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Jerry & Atalias Lantz

Missionary Information

Name: Jerry Lantz
Age: 64

Spouse: Atalias Lantz
Age: 53

Mission Field: Brazil

Years of Service: 34

Home Church: Messiah Baptist Church
Wichita, Kansas

Missions Agency: World Baptist Fellowship Mission Agency Inc.
Arlington, Texas

Our Missionary for 22 years


Missionary Update 12/08/2017


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Missionary Update 04/17/2017

Sent Through: World Baptist Fellowship Mission Agency Field Address: Caixa Postal 29724
P. O. Box 13459 04836-970 São Paulo, SP
Arlington, Texas 76094-0459 Brazil, South America
Dear Pr. Smith & Faith Baptist Church Family, April 13, 2017
I apologize for the delay in getting this letter to you. It seems that every time I sit down to write
something comes up to distract me from the task of writing to a pastor and church that I depend on so
much for both prayer and financial support, especially for these past few months when I don’t send out
our hard copy letter. As you know from our past letter Atalias went in for major surgery on March 9th.
The nature of the surgery requires an extended recovery time in bed. She came through the surgery ok
and was allowed to leave the hospital a day earlier than expected. Although Atalias prefers not to tell the
nature of the surgery what was removed was 9 times heavier 5 times larger than normal. The ride home
was not so pleasant because any dip or bump in the road caused her extreme pain and the trip from the
hospital to home was over 20 miles. True there are hospitals much closer to home but our insurance
required the surgery to be done at this particular hospital. We are just thankful that this hospital accepted
our insurance because a year ago no hospital in São Paulo would accept it. After about three weeks in bed
she did begin to walk down the stairs by herself but still required help returning upstairs. On April 4th she
saw the doctor again who was very pleased with her progress, so pleased with what he saw that he
removed the restriction of not driving for three months. She still is not allowed to lift anything heavier
than a few pounds. She was finally able to attend church on Palm Sunday which she had been missing so
much. It was still a physical strain for her in some ways. She is now slowly getting back into her routine
of things but of course with limitations and needing assistance when anything needs to be lifted or picked
up especially off the floor. Thank you for your constant prayers on our behalf and your prayers for her
surgery. Please pray for her continued recovery to return to 100% as quickly as possible.
Once again, as always, thank you for your faithfulness in supporting us both prayerfully and
financially. You truly do make a difference in the ministry to which God has called us here in Brazil.
May GOD continue to bless you, the people and the ministry of Faith Baptist Church.
All Because of JESUS,
Jerry & Atalias Lantz
An Extension of the World Wide Mission Ministry of The
11441 East Central Avenue
Wichita, Kansas 67206
Bill Riffee - Pastor

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