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Doug & Becky Sisson

Missionary Information

Name: Doug Sisson
Age: 59

Spouse: Becky Sisson
Age: 57

Mission Field: Philippines

Years of Service: 22

Home Church: Windsor Hills Baptist Church
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Missions Agency: Baptist International Missions
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 14 years


Missionary Update 08/21/2017


Missionary Update 06/16/2017


Missionary Update 03/20/2017

Dear Pastor and Church Family:
REVIVAL IN CHILDREN’S MINISTRIES: Bro. Tom Geer and his wife, Cris, have been working in Children’s Ministries for 35 years. This was the second time they have been in our church. What a blessing and a help they were to our Children’s Ministries here at our church. We had a three day training seminar for our church and other churches in the surrounding areas. Twelve churches attended. If you want to know more about their ministry, you can go to their website: If you are supporting these Missionaries and their ministry, they are doing a great work. They revived and inspired our workers in the Children’s Ministries. One of the Teen girls told my wife, “God is calling me to the Children’s Ministry.”
THANK YOU: For the last few months we have been raising money for Thompson Chain Bibles for our Pastors’ Conference in August. Our goal is 400 Bibles. We want to thank the following Pastors and their churches: Pastor Terry Anglea (IL), Pastor Rick Setser (WV), Pastor David Mims (NC), Pastor Charley O’Daniels (OK), and Pastor Jody Jenkins (TN).
H.O.P.E. DRUG RECOVERY: Our city has a population of 800,000, and it is divided into 27 divisions. We are working with five of these divisions at this time to begin the H.O.P.E Program. In the next couple of months, we plan to use these five to be a pattern for the rest of the divisions. The meetings will be held weekly at one of the government buildings. The people that are on the government’s drug list are required to come to the meetings or face prison time. The meeting is three hours long and the city has designated two hours for us. We will be using the H.O.P.E. material to help these addicts. The city is very strict on drugs at this time. The city is wanting the help of churches and Pastors, and they are giving us so much authority to do what we want. Please pray for God’s blessing on our new ministry! Our prayer is for them to get saved and grow and get them into good churches in their areas.
UPCOMING EVENTS: We will have Vacation Bible School on April 17th to the 21st. Youth Camp will be on May 1st to 4th. We will have Junior Camp and our first Deaf Camp also in the month of May. Please pray for us during this time to be greatly used of God in the lives of these Teens, Children, and Deaf.
Thanks for standing behind us,
Doug & Becky Sisson

Missionary Update 01/24/2017


Missionary Update 11/14/2016


Missionary Update 09/16/2016


Missionary Update 06/24/2016


Missionary Update 04/25/2016

Sisson Family Missionaries in the Philippines
Phone: (Vonage) 661-952-5764 Address: P. O. Box 46377 General Santos 9500 E-mail Address:
Missions Board: BIMI P.O. Box 9215 Chattanooga, TN 37412 Website:

April 2016
Dear Pastor and Church Family,
Our 12th Mt. Calvary Baptist Bible Institute Graduation: This year, we had the largest graduating class since we started. It has been a blessing to see how God has worked in the lives of these sixteen graduates. We just had our first Deaf person graduate. Some of these started coming to our church as little children. Hyana Fuentes started attending with her family when she was 8 years old. Her two older sisters are graduates of our school and both of them are wives of Pastors.
Bible Shipment on the Way: I want to thank those that helped us with the expenses of the shipment of Bibles. The shipment was sent the first week of April. This will be a blessing to the Filipino Pastors that will be coming to our Pastors’ Conference in August. This is what is included in this shipment: 6,480 English Bibles, 750 Cebuano Bibles, 3,040 English New Testaments, 36,000 English John and Romans, 12,000 Tagalog John and Romans and 440,000 English tracts. One of the greatest needs in the southern part of the Philippines is Bibles and Gospel tracts. Thank you for helping us to be a help to many churches and Pastors.
OUR 16TH DAILY VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL: What a blessing it was this past Sunday during our DVBS Graduation to see our members leading parents to the Lord. We had 74 parents saved. We are so grateful to you all for your support and prayers over the years that continue to allow us to reach the Filipino people.
May God Bless You,
Doug Sisson

Missionary Update 01/29/2016


Missionary Update 11/16/2015


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