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Christian & Cinthya Sua

Missionary Information

Name: Christian Sua

Spouse: Cinthya Sua

Mission Field: Colombia

Home Church: Iglesia Biblica Bautista de Suba

Missions Agency: The Gospel Preacher Association
Lawrenceville, Georgia

Our Missionary for 2 years


Missionary Update 09/04/2018


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Missionary Update 07/06/2018


Missionary Photos

Missionary Update 05/07/2018


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Missionary Update 03/05/2018


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Missionary Update 12/01/2017


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Missionary Update 08/08/2017


Missionary Update 06/05/2017

Dear Pastor and Church:

It is a privilege that God allows us to serve Him. We thank you for taking the time to read this letter, for praying for us and for what God wants to do here.


The church remains faithful, these months we have seen a growth in our church, thank God! As you know, we have couples meetings every end of the month, and in the last two meetings we had excellent attendance.

In the month of May we had the visit of Pastor Jeremy Markle, Pastor Angel Espada and his wife Margaret Espada, along with them we made a campaign where they spoke about the signs before the end. We had 9 visitors and 3 people saved. Praise God! The church is growing little by little, thank God and your prayers for us.

The Biblical Baptist Mission “TRANSFORMING HEARTS”, go on, preaching the Gospel and meeting faithfully.


The church has a challenge, to cover and reach each house in the surrounding neighborhoods. We ask you to pray so that people can have the time and confidence to talk to us and we can give them Gospel of salvation.

Our Vacation Bible School is around the corner. We will have some young men from the States who will help us preach the Gospel to children during a school break week in June. We pray so many children can come to our VBS.


We continue with our Bible Institute Classes. We have a group on Tuesdays taking Biblical Doctrines and with a brother on Saturdays viewing Hermeneutics. Christian is starting to see how the students are growing in the Lord.

Our brethren are excited and thirsty for biblical edification, and we continue with our Houses of Peace.

We are having weekly meetings with 3 different families in their own houses. Our goal is to have guests there, so when they have guests we give them the Gospel. When they don’t have guests, Christian teaches them about any question they have encounter in the Bible or about specific topic they want to learn. For example, last Thursday, Julian and his wife wanted to know how to give the plan of salvation to a friend who is a Jehovah’s Witness follower. They learned how to do it, and they did it. Now, their friend started having questions about it, so we are praying for his salvation. Please pray for Julian and his wife, Patricia. They’re young but are giving tremendous changes in their lives and also are very encouraged to give the Gospel to their friends and relatives.


We celebrated Camila’s seventh month and we give thanks to God for her. Bogota is having colder weather these days; so many children are in the hospital. Even though we got sick, Camila didn’t have to go to the hospital and we thank God for this. God has kept us well and encouraged by the challenge of serving and counseling our brethren.


-For Church Projects: Planting Churches, Houses of Peace, Vacation Bible School.

-For wisdom to make decisions, counseling and witnessing.

-Increased missionary support.

Thank you for your prayers and future help.

P.S. You can follow our service more closely through Facebook: Iglesia Bautista Gracia y Paz, or visit our website:


Missionary Update 04/03/2017


Missionary Update 03/06/2017


Missionary Update 01/27/2017

Dear Pastor and brethren:
We keep going on forward by God´s grace and we are grateful for your interest in
the minitry here. Your prayers impel us to continue working for the Lord.
God keeps working in the church, and keep bringing families.
We thank God because in the month of November 3 brothers were baptized
We have seen a rental house for the church and we are praying for God´s will to be done. This new house
has many rooms and space for the classes we give at church. We urge to help us praying so the owner of
the house lower the rent and we can rent it.
God guided us to begin a new “Mission”, with the goal to be an INDEPENDENT CHURCH. We will start
the Sunday services this month of February and will continue having the other meetings on Tuesdays and
Saturdays. Our church is sending brother Omar Muñoz, he is prepared and God has called him to serve
Him. Please pray for him
Our church has as goal to do various “Great days” or “Day of guests” this year. Our first “Great Day” was
recently. By God´s grace we had a total of 75 people, including 35 guests! (pictures attached)
We rejoiced that day because God saved some guests and He moved our brethren to serve. Our brethren
brought guests and serve them after the service with a lunch we had for them.
Jail Ministry: Our church is winning souls in some jails. God has opened doors so that His Word can be
preached inside some jails. Some imprisoned had been baptized.
We are praying and preparing clases for Bible Institute. Our desire is to prepare our brethren for a better
service and edification.
We continue having our Houses of Peace. Lord willing, we will being two new houses of peace very soon.
God has worked in the heart of some brothers and they want to have these meetings at their house. They
want to win their families and neighbors for Christ.
Camila is growing so fast and it has been a tremendous joy to have her with us. We are in good health,
rejoicing in what God is doing here.
We are grateful for your prayers and interest in us. May God bless you always.
-Church Projects: Planting churches; Houses of Peace.
-For wisdom in making decisions, counseling and witnessing.
-Increase in our missionary support. If you think God is guiding you to help us, you can send your help to:

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