 beautiful, personalized New Testaments both nights for the church with the most members present. One gift will go to the Tennessee or Alabama church with the most members present and a second gift for the out of state church with the most members present. All pastors, preachers, missionaries and Christian workers, present will receive a beautiful lapel pin and, a free book for those who show up for either open house at the Bible Barn. All non-supporting pastors will receive their choice of a case of 24 vinyl covered Bibles or 20 hardback Bibles and every supporting pastor, a copy of the limited edition of the “Awake America’s” book entitled “The Foundations That Sustain America”.
For those of you who cannot, who would find it impossible to attend the services in person, the services will be live streamed both days. Pastors, please encourage your church families to go on line and tune us in at and to please phone, text, face book or e-mail all of their friends asking them to tune in also. The live streaming is for those who would find it impossible to attend in person, which is better than missing it altogether. Live stream is like kissing your wife over the phone, all you get is the smack, and you miss out on the best part, the sugar and the slobber! If you’re not present you will miss out on the fellowship and the presence of the Holy Spirit.
We’re going to have a great time in the Lord as we celebrate our 48th Anniversary and enjoy two wonderful days of good old-fashioned KJ Bible preaching and singing.
Also, our beautiful 2017 wall calendars will be available for anyone and everyone who would like to have one of them. Looking forward to seeing you here next week!
Yours In Christ,
Bobby Lemmon

Set my soul afire, Lord, set my soul afire,
Make my life a witness of Thy saving pow'r.
Millions grope in darkness, waiting for Thy Word,
Set my soul afire, Lord, Set my soul afire.

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